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[kqhk] unbann

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  • [kqhk] unbann

    1-Your In=Game name : [HOJ]thunder619
    2-Your IP Address:
    3-When were you banned?:1:41 30/6/2016
    4-The name of the administrator who banned you :khqk
    5-Reason :i dont respect the rules
    sorry;sir i will respect the rules please unbanned me

    [HOJ]thunder619 (IP:41.230.***.*) banned by Admin kqhk on 2016-06-29 04:53:38 for enough to your rule break
    Last edited by Blackbird; 30-06-16, 02:03 AM.

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    Do not spam more replies please! Just wait for admin kqhk to look your ban appeal.
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      sir i have today 2days waiting when khqk look my bann apeal wtf ? khqk can unbanned me only ? u cant ?


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        till 2/7/2016 for spamming / last silly post.
        also, will reset k/d to 1.0


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          sir u mean today i will unbanned ?


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            (GX-27) * Success kqhk, the account for player name [HOJ]thunder619 has been unbanned (in GamerX v4).
            (GX-01) * The IP Address 197.27.*.* has been unbanned (in GamerX v4)...
            (GX-01) * [HOJ]thunder619 previously banned by Admin AutoAccountBanned on 2016-07-02 00:18:17 for Your account is banned and you tried to login with a new IP
            won't care to other "tried to evading" ip.

            k/d=1 punish will do when this one has "unbanned" again.
            Last edited by kqhk; 02-07-16, 08:55 AM. Reason: after all, this one didn't learn anything.


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