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  • Well

    so i was just rolling around in the fourm checking whats new and whats happening , then i did go to Adminstration report board section then i find this :

    This guy got banned because mister smart Robo_N1x tought he is me " Aym" ,

    First of all : No thats not me , i mean like wth , is this how you work to find who behnide the accounts? seriously?

    Second of all :
    The reason i guessed Aym at first because he was also using it, but then i think a same proxy can still be used by anyone else. So what's wrong with that?
    Why you are slendering me mister? i never used " proxy " to send fake emails nor will ever do , i like how you try to get away from your problems just by slendring people and making up lies to cover you .

    Note : i maded this topic to protect my name from this stuff , you can freely remove it if you found it " offensive " or move it into archives board

    <GX-10>: * Online Admin List Requested by Aym ~ Total 0...

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    It's already in record that you were using proxy to browse this forum before, admit it or not, all forum moderators are free to check it out by themself. And in that case you and that guy were apparently using the same proxy provider. You probably wont realize you were having browser addon/plugin such as protection privacy etc, that thing is called proxy, some antivirus also offer proxy, you might have it enabled before without you noticing. I said about registering with fake email account not sending fake emails. Slendering you? No. Perhaps you just need to review it again as this is usual stuff happening to me where people misunderstood my words.
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