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Funny GX Quotes

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    • Churre
      Churre commented
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      wtf that "Chure" is not me o.O also I don't have anything against solaimane xD and I never spell his name wrong :v

    • GenGar
      GenGar commented
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      who said its you?

    • Churre
      Churre commented
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      No one, just saying

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    • Click image for larger version  Name:	gedo.JPG Views:	2 Size:	13.9 KB ID:	196480

      I would've said Chemotherapy but fricking Gedo XD


      • Glator
        Glator commented
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        lmao gedo is a savage

    • Beats

      For those who doesn't know what "caca beats lol" means, it means "poop beats lol" xD

      So many helpers!

      BuckS xD


      This means:

      fernando: Muaaz admin?
      fernando: XD
      fernando: bye
      me: yes
      me: lol
      fernando: a poop
      fernando: a big poop
      me: hahaha
      fernando: re-big poop
      me: xd



      TinaRex Poison



      • Muaaz
        Muaaz commented
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        Fucking Fernando, what the duck was that. Why you cant fucking believe it. Haterrrr xD.

        And nice collection Churre xD.
        Last edited by Muaaz; 05-06-18, 09:55 AM.

      • Poison
        Poison commented
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        Do you actively collect all these just to post here?
        Nice collection, btw

      • Churre
        Churre commented
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        hhhhh muaaz XD you must ban him when he comes back! jk

        and Poison, sometimes I do it, but most of these logs are old

    • xD I laughed a lot on this, saw this from IRC.

      (forgot to post that day posting later :P)


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