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Many wont be happy to see me back

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  • Many wont be happy to see me back

    An easy question... Without what a person can't live long?
    Many might have different answers, but an easy answer for this is "Family"

    Yes, i know i cant be back, as admins wont do long in banning or deleting my account, and why can't they? I have behaved as a retard here. I might be the most hated person in the history of gamerx. I have seen so much of sorrow here, that i always behaved as a mad child. I feel so ashamed, so so ashamed , that i can't even tell what deeds i have done in this server. Playing with my brother's account(which accordingly made him lose his admin status), and impersonated admins by joining their accounts on irc, and done a lot fuckin things. Maaynn, you guys might just think he is again coming here as a retard, and your thoughts for me are also valid.
    You guys never had a close connection with the players ingame, because you dont meet them in real life ofcourse. So, you might not even feel my pain. After all the shit i did, admins gave me the privlidge of becoming a trusted player again, but what i did after that? got into an abusive fight and BAAM! I lost it again. After such disrespect, i lost my balance, i started doing the things in my own way which i never should have. A person always feels guilty for his mistakes, and theres not a single day i might have not thought about this server.
    I impersonated admins, i behaved like shit. and what i can only ask for is forgiveness.

    I joined this server when this server was just a new born, like i was just 8 years that time. And after all this, i know there is a lot of space for the players over here, but there's still no space for me.
    Hackers can get forgiveness, but people like me cannot.
    And to be honest, there is a sad music tone going on in my head, as i am writing this post.
    Lastly, i would like to say sorry to all the admins, who's account i joined on irc, behaved like shit and acted like a retard.
    And yeah, there might be full chance of admins deleting this account of mine, banning me or deleting this post. But , i just want to say sorry

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    Originally posted by Interstellar2 View Post
    An easy question... Without what a person can't live long?
    Eating and drinking.


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      Well after reading this i felt that you really love gamerX Alot but "Loving only is not sufficient" if you love a house but you fight with their family members who live in their house they will maybe kick you from house but uhmm i don't know about you much (but heard you did things in past) same thing with flogrills i don't know him much (but heard he did things in past) and if he can come then why not you? and i feel if you really love the server if you want to come and you do have love of that you cannot live i feel you should talk with owners or management and if you like show them your whatever you have and with right intention and clearly (not by being egoistic and rude or sarcastic) i feel they will allow you then i'm not really sure what things you did but even tho you did but lets about present and if give them gurantee yes "gurantee" because of your things if you had done things before so gurantee is needed that what if this happens again what should be done with you etc so just ask nicely with right behaviour, right intention, i feel they will allow you then to join back maybe but yeah you must give them gurantee because "Trust" is a big thing anyways i wish you good luck and yes in the end its just a game but on the same time if you call it a "Family" then you must have good relation with family members if you want to live in their house so good luck to you!
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          Welcome back Price xD and Thank you a lot for making me demoted in 20 seconds in-game/IRC/Forums.


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            To be honest you never improved your ways, you did some recent bullshit with faking accounts on IRC. I doubt you have changed, and you will probably continue if your unban appeal is rejected. Nonetheless, if you are unbanned, try to actually be a normal player without causing issues. The amount of times you have made sob story posts like this is ridiculous, let this be the final one. Will see you ingame (if you are unbanned), good to see you back.

            Originally posted by Interstellar2
            And to be honest, there is a sad music tone going on in my head, as i am writing this post.

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              Welcome back noof Price xd good too see you back!


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