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GamerX v4.4.9

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  • GamerX v4.4.9

    We released another update... yes it has been a while but real life has taken up a lot of my time lately. Hopefully during the holidays I will get some more time.

    The changes are as follows:

    GamerX v4.4.9 - restarted 3pm 12th September 2015 (GMT+10)
    * Added the /marlowe command to teleport to Marlowe's House in Palomino Creek
    * Added the /fpzuda command to teleport to Fpzuda's House in Fort Carson
    * Fixed some wording errors reported on the forum
    * Added a message to the /withdraw command if the player attempts to withdraw $0
    * Added code to the /dance command to prevent it being used (and abused) during a duel
    * Made the LS Apartments building and underground car park objects visible in all virtual worlds
    (to fix the problem with the /chainsaw1 minigame... the building was missing)
    * Updated the /detonate (/de) vehicle command so the vehicle is destroyed after it detonates
    * Added code to the /duel command to prevent a player inviting someone else to a duel when they are
    in a player race
    * Fixed a bug that sometimes occurred with the /info command (some text was cut off)
    Please report any bugs in the forum bug section as usual.

    See you ingame!

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    Thanks for Update

    GamerX Rules GamerX Commands


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      Great Job Matite! Keep it up bro

      ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)
      ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)
      ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙)

      [07:16.58] * MarisaKirisame was kicked by GX-01( - Reason (That wasn't very nice... you can go now.)
      [07:16.58] <@GX-07> Kicked MarisaKirisame from #gamerX for using the % character in a command.


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        Thanks for update !!
        GIVE ME MY CAMERA, MOM -_-


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          Great job... Keep it up mate.....>
          Sēss ms wth pwr.

          Banned Trusted Player..


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            Thanks for update, now i'm waiting for GamerX v5, Good job and good luck
            Stay low, Go fast.
            Kill first, Die last.
            One shot, One kill
            No luck, Pure skill.


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              I'm impressed, thanks.


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                Good Job Matite and thanks for the Update..


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                  Great matite thanks for update
                  Mata kondo da..


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