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  • [UNBANNED] Unban Appeal

    Your name ingame:ZackG420
    The time/date your ban occurred:03/07/2018
    The name of the Admin that banned you:N/A
    The reason of the ban:Ban evasion
    Extra information you would like to add: When i logged in , i was confused because i didn't do anything and i got ip banned for no reason.

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    You were banned by Admin Evil for cash hack. Please wait for his reply.

    <@GX-04> * 1) Theboss620 (IP:*.*.*.*) banned by Admin [7NA]Evil_ on 2018-07-03 14:56:07 for Cash


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      Wait , wtf , cash hack ? , who is Theboss620? , how did he get my ip?
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        Don't try to fool anyone of us, it was you '' Theboss620 '' You joined the game with other account and you decided to use cheats (cash) ,aso I didn't see any money being given to you, you were obviously cheating money, so admit that you used illegal mods/cash hack and you may get another chance to play here without cheats.

        [21:57:13] <@GX-24> ZackG420 last joined using IP: 41.238.***.*** (Hash: D8CECCC8**********) on 2018-07-02 20:36:12 (GMT+2)
        [21:57:28] <@GX-05> Theboss620 last joined using IP: 41.238.***.*** (Hash: D8CECCC8*********) on 2018-07-03 14:53:42 (GMT+2)
        [13:53:46] <@GX-16> [47] *** Theboss620 has joined the game.
        [13:54:26] <@GX-05> * AC ALERT (Money): Theboss620 (ID:47) has $999999999
        [13:54:35] <@GX-10> * AC ALERT (Money): Theboss620 (ID:47) has $999999999
        [13:56:11] <@GX-02> * Theboss620 (ID:47) has been banned by Admin [7NA]Evil_ (ID:58) for Cash
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          i am sorry xD , I will admit it , it was an experiment [Not lying] to try out admins and the ban system so i can see the security of servers such as [blah blah] and [gx number1]. , If you think i am lying then i am a asshole.
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            <@GX-01> * The IP Address 41.238.***.*** has been unbanned (in GamerX v4)...
            Remove all cheats before joining the server.


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              I removed it , i am sorry and it won't happen again.


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