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GamerX v4.0.5

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  • GamerX v4.0.5

    We released another update to fix some problems with the Events.

    The changes are as follows:

    GamerX v4.0.5 - restarted 1pm 8th June 2014 (GMT+10)
    * Fixed the website address displayed in the /tpinfo dialog
    * Fixed some IRC echo events (had wrong formatting etc)
    * Rick: Fixed another Event timer bug so the Event timer isn't duplicated
    * Rick: Fixed the player textdraw "My kills" bug which is displayed in CTF, LMS, DM and Siege Events
    which was removed when a race ended
    * Rick: Added Event information in the /playersinevent (/pe) dialog
    * Rick: Fixed a race bug so when a racer quits the game the total racers count is decreased
    * Rick: Updated /event and /bringevent (/bre) to make the player always go to the preload screen
    for Derby and Sumo events (even if there is no object set used)
    * Rick: Fixed a bug in the Derby anti-campers detection so it's stopped when the Derby Event ends
    * Changed the /john teleport command to /toxicro (property name changed too)
    * Edited the /addproperty (/ap) level 8+ Admin command to allow the use of the apostrophe (') character
    * Edited the /setpropertyname (/setpropname) level 8+ Admin command to allow the use of the
    apostrophe (') character
    * Fixed the /crash level 6+ Admin command
    * Changed the /tsuna teleport command to /maze (added the property too)
    * Changed the /gareth teleport command to /karl (added the property too)
    See you ingame.

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    So much updates (4.0.4 to 4.0.5 only takes 1 day). Thanks a lot Matite.


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      Wow so many updates and only take less than a month (4.0.1 to 4.05)

      Again, thanks Matitee
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        raining updates! thx matite


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          Thanks for such fast updates matite!


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            Wow thanks matite
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            24141250000000000000000000000023523525000000000000 00000000000
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            2.Press Ctrl+F


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              Closed this thread as we released a new update (v4.0.6).


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