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    My Skills Are :-
    I am pro in rage quitting
    I am pro in losing
    I am pro in cursing
    I am pro in sleeping


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      I am very good Basketball player
      I know to program (C++)
      Know to fight really good
      Typing: (163 WPM)
      I am attractive, easily get girls


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        1) Public Speaking: I`m putting this one first, because I believe that this one skill is hard to master for most of us. And it is the first talent of mine which I discovered as a child, it totally helped me shape my personality and brought confidence and life into me. We are often intimidated by huge crowds, and delivering a speech for them can be an absolute nightmare. Over the years, I have managed to conquer the stress. I have successfully stood first in 9 out of 10 speeches delivered by me in Toastmasters International`s junior division, the 'Gavel Club' which helps enhance leadership skills and boosts confidence of aspiring speakers. I shall receive a certificate from California, soon. The key to success, is to enjoy what you are doing. You speak for the audience, not for yourself. But at the same time, the goal is to express and not impress. The goal is to create an impact. Your words should be like an arrow striking through the audience`s heart.

        2) Leadership: I was the discipline captain of the blue house, during my school days. I have also been the main organiser of an online community with over 1000+ users. I was the patrol leader during our Scouts and Guides days. And public speaking itself awakens the leader which is hidden inside of you. The aim is not to boast. Being a good leader indeed is a talent, which very few can master. As a leader, you are supposed to be the unique one in the crowd. A leader is a wolf who lives for the pack. You need to have a special mentality, to be considered as a leader. Your mind should always be active, as an empty mind is the devil`s workshop. The most important key to being a successful leader, is to follow three simple rules: Know when to do it, how to do it and how much to do it. If you can classify your tasks in the three slots appropriately, you have the potential. Adding to that, I fall under the ENTJ personality type, so that really is a blessing.

        3) Bass Guitar: There was a phase in my life, when my music taste shifted drastically. I was a short tempered person who had seen the harsh reality. And I needed a different kind of music to listen to. The music which nakedly paints the frustration of a common man, living in this judgemental society which is decaying with politics. And then I happened to encounter Metal music. Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Doom Metal, Stoner Metal, Groove Metal, Glam Metal, Power Metal, Speed Metal, Symphonic Metal, Depressive Suicidal Progressive Blackened Thrash Metal! (Okay, the last one doesn`t exist). I picked up the guitar as my instrument. After getting my hands on the acoustic, I had two options. The Electric Guitar, or the Bass Guitar. I chose the Bass, because the sound was much more appealing. Plus, I have always wanted to do things differently, and not many people opt for the bass. I love my instrument.

        4) Lyrics: By now you must have figured, I love writing. I have provided thorough explanation with proper presentation. I love to communicate, and communication only takes place through writing. Writing down your emotions in a systematic manner, and looking forward to establishing a bond with people, is a healthy habit. But my best form of writing is seen in the form of lyrics. I write the lyrics to my own songs. I first discovered this hobby as a child. I recall, I had finished my test early when I was in the 6th grade. Out of boredom, I wrote a long poem on the back of my question paper. I showed it to my teacher, who was impressed. I later proceeded to write poems about war, love, betrayal, frustration, women empowerment, and what not. Once my music taste shifted, I adapted to a darker style. I wrote songs about torture, violence, diseases, etc. It is not very easy, but is surely enjoyable! I find pleasure in expressing myself through these songs.

        5) Vocals: I play the Bass Guitar, I write my own lyrics, but what`s the use if you can`t sing your own composition? I keep my room dark, curtains closed, and practice singing. The only difference is, my college mates did vocal covers of Taylor Swift, Sia, Ed Sheeran, etc. I on the other hand, did extremely harsh vocals which consisted of deep guttural growling. What else do you expect from a Metal musician? It all started when I heard the song 'Leprosy" by Death. I was so blown away by the lyrics and the vocals, that I took an oath to learn growling. I had no one to teach me. In a month`s time, I developed my own techniques and success eventually paved it`s way! I`ll just say that this particular vocal style of growling, implied in Death Metal, is extremely dangerous. It requires great practice and control, and over enthusiasm can lead to you damaging your vocal cords for life. Oh and yes, did I mention that it`s much painful? Your throat will hurt a lot.

        6) Player Objects: Our brain is a very powerful tool. Everything that exists today, is a result of someone applying their brains into the appropriate task. There`s a universe in our mind, which we should strive to explore. There`s loads and loads of hidden content, which can be experienced through various ways. One of the ways is creating player objects in-game. Now, player objects have a strong connection to both creativity and patience. I am creative, as I enjoy writing my own lyrics. I am patient, as I took the time to write so much, in a systematic manner. And when you combine patience and creativity, you get the word 'mapping.' I started mapping at around 2017. Though I have made very few projects, I have invested a lot of time in them. The goal is to display the unexplored part of the universe hidden inside your brain. My projects include the AK Clan Base, Boxing Arena, Norwegian Villa, etc. Krrish has helped me with the /spoma command various times.

        7) Counselling: Some of you who are close to me, already know that I am always ready to assist people in their hard times. Counselling has become a hobby of mine, too. I believe that I have myself gone through the problems that someone is going through currently. And those who have no one, shall have me. Counselling requires great maturity. You need to be careful with the selection of words, understand both sides of the story, and act accordingly. No matter what, your aim is to inject a positive attitude into the person who has approached you. You may use examples to link your thoughts to theirs. It is sometimes very difficult, as the people are extremely stubborn. They prefer hearing the beautiful lies, but not the bitter truth. It is your responsibility to be polite but impactful. In a world where humans have become practical, I shall always be available to give any of you a helping hand. If you have anything that you need to get off your chest, need any guidance or advice, or if you just don`t have someone to talk to, feel free to approach me. And to those of you who have spoken with me before, I know that you are probably smiling right now

        Note: If you have heard anything wrong about me, kindly do not blindly believe the rumours. Approach me, observe my behaviour and then arrive to a conclusion. Those people thrash talking about me, have probably been bashed by me before. They were acting too smart in front of me, or doing something they shouldn`t have been doing. Or maybe, they don`t like my straightforward personality. If you are polite towards me, I shall never be hostile, even if I am under the influence of alcohol. If I have disabled my PM`s or if I am roaming in the virtual world, it just means that I need my space. If you want to add me on social media to be in touch, don`t hesitate to message me. Thank you, mates


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