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i got banned

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  • [BANNED] i got banned

    IGN : Uranium.

    reason : aimbot toggling

    by: [S]olaimane

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    So you are not going to defend yourself and say that you didn't use an aimbot or something? if that's the case then i would like to ask you this, why did you use an aimbot after getting unbanned? you were banned last time by admin Evil for swim hack, even tho you were evading you ban and using a teleport cheat he still unbanned you, but it looks like you haven't learnt anything from that ban. Sorry to say but you have wasted all the chances that were given to you and i don't think you should be given another one as you will not take it as your last chance this time as well.
    If you or any other person would like to see the proof of your aimbot then i'm ready to upload the videos that me and admin Heartbeat have recorded and post them here.


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      * fghj (ID:47) has been banned by Admin [7NA]HeartBeat (ID:44) for Back to ban appeal section Uranium.
      You've evaded your ban again and used aimbot again, and no reply on this appeal for 2 days.

      I think this speaks for itself that you don't care and haven't learned your lesson, this appeal can be closed.
      Originally posted by Saturo;n197653
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