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  • Leaving.

    Hi guys!
    So as the topic says, I have to leave. Well Idk how to start but uhm, my stay in gamerx.. it's been awesome and fun, i can't explain.
    There's no specific reason why i'm leaving.. maybe just that i lost some friends here and got a lil bit busy irl and maybe i need to be away for sometime.. I never actually wanted to or thought i'd have to leave so early.. but yeah have to.

    Everyone, basically everyone made my journey really enjoyable and I made dozens of weird and cool friends since day 1 to day 699, haha , met some hella cute people over here too and some bestfriends i'm never gonna forget. So I'd like to thank each and everyone for making my stay here amazing as hell and being my friend even tho I am annoying af and i annoyed a lot players with my bs. You all make gamerx what it is.. and i think i was just lucky to play here with y'all. These 2 years (or maybe more than that), were 2 amazing years of my life, imo. I can't explain how i feel to leave everyone and this astonishing community, but yea since i have made uncountable memories in such a short time, i am happy to take them with me. I really wanted to mention everyone but uhm since i forgot some of the players names XD, here are some special thanksgiving lil paragraph for some special people.

    Robo_N1X: You are one of my best-nerd friend, we never even had a simple fight, people says fights make friendship more interesting, but yet our one was so amazing.. cause winning all your botsays was always fun.
    Thank you for trying to make my stay amazing and all the cookies, cakes, hugs, botsays! And most importantly thank you for understanding my bs and always helping me when i needed you. I could always share stuffs with you so thank you for that! Take care rubucita!

    Jovan: Even tho I annoyed you a lot, you were always there for me. We had like millions of fights but yet we are still close friends which is weird XD.. trust me, i am really glad to have met you.
    Thank youuuuuu so much for helping me always, from when i was newbie on irc to helping me now with personal problems, take care.

    Pedro: We've been friends since 2016 as i much as i remember but we didn't talk that much, but now.
    Never knew talking to you would be so fun and all, apart from that you are still a noob!
    And yes thank you for all the great times, suggestions and advices. Wish you all the best, will miss you. :c

    Heartbeat: We don't even talk that much these days.. but you were my bestfriend and everything, I could share everything to you and uhm i don't know. Gonna miss all those whatsapp calls and.. you know the rest.
    Thank you for everything.. good luck!

    Jafri: Thank you for calling me fat and insulting me! I am gonna miss your insults, all your stupid comebacks and all those eminem bs, most importantly i am gonna miss talking to you and miss all your abuses, haha. Good luck and all the best.

    Cashewz: Screw you, kidding .. I had a lot to say but nah, I am gonna miss you beach, byebye!

    Mertens: You suck, but I am gonna miss you so much nubie! Don't forget me or i'll haunt you in your dreams!

    Roddja: RODDJA MY LOVE, gonna miss your nudges and hugs..
    You are one of my favourite female admins, I just will miss everything, take care and love you! <3

    Jobu_Janes: Rabbit! I am gonna miss talking to you and surely miss your weird ass funny talks.

    Rebel: Rebelaaa, everytime you called me pregnancy, i used to get so annoyed but then i got used to it and it was fun. I will miss everything tbh, goodbye!

    Eliteus: We never talked that much but that day we did, and it was nice to know you, take care.

    Delija and Adriana: You guys are honestly amazing and adorable , it was so fun to talk with you guys that night. I am gonna miss you guys for sure!

    Glator: You are hella awful, nah jk. You're one of the fun guys to talk with, It was really nice to hangout with you, and thank you for not abusing me admen, always thankful!!

    batcold: Gonna miss chilling with you a lot batty, take care!

    Beats: Hi mr.stealyogirl.. kidding. I won't say it was boring to hangout with you, cause it wasn't, you are a noob, but i still will miss annoying you and insulting you, noob.

    Gamehunter/neutralperson: All those lesbian/gay/weird songs were awesome and I am never ever gonna forget anything. I will badly miss our signature lesbian song, plus all those fun we had in discord XDDD. Do tell your brother he's awful and good luck.

    Queen: Bbg I know we fought alot and all and i was always annoying, but i love you and thanks for everything. Take care.

    garib_admi: I will always miss getting killed by you in events, and roaming with you and having weird convos lmao, take care gariba!

    Maxsafy: You're stupid but i will miss our fb chats and discord gay songs! Take care maxxy and love ya.

    And some people who i didn't mention like Rick, Monno, Left, Beer, Breakdown, Kanwar, Soollaimane, Blackid, izayoi, Evil, Pirate, Ken_V, Pride, SaxBoy, Bibo_Lilo, PANZEHIR, RockingEvilZ, Charger, Manuel, Overd0se, Claudia, FinalFuture, Marisa, Antonio, Pacific, Poro, Allen, RMS, Zotty, Grimvirus, Mikey, Snickers, LoneWolf, Aryan, Toffee, Kel, Nick, Krrish, AlexM, Spraky, Twinbow, Churre, Luka, PotatoWasTaken, Tinarex, Lolo, Tina, Gedo, Gx14, Lucy_anna, Hoia, DeclanIsKing, Muaaz, phaz, Ariana, EnjoyTheNoise, Tungki, Yoven, Saturo, Neurox, Jan_N1ssan, Paige, Golden_eyes, Dr.error, Twitch, Ela, Sugarx, Heavell, Nucleya, Nela, Kakashi, Chang, blazefantasyy, cocorendan, chronized etc, you all are amazing.

    Sorry if i still forgot to mention some people, LOL. Didn't actually mean to create a long ass post but i did.. so uhm sorry. Nevertheless thank you for tolerating my annoying ass and I hope Gamerx will be alive if i ever plan to come back, I love you all and thanks again for everything, gonna miss you all loads. <3
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    [Trusted Player Overd0se (ID:17)]: shut up nancy u have no feelings

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    It's always sad seeing a player from this community leaving I hope everything goes great in your life and looking forward to another visit!

    Until then, take care.


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      Thanks alot nancita, please take care and hope you'll come back one day will miss you.
      KVIrc User
      Robo_N1X is registered on IRC.TL


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        Wtf, You're the one we like to make fun with..
        You'll be missed, Please come to game if you have some free time please.
        Anyway, Goodluck with your life Nancy.. You'll have a good one!


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          Goodbye cupcakes, ill miss you


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            Take care, I hope you come to visit us before samp dies! It was nice to meet you !!


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              Sad to hear that you're leaving. Good luck in your life Nancy, wish you the best!<3


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                Good luck fr real life fatty!
                Will miss ur noof presence


                • #9
                  Thanks for everything Nancy,You will be missed alot.
                  Good luck in life and visit us sometimes!!


                  • #10
                    Have a good life!

                    NancyIsNub <3


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                      Had a great time with you, those moments are unforgettable and honestly I don't want you to leave but a farewell is necessary before we can meet again.
                      Take care and my humble apologies! If I've ever hurt you, thanks for always being there for me, I'll miss you!


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                        Nancieee whyyy u D: gamerx was funny with you ;-; gonna miss you bestie take care on your real life dont be sad just smile and ur life will be better.


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                          im heartbroken that eliteus and rebel got mentioned before me, anyways on the serious side; Take care and good luck with your life girl. It was really nice to know and befriend with you.
                          the 2 7 squad


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                            Gonna miss you alot Nancah!! hope you have a great life.

                            Just a note to say..
                            As you move into a new venture...
                            May luck and success always be with you!

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                            People get mad when you treat them how they treat you.


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                              Thanks for your contributions to GamerX. I appreciate the talks we had, nonetheless I wish you good luck for the future and hope you overcome your real life issues.

                              Ps. Glator, I'm more important to her than you are! Haaaa ;p
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