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  • [BANNED] JJD = [VIP]=_SyedKahaf_=

    Your name ingame: JJD
    The time/date your ban occurred: Yesterday
    The name of the Admin that banned you: BreakDown[S]
    The reason of the ban: Bye Sir
    Extra information you would like to add: HellO, I Just Want to Know That Why im Banned, Wat is dis Reason Bye Sir plz explain it

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    Hey, hello sir [VIP]=_SyedKahaf_=

    You finally decided to post an unban appeal, the problem is that the server don't need you, so this unban appeal is useless.

    1) [VIP]=_SyedKahaf_= banned by Admin ChargeR_[GT] on 2018-04-01 18:51:06 for you are the chutiya
    I banned you the 1st April because i found that you used to use something to be faster in Quad races, you didn't want to accept it. Don't worry! I have a clear vid

    Please, don't start saying " i used the up arrow bug for bikes" because that bug does NOTwork with QUAD bike, it's just for 2 wheels bikes. So please, do me a favour and don't waste time trying to explain that bug.

    After i warned/kicked you for that, i explained you what happened, but you didn't accept that. The problem is that you started insulting me in your language with another player, so obviously I don't accept that.

    After your ban, you started to join with other countries IP and insult other players, I got many complaints about you.

    One day you decided to pm me asking for help, and I have the logs:

    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:00:41] <DeltaX> r u here?
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:00:48] <Charger> yes?
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:00:57] <DeltaX> bro i need ur help
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:01:04] <Charger> what do you neeD?
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:01:15] <DeltaX> brO jUsT telL me Why i Was Banned?
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:01:30] <Charger> what is your account ingame?
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:01:59] <DeltaX> [VIP]=_SyedKahaf_=
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:02:05] <Charger> you know why you were banned
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:02:14] <DeltaX> really dont know bro
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:02:33] <Charger> i tired to explain it to you many times before than you insulted me with that word "chutiya" or smth like that
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:02:44] <DeltaX> bro 100 times sorry for that
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:02:50] <DeltaX> im angry that time
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:03:00] <Charger> i dont care if you were angry or not
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:03:07] <Charger> i didnt do anything wrong to be insulted like that
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:03:22] <DeltaX> in fact im sending msg too someone paki friend.. at that time ur msg come too
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:03:26] <DeltaX> it sned to u
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:03:37] <DeltaX> just tell me wat i asked why i was banned?
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:03:41] <Charger> you were insulting me...
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:03:51] <Charger> i dont care if you were messaging other friend
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:04:00] <Charger> you were insulting me in your language...
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:04:26] <Charger> i will tell you what you have to do
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:04:37] <Charger> you have to post an unban appeal in the gamerx forum
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:04:42] <DeltaX> then?
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:04:51] <Charger> here :
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:04:54] <DeltaX> ik
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:05:03] <DeltaX> so u banned me for insulting?
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:05:05] <DeltaX> lol
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:05:06] <DeltaX> man
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:05:07] <DeltaX> cmon
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:05:08] <Charger> i didnt
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:05:11] <Charger> POST A BAN APPEAL
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:05:15] <Charger> and i will write it all
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:05:33] <DeltaX> and tell me
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:05:52] <Charger> i explained you before i banned you, that you used something weird to be faster with QUAD bike
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:05:55] <DeltaX> what is this reason ? "Sraight busta"
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:06:02] <DeltaX> nothing
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:06:07] <DeltaX> u can check me anytime babe
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:06:17] <Charger> i have recorded you babe
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:06:19] <DeltaX> wid teamviewer or wid any software
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:06:20] <Charger> so i have nothing to check
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:06:21] <Charger>
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:06:30] <DeltaX> sure u can give me
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:06:36] <DeltaX> i want to check babe
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:06:43] <DeltaX> wat the shitty i used like u
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:06:49] <Charger> also me and your friend Death$tar checked that with QUAD bike, and he also said im right
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:07:04] <Charger> post an unban appeal if you want the video link
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:07:25] <DeltaX> wat deathstar said?
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:07:29] <DeltaX> that im used hack?
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:07:38] <Charger> he said you used something weird to be faster than others
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:07:45] <DeltaX> oh cmon babe
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:07:49] <Charger> stop calling me babe
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:07:53] <DeltaX> u want to check me yet?
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:07:53] <Charger> im not your fucking babe or smth
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:08:03] <DeltaX> u r my babe <3
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:08:07] <Charger> ok
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:08:09] <DeltaX> bcz u act like a baby
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:08:18] <DeltaX> sure come game
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:08:21] <Charger> if you want to talk anything about your ban, post an unban appeal
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:08:28] <DeltaX> lol
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:08:31] <Charger> i have nothing more to say
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:08:32] <DeltaX> u think i will?
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:08:38] <Charger> you think i care?
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:08:41] <Charger> so bye
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:08:48] <DeltaX> when i said?
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:09:04] <DeltaX> jUsT grOw UuP
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:09:13] <DeltaX> i dont want to appeal as a wrong banned
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:09:18] <Charger> [23:08:21] <Charger> if you want to talk anything about your ban, post an unban appeal
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:10:25] <DeltaX> [2:09:50] <DeltaX> U Think i will?
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:11:00] <Charger> do whatever you want man xd, i dont give a fuck
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:11:13] <Charger> i have better things to worry about than you and your attitude xd
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:11:19] <DeltaX> yeah just w8 and watch babe
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:12:14] <DeltaX> bbie
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:12:17] <DeltaX> soon the day will come

    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:12:24] <Charger> ?
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:12:46] <DeltaX> nOthInG jUsT gRoW uUp
    [23:13:50] <Charger> [23:13:02] <Charger> lmao
    [23:14:31] <Charger> [23:13:42] <DeltaX> LOL
    [23:14:31] <Charger> [23:14:19] DeltaX [DeltaX@87793A.709D05.36F65D.DD8D74] se ha marchado del IRC: Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client
    What man, tell me what do I have to wait for? Are you threatening me/the server? Come on, don't be that pathetic.

    Just one more thing to add, I don't know if BreakDown will unban you (i think he won't because he is also really tired of you), but if he does, don't worry, You will be insta banned by me.


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      i was waiting for your reply but i think you are not interested so Stay Banned .
      Last edited by BreakDown; 08-07-18, 08:00 PM. Reason: spelling mistake


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        What The Benefit Of My Reply. Did u believe in me?
        Last edited by JJD; 08-07-18, 11:06 AM.


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          Extra information you would like to add: HellO, I Just Want to Know That Why im Banned, Wat is dis Reason Bye Sir plz explain it
          you wants reason , admin charger gives you reason .

          if you want more reasons see this >>>
          i think this reason is enough , why you got banned

          btw believe in what , you are not cheater ?


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            ThiS Reason Is Enough For Noob. First See which fps u using 80-100 is it good for races? U Can Ask From Any Pro Racer Which Fps is good for race Bcz U Dont know anything about Races Just Won Some races and think yourself pro Haha Man Just GrOw uP.. If u r Racer First U Need tO know About Fps Tricks.
            Last edited by JJD; 09-07-18, 10:57 AM.


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              AnD WhY DoN'T YoU SaY AnYthInG aBoUt mY ViDeO? It'S tOO oBviOuS ThaT YoU aRe UsiNg sOmeThinG thAt MaKeS yOu bE FaSteR..

              You never accepted that + you insulted me when I warned you. You can play the other server you use to join.

              Now, will you say that i dont know anything about races too?

              I'm so sorry about you, Sir "i'm a known and a pr0 racer, you all suck and are noobs" , but you will stay banned as admin BreakDown said.


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