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Haunt3r's introduction!

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  • Haunt3r's introduction!

    Hello GamerX players!, couldn't find no proper introduction format here therefore I made one myself \o/

    I expect a lot of enthusiasm while reading this

    Ingame Name: Haunt3r.
    Real Name: Niall
    Country: England
    Age: 18
    Gender: male
    Other Games: CS:GO mainly
    Playing SA-MP Since: 2014
    Playing on GamerX Since: I knew about GamerX , 2015 ish came a few times as a visitor even registered however I forgot that password and decided to make another one 4 years later , how smart!
    Introduction: My name's Niall, I'm coming from London. Started playing the game online as soon as I hit puberty. Joined SA-MP and registered first time in early 2014. I was playing multiple servers since then (like 6-7 servers at the time) although mostly PTP (Plan B: Protect the President). Been playing here and there, met a lot of players and made many friends. I always liked deathmatching , I'm an experienced RW player and I'm always down for some good fun. My gameplay isn't focused on DM only, I'm also a bit of a stunter/racer, even played hard RP servers. I can decently play pretty much everything this beautiful game has to offer.
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    Hello, Welcome to GamerX

    Enjoy your time here!


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      Hi Haunt3r, welcome to GX (: enjoy your stay!


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        Welcome Haunt3r, i hope you enjoy it


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          Welcome to our community! Enjoy your stay here


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            Hey Haunt3r Welcome to GamerX

            dont kill me plz
            God helps those who help themselves.


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              Hi Haunt3r !
              Welcome To GamerX Server! , Enjoy Your Stay Here.

              Stay Low , Move Fast , Kill First , Die Last.


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                Hello welcome to GamerX
                I wish you a pleasant game
                And that you're running well <3


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