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  • [BANNED] Not Aimbot

    Your name ingame:$ailesh.[AK]
    The time/date your ban occurred:just now
    The name of the Admin that banned you:solaiminoe
    The reason of the ban:Aimbot
    Extra information you would like to add:bro i dont use aimbot yestday in server i praticse the c bug and how to aim u can ask Viet he told to how to aim i prom 1 year back i was banned then i remove all cheats and my gta sa file is clear
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    Seems like you never removed your cheats, you're toggling your aimbot

    Mind if you explain this or want me to? Thanks to a trusted player for sharing this.
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      I thought you were going to admit, so that we can end this so fast, but as you decided to lie instead of telling the truth, you may not get unbanned cause of lying, as the video that i'm going to post will prove everything we need, and there won't be anything to lie about. Moreover, my video is the same as the video that RockingEvilz posted. Didn't really expect it to be the same video. However my video is somehow updated and it shows everything in a slow motions.


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        oK bro I admit I have ab with deagle but not with sawn off .


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          I only have that cheat I removed and I am not ab with sawnoff


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            First, you are still lying as you can't use an aimbot with deagle only, it's obvious that you have used it with your sawns as well. and it's already shown in the video that i have posted up there.
            Secondly, you may wanna look at this
            Sorry to say this, but you won't get any more chances. You can stay Banned


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