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(Discussion) GamerX Clan War event.

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  • (Discussion) GamerX Clan War event.

    Hello, since most of you don't know me. I've made an introduction thread too, make sure to read that before continuing here.
    I lurked the forums for few hours, got to know about the existence of Clans but I couldn't find anything (Maybe I suck at searching ) which puts the clan against each other to find which one is obviously better. There's no leaderboard for clans either.
    Thats when it hit me, we need something organised to rate clan according to their skills. What do you think?
    So the clan war event will put the clans against each other, giving the clan leaders and members to show their best against other clan to earn ingame goodies and most importantly bragging rights? This can be a monthly event with leaderboards.
    Clan wars can be fought in custom designed maps, which tests wide array of skills including long range weapon as well as close range weapons.Brackets can be made and semi finals can be best of 3, and finals best of 5 on different maps?
    I'd like to know the opinion of fellow clan members, clan leaders if they would be interested in Participating.
    i'd also like to use this opportunity to thank DeclanTheKing for motivating me.
    Waiting for your opinions.

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    Would be unfair for other clans here... We all know that [AK ] would beat the shit outta other clans!

    On Topic: Welcome to GamerX. You seems to be a nice player. Glad to have a new player here thats trying to increase GamerX by creating suggestions !

    I do like your suggestion


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      Thanks for welcoming me, Beer. (Love your name.)
      I dont know about the skills of different Clans but theres got to be a winner at the end anyway. Plus, if they are organised monthly maybe clans start practicing and improving to try and beat AK or whoever wins during the first month.
      This might bring something new to the table and give the players an aim to login to do something.


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        Haha I wasn't really serious about my first lines !

        Other clans have skilled members as well arround here! Anyways, I'd like to see something like this.

        Clans brings more players. It will motivate people to create a clan, and probably inviting other players to GamerX.

        Since I re- opened my previous clan [wW] (it's called [AK] now) I don't feel alone anymore in GamerX. Sounds stupid, but the clan chat is always fun. I know my clan members better then I did before. And I love them all one by one. Clans brings people closer, and for me brings the clan more fun FOR ME in GamerX.

        More clan features like Judgement has been stated above would be appreciated!


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          So lets just say, I team with bunch of friends. (Dont really have a lot, yet.) Will your Clan participate if I try to make an event? .
          Also, can you arrange for the prizes? Since you're an admin.


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            I WILL !!!

            I will join in-game tomorrow, let's have a talk about it in private okay? GOING DRUNK 2NIGHT hahaha


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              Enjoy yourself. Let's get this done tomorrow.


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