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Hamza's APP

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  • ACCEPTED: Hamza's APP

    Ingame Name: ...Hamza...
    Age: close to 24
    Why you want to join us?: I like all the dudes of this clan cuz you guys are doing alot of shit (jk) that i'm looking for and hope you guys are drinking beers and smoking hash because i got too much in here
    Whiteboy test:
    1) You're in a haunted house, but there's a million dollars of cash in there, would you go in and find the cash, Run for your life or come in the next day with a gun? i dont believe in that i will get in to see the ghost's if its true
    2) You get your girlfriend pregnant, would you marry her and stay, punch the living crap out of her stomach to get rid of the baby, or run away to another bitch? if that baby is mine then i will absolutely marry her
    3) Do you have a black girlfriend? no
    4) $5 or KFC? KFC better
    5) A black girl approaches you and asks you out. What do you do? confused
    6) What do black people do on 4th of July? I will be honest and say that i tried to look for the answer using google like a lazy motherfucker but i didn't understand anything so i have no idea and i aint knowing anyway

    peace Homies
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    Yes of course. I mean you passed the whiteboy test which isn't good, you should fail it.

    You are by far the funniest player in voice. Natural comedian lol. Positive of course.
    Deux Sept - 2 7


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      Originally posted by Eliteus View Post
      Natural comedian.
      I totally agree with that, I think you'll fit in the squad well. Positive vote as well.


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        lmao should i be a comedian xD


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          Originally posted by HaMzA__ View Post
          lmao should i be a comedian xD
          My dude you already are one lol.
          Deux Sept - 2 7


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            Positive, you try to mix up with us, so you should be officially in.
            the 2 7 squad


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              aight got it


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                welcome snikker
                you may wear the tag now



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