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  • GamerX Steam Promotional Plan

    Sup guys, so today i i was making my steam account (no i was gambling actually, i lost my 50$ knife but ok)
    and i thought that it could be a great idea to promote gamerx on our profiles (if someone wants to actually)

    Here are some pics of some nice promotional advertisement placing by professionals:]

    Alive as a Russian
    Ded as a Russian

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    I think that is a good idea, however i think it won't be that useful in generating any new playerbase than what we already have.

    Since GamerX or SA-MP in general is extremely niche i think the best promotion could be done only on platforms solely dedicated to the SA-MP like SA-MP Forums and other places.
    There is no doubt this server has insane potential in keeping you glued to it once you are on it, so all we need to do is give folks who play SA-MP a reason to play here at GX out of 1000 other servers, which i believe is the tough part.
    Advertising is going to get us players but to keep them interested is something we all need to do as a community.
    So i guess a good start would SA-MP forums, with a new 2018 GX ad video, and then later onto platforms like steam.



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