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Ban appeal for IRC

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  • Ban appeal for IRC

    Your name ingame: Mici
    The time/date your ban occurred:don't know
    The name of the Admin that banned dyou:don't know
    The reason of the ban:i don't know
    Extra information you would like to add:I'm banned I irc do not know exactly when I did not answer the phone afk 1-2 and I was banished by someone and I do not know who would beg you for unban

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    As I told you in-game about your IRC network ban, it has nothing to do with GamerX.
    Error Connecting (DNSBL blocked (*.*.*.*))
    This has to do with, and their DNS blacklist, I'm not sure if they are using DroneBL.
    Try restarting your router and reconnecting with the new IP and after that, join #operhelp and contact them about this problem.
    Q: I'm banned from the irc network.. Unban me!
    A: Although GamerX does operate a part of the network, we are not responsible for handling network bans.
    You can check here if your IP is blocked (if is using DroneBL):
    Or you can request a removal on your IP record, just go to that page above and look up your own IP.
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