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  • [UNBANNED] Unban Request

    Hi, My name is Daksh, I am here to make a ban appeal....

    Here's some information..

    My player name ingame: Daksh_Naik.
    Admin who banned me: Muaaz.
    Date: 11th May, 2018.
    Time: 1:28 or 13:28.
    Reason: Weapon Hack.

    I admit that I have used some Weapons from the Weapon Hack. I promise that i will not use any of the Hacks in the future and have deleted all the stuff from the Game Directory.

    Kindly Unban me...

    Thanking you,


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    Hmm, so yeah you got banned by me. You were thinking doing this etc is fun. You were openly doing that hacks and thinking its a joke, and telling about it to people. As far i remember.

    No. That was not funny at all. I am not admin anymore as i resigned. Otherwise i would had unbanned you myself. But since i am not.

    I will give permission to Admin BoL to unban you for me.

    Please unban him for me.

    Also, remove all your cheats before joining here again. Don't even think to cheat here again, even if you want to do that in joke. That's not funny.

    And hope you be a good boy now, and doesn't do that things again. Enjoy your stay here.

    PS: I don't know if i should post here. But i guess i should not. But i don't see any harm too though as it was my ban. Its not bad thing though. Also it's easy to request an admin like this to unban. But maybe it's not good to do like this always. Pming an admin looks fine to me, or if an admin himself pm me.
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      Unbanned !


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