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Yes!; It happened again!

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  • Yes!; It happened again!

    All of our services have been down for almost a week again, as we had problems with our host. Two days before it all went down we were pleased to make backups of our server, as the hosting staff was going to do some updates on their network. Later that day Stefan got another e-mail form them, saying that they had to reinstall our server. Unfortunately they took the servers internet connection down before it could finish uploading the backup, which is quite large and takes a while to upload to our backup system.

    As you probably already noticed the result of that is that we had to use some old backups again. Yes, this doesnt just piss you guys off, its annoying for us as well.

    SAMP Server

    For the SAMP server we had to use the database backup from June again. Thus most of your stats are outdated now. In the past few days, since the server is back online, we've already started setting your stats back. So just like last time; PM an admin and please them to set your stats back. Please be honest about what you tell them, do not claim something you never had. Lying about your stats will get your punished. Note that admins might refuse to set your stats, if what you claim is completely exorbitant. In such cases please contact a member of the management (level 9+) team.

    Forum and Website

    We've lost all of the forum files, including the posts, accounts and all the other stuff. So yet again we had to completely rebuild it. All of you will need to register again. If you are a trusted player, donator or admin please PM one of the forum administrators and they'll set your level. Luckily we had backups of the latest website version, at least of most of the pages. Hoss has already started rebuilding everything so it should be working just like before. If not please report it to Hoss or me.
    Website is back.


    The TeamSpeak server is currently down but should be back online tomorrow.

    We are extremely sorry for this downtime, especially since we just had a long downtime a few weeks ago. Although this is not our fault, its up to us to make sure that something like this never happens again. Neither me, Stefan or the hosting company can promise that it wont ever happen again, but we will do our best to make sure it doesnt.

    If you have any more questions just post below and we will reply as soon as possible.

    Last edited by Hoss; 06-10-13, 08:12 PM.

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    Thanks for bringing it back....again
    Originally posted by Saturo;n197653
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      Again?! *sigh* but anyway thanks for bringing it back up! But please just PLEASE! don't let this happened again. :/

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        i'm not enjoying it "sir"


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          Thanks for bringing the forum back again.


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            Thanks again for bringing the forums back.


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              Thanks again for your work BC, hopefully this won't happen again..


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                Website is back.
                I'm still working on some pages, so if you will find any bugs PM me on forum or IRC.


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                  Thanks , good to see website back


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                    Thanks For The forums again... C:

                    <@GX-20> 11,03* The_Hitmaker.. (ID:59) gave 200 cookies to Dream (ID:70)

                    <@GX-27> 11,03* The_Hitmaker.. (ID:59) gave 100 cookies to Dream (ID:70)


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                      Thanks for keeping it up!!!


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                        Thats Why I m crying Loudly again :'(

                        BTW Thanks
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                          Thats good that bloodcell and stefan are good owners


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                            Thanks again for your efforts


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                              Good to have the forums back , good work
                              And i hope the server won`t crash again in future.


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