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[BEER] [Lsrcr]Overdose Unban Application

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  • [UNBANNED] [BEER] [Lsrcr]Overdose Unban Application

    Your name ingame: [Lsrcr]Overdose
    The time/date your ban occurred: 31/10/2017
    The name of the Admin that banned you: Beer
    The reason of the ban: aimbot
    Extra information you would like to add: So , i was dueling Calamity without any problem and bump , got banned by Beer , i logged with other new accounts because i forgot the password of Forum account and it says try after 15 Mins, im not an aimboter and all players know that.
    Note:I can show my gta folders to any admin over teamviewer.
    Kind regards [Lsrcr]Overdose !
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    [Lsrcr]Overdose banned by Admin Beer[AK] on 2017-10-31 14:34:09 for aimbot
    Wait admin Beer to reply here!
    There arent racers nowdays, there are ragequitters.


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      Are you serious ! 3 Days waiting without taking any action ???


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        Bump !!!! 4 Days !


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          You weren't waiting 4 days. You were evading many times. So don't act like this.

          You will be unbanned tomorrow, if I catch you evading your ban again, you will be permanent banned.


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            [17:28:33] <@GX-08> * Success Robo_N1X, the account for player name [Lsrcr]Overdose has been unbanned (in GamerX v4).


            Sorry for the late action. Had some IRC problems. And honestly I forgot also about it. Excuses!


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