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How long have you been playing SA-MP?

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  • How long have you been playing SA-MP?

    I'm on my way to college and thought of making this topic

    I started playing SAMP back then in late 2006 and i think i started playing on GX since 2007-2008, when SAMP was rly popular, used to play many servers at once, and i am really happy that GX is still on for this long, everytime a server shut down, i come to play on GX, altho many admins hated me back then and or got annoyed of me because i had shitty eng "kinda suck at eng now but not much" and i was pretty immature XD but i know i am pretty mature now :P nonetheless, i miss those admins, and all of the [AC] members. I know this topic won't be viewed or replayed to this much or maybe not at all, but i just wanted once again to thank the admins and the players old/new that keep playing on this server and still loyal to it. Thank you! <--- used to be my fav emoji
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    I played SA:MP for first time in 2013, and the first server I joined was GamerX, in that time that was not the only server that I joined, I also joined other servers, but my favorite was GamerX.. I went inactive in 2014, and I came back in 2016, and now I'm here still playing GamerX .. btw, I played with other nicknames that I forgot.


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