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  • GamerX New Maps


    This topic will be used to notify you when new maps will be loaded. I'm starting with a new map that we loaded tonight.

    You can thanks the mappers by leaving them a visitor message or a little private message, it's always appreciated :-)

    Location : San Fierro Airport (/l 200)

    Type : Stunt

    Author : [MEX]Kenneth

    Streamed Object Set : KNTDoubleLoopGA

    Pictures :

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    Just a quick note to say we will reload this later today when Rick is back online... it was removed as we did the update.


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      Hello, just posting to let you know San Fierro Airport has had a makeover!

      I've added about 200 new objects and kept some older ones made by Left.
      There are plenty of new ramps, stunts and tubes so give them a try

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        New Los Santos Airport Stunts!

        Hello. After a long time, Los Santos Airport (/gals) now has new some new stunt objects! Theres plenty of things to try, have fun

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          New Playground at Galv!

          After 8 months of Galv I realised it was time for an update, so here you go!
          Credit for the spoma'd ramp in the background goes to ghost


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            Stunt with custom textures by Cpt.tall!

            Hi, here is a cool stunt object set by Cpt.tall. Features ramps and roads with custom textures and a big stunt area

            P.s. new stunt objects will be coming in the next couple of weeks


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              New Stunt / Freeroam Objects!

              Hello, here is a big new object set for you to try!
              It is basically a huge stunt object set which can take you to main areas like /ga, /galv, /gc, /gb, /gbe, Rich Spawn and other places! You can use /l 10 to /l 12 to teleport to different areas of it.
              Includes a couple of small stunting areas with ramps too.
              It has some custom textures since that feature was recently added to GamerX.
              Have fun

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                New Textured Stunts By Mertens!

                Here is an awesome new stunt map with lots of cool looking textures (/spoma)
                Teleport is /i (/infernus)
                Made by Mertens


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                  New Stunt Maps for the Update to Samp 0.3.7!

                  There are a lot of new stunt objects on the server now, which include new objects added to Samp 0.3.7 by Matite

                  San Fierro Airport (/ga) has plenty of new objects to try:

                  There is also a new Water Slide Stunt (at /L 199) using new objects:

                  Hope you enjoy


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                    Infernus Stunt by Cpt.tall And Mertens

                    Here is a cool stunt Map for Infernus, which includes new SAMP objects and custom textures
                    Teleport is /L 9

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                      New Look for the Medic Spawn, will be added tomorrow..

                      * PM from Vishwajit_king (ID:74) to Left (ID:31): thanks sir for rejecting my TP application
                      * PM from Vishwajit_king (ID:74) to Left (ID:31): sir i love admins like u


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                        Paradise Circuit!

                        Hi, here is a big new stunt and race map for you to try, which includes some of the new half tube objects
                        There is also an infernus race for it - ask an admin to load 'ParadiseCircuit'
                        Teleport is /L 100

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                          Bay Side Stunts!

                          Hello, here is some new stuntage for you
                          Half tube objects that go across the water to another area.
                          Teleports are /L 15 and /L 16
                          P.s. check out /L 100 ^ if you have'nt already

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                            New Stunts starting at Medic Spawn!

                            Hello, after quite a long time, the stunt objects from medic spawn (/L 8 teleport) have been updated.
                            Features a big stunting area at sea with some new objects for SA-MP 0.3.7
                            Teleports are /L 8 and /L 9
                            Have fun


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                              New Stunt Park By Mertens!

                              Hello, heres a cool new object set to try - a stunt park with planty of tubes, ramps and custom textures
                              All objects by Mertens.
                              Teleport is /L 4


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