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Banned for misbehaviour

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  • [UNBANNED] Banned for misbehaviour

    Your name ingame: Leon_Veletanlic
    The time/date your ban occurred: 12.1.2019
    The name of the Admin that banned you: Jovan
    The reason of the ban: Misbehaviour
    Extra information you would like to add: Welp, Barsik, Vladimir_ ( I don't know his surname), and Ukizz insulted me. And when I standed up for myself, DeclanIsKing muted me, but didn't mute Barsik, then when I got unmuted he continued to insult me and I fighted back, then we both got muted. Vladimir_ ? said Adolf Hitler, then I said Drug Tito, which means Friend Tito, Tito, Josip Broz Tito was president of Yugoslavia. Then he said SMRT KOMUNIZMU, which means DEATH TO COMMUNISM, then I said: Smrt fašizmu, sloboda narodu. Which means Death to fascism, freedom to the people. Then he started talking about Draza Mihailovic, which is the war leader of Chetniks, and they were killing muslims in the war. EVEN CIVILS, but I am not nationalist, I respect every single Religion, but if someone touches mine, I have to protect it. He then said Ratko Mladic who is also War Criminal. Every single man that he mentioned was killing muslims and another people. Then me and my uncle AmirV[GSF] were riding on our bikes, near that UFO bar. Then he said ooo which means like Heyy, then we sitted in his car and when I asked him where is he from he said, Kosovo, Serbia. Then I said: I feel bad because Kosovo is not Serbia... Then he insulted me and ejected me from his car. Then he and Vladimir united and started insulting me... and ofcourse I fighted back... When I was a little kid my dad teached me to always stand up for myself. Then they started insulting my country. Republic of Srpska and Federation of BiH are the entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska is Serbish side of BiH while Federation is Muslimish. Then he said Republic of Srpska is Serbia... Which insulted me cause I am a muslim. Republic of Srpska is never going to be Serbia, they said like Republika Srpska je slavila nezavisnost, which means Republic of Srpska has cheered its Independence. Which made me mad, because that is never going to happen, people who think like that of Republic of Srpska are a negative people which just want blood spilled in war and stuff... I fighted back always then I got muted, and then Ukizz said COME ON SAY SOMETHING NOW MOTHERFUCKER, and he spammed that while I was muted.... And yeah Barsik PM-ed me and said Your girlfriend has a nice ass, and this: Can i fuck her? Just like all server fucked you today =)) BTW I got IP banned and I am not the only one playing SAMP in my house, it's not only me, but my uncle Amir[GSF]. If you really want me banned that much, keep me banned, but don't let me be IP Banned, cuz Amir can't play because of me... He is mentally disordered... And that would be a really big burden on my back... I hope I will get unbanned and that everything will be okay... Click image for larger version

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Name:	barsik ban 1.JPG
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    [2019-01-12 - 16:07:47] <@GX-10> [37] Stefan_Stajic: hoces mi bit drug na serveru vladimire <-- do you want to be my friend, Vladimir?
    [2019-01-12 - 16:07:59] <@GX-12> [10] Vladimir_Vasiljevic: da, moze
    [2019-01-12 - 16:08:04] <@GX-14> [37] Stefan_Stajic: too
    [2019-01-12 - 16:08:09] <@GX-17> [14] Leon_Veletanlic: Stefan gej <-- stefan is gay
    [2019-01-12 - 16:08:13] <@GX-20> [37] Stefan_Stajic: sta mozemo raditi
    [2019-01-12 - 16:08:16] <@GX-22> [10] Vladimir_Vasiljevic: tata ti gej <--- your father is gay
    [2019-01-12 - 16:08:16] <@GX-24> [14] Leon_Veletanlic: Mozete se karati
    Why did insult him? I don't see any reason of having to insult someone.
    [2019-01-12 - 16:08:41] <@GX-10> [14] Leon_Veletanlic: Mamu vam pedersku - your gay mother
    [2019-01-12 - 16:08:43] <@GX-12> [1] AmirV[GSF]: stefane leone hajmo grove
    [2019-01-12 - 16:08:48] <@GX-17> [14] Leon_Veletanlic: Jebo te Stefan to je peder - fuck him, stefan is gay
    [17:15:03] <@GX-08> [14] Leon_Veletanlic: JESTE JEBEM TI MRTVE SVE U PIČKU ONU
    [17:15:19] <@GX-28> [40] ASSSASSIN: E Republika Rssian slavila nezavisnost /gs
    [17:15:20] <@GX-29> [42] Ukizzz: Kosovo=Srbija
    [17:15:23] <@GX-03> [14] Leon_Veletanlic: JESTE JEBEM TE U MOZAK PILEĆI
    [17:15:26] <@GX-09> [14] Leon_Veletanlic: KOSOVO=KOSOVO
    [17:15:39] <@GX-19> [10] Vladimir_Vasiljevic: NIJEEEEEE
    [17:15:41] <@GX-23> [14] Leon_Veletanlic: JESTEEEEEEEEE
    [17:15:42] <@GX-25> [7] [SAS]POWAR: kosovo is SOVIET RUSSIA hahaha
    [17:15:44] <@GX-27> [42] Ukizzz: Republika Srpska=Bosna
    [17:15:47] <@GX-02> [14] Leon_Veletanlic: KOSOVO IS MY DICK
    [17:16:08] <@GX-25> [42] Ukizzz: pisni sad mater ti jebem
    [17:16:15] <@GX-06> [42] Ukizzz: pisni sad mater ti jebemmd
    [17:16:18] <@GX-15> [42] Ukizzz: pisni sad mater ti jebemm
    [17:16:21] *@GX-22:%#gamerX* * Leon_Veletanlic (ID: 14) reported Ukizzz (ID: 42) for Insulting me
    Ukizzz has been warned for that because I couldn't mute him as he said that when I wasn't here.
    [17:24:12] <@GX-10> [14] Leon_Veletanlic: Jebem ti ja majku pičko ja sam te narokaow
    This is what I've seen when you came and that's where I kicked you because I've noticed you had been muted quite a lot.
    (+ you were banned in past for insulting others thus Muaaz' demotion.)
    [17:24:45] <@GX-25> * Admin Jovan (#gamerX) slapped Ukizzz (ID:42) [95 Health Left]
    [17:24:45] <@GX-26> * PM from Jovan (#gamerX) to Ukizzz (ID:42): Ignorisi
    [17:26:45] <@GX-20> * PM from Jovan (#gamerX) to Ukizzz (ID:42): Ignorisi samo provokacije i vredjanja
    This is where I warned him.

    [17:27:49] <@GX-24> [43] Leon_Veletanlic: Assassin
    [17:27:53] <@GX-04> [43] Leon_Veletanlic: You think I am scared of you?
    [17:27:53] <@GX-05> [40] ASSSASSIN: yes leon
    [17:27:55] <@GX-08> [43] Leon_Veletanlic: You think I am scared of you??
    [17:28:16] <@GX-25> [40] ASSSASSIN: why dont u come /gs
    [17:28:23] <@GX-09> [43] Leon_Veletanlic: Cause there is a lot of cunts over there
    [17:28:38] <@GX-30> [43] Leon_Veletanlic: You two can only suck my dick
    And that is right before I banned you.

    I'd just like to add that you shouldn't get involved in such conversations because you know it won't end up well, you know that topic is not something to be discussed that easily without disagreements and so immature (insults, provocations, etc).

    However, in future, please just report, message an Admin if none of Serbian Admins are around about the behavior of the players that bother you.



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