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  • Your basic/personal skills

    What's your best basic or personal skills you have?

    Sleeping? eating? playing? using a particular program, game or tricks, post it here

    my skills are:

    Video editing (Sony vegas pro)
    Photo editing (Photoshop CS)
    Playing games
    Sleeping, a lot of sleeping.
    and i'm too too too lazy.
    Stay low, Go fast.
    Kill first, Die last.
    One shot, One kill
    No luck, Pure skill.

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    My skills:
    be bad at all video games
    good soccer player
    resistance: run a lot of time without getting tired and drink a lot in the weekends without getting drunk, Lmao xD '-'


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      CEH (Certified Ethical hacker)
      Learning New things Daily
      Watching Funny Serials (Important For Health xd)
      And Playing Samp


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        My skill are:

        troubleshooting (all Windows OS)
        Software Cheater (not hacking, just love fake software. like my windows and my GTA)
        Video Editing (Sony Vegas pro. its fake too)
        Photo Editing (Photoshop & paint)
        Play All genres of Racing Games (and Only Chess & DOtA is Strategic Games that i can play)

        Speeder. (idk. i just like speeding in public roads. but im not a racer) Night life yo!.
        idk.. i can't do anything in real life. i just like in the middle of Traffic.
        Dissapear from the world... even My neighbor can't recognize me. (i am Introvert)
        just drift


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          Hacking, sleeping and programming.


          • #6
            Video editor: I would count myself 6/10 not that good.

            PC Hacker: I used to hack people till I retired.

            Photoshop: Not that good.

            I play football.

            Body building

            I got some belts on karate too

            And yeah I forgot to mention, I like shooting and first person shooting games
            I just stole this signature from aliens, you like it?


            • #7
              Photoshop CS6 Professional
              Blender Beginner
              Cinema 4D Beginner
              A Excellent Student
              A PRO (Not really)


              • #8
                Listen to music (best skill).
                I'm never sad.
                Funny person.
                Sometimes good soccer player.
                Good DMer?


                • #9
                  I can pick up every girl and I'm cool


                  • #10
                    Best skill? Helping people who are in trouble.


                    • #11
                      helping sleeping
                      Programming and the best skill MAPPING
                      I always stand out,
                      So people can call me Outstanding..


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                        Originally posted by Toxic_Ro View Post
                        I can pick up every girl and I'm cool
                        You sure about that?


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                          Typing... (158 Words per minute)
                          Last edited by pizzaguy; 25-07-16, 03:36 PM.


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                            wank twice in a day


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                              I'm absolutely excellent at Writing (texts, poems, stories...), as I have a great imagination and I can transport what I think to the paper
                              I'm a good goalkeeper in football
                              Good at mathematic too
                              And I make my friends happy when they are bad very easily


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