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    There is someone came to me crying in facebook , the funny thing he is an admin i won't say the name , Saying i imposterd the admin Panzehir in IRC and tried to get him demoted .

    First of all i never tried to join with PANZEHIR name in irc , ask a irc mod to get name logs from mibbit hash idc , if you want to accuse me that much atleast get some valid proofs

    the only thing you would expect from me is evading my ban , even tough i don't even register just comming around to roam , and race

    ps : This is the only board i find to post things like that , if there is any board specilized with that i' sorry i didn't know

    <GX-10>: * Online Admin List Requested by Aym ~ Total 0...

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    I think it is better if you contact an admin or the management via messages
    Yours sincerely

    Prof. Dr. Tarantula


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