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  • [BANNED] Ban appeal

    Your name ingame: Ezequiel_834
    The time/date your ban occurred: 11-07-18
    The name of the Admin that banned you: Blackbird
    The reason of the ban: Aimbot
    Extra information you would like to add: I was killing a GXTempname and suddently got banned for aimbot, I would like to see from Blackbird what makes him take this desicion? I never used anything and I'm sure everyone knows it. I can show my gta folder if need, there are nothing to hide.

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    i also highly think you have auto cbug, post a screenshot of your gta folder if you want


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      Well, here they are:

      Still can't get why you banned me for aimbot; as I said above, I've never used any sort of cheats. I know that sometimes I may shoot like aimbot, but it's just accuracy from practicing. If you have any videos against me, show me them please.


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        seems like i wasnt the only one who made the same conviction

        what about that cbug when you fire 7 bullets so fast they almost seem instantaneous?

        look bro i dont even play the game anymore that often but i wont let a hack slide out of my vision and let you keep playing, i was assisted by a few opinions from several people doubting your insane skills so i didnt ban you for no reason, and i kept my eyes on you for the past 4 days too

        as for the pictures they can be easily manipulated and the modify date can be changed (i forgot to mention that in the previous post) and often some hacks aren't files to be stored on your gta files, they often come out as softwares.


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          ban appeal closed, stay banned as this was your second chance and you clearly wasted it.

          i mean you already have a server that you play in anyways


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