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Just a quick note:

If you are applying make sure you have been invited by an official 27 squad member! Otherwise the application will be denied and removed.

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Deux Sept - 27

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  • Deux Sept - 27

    Deux Sept translated from French to Two Seven (27) is not a clan, but rather a squad that has been up since mid-2015. Originally, a group of friends started a squadron called [SKRT], a common sound as well as common phrase used in hip-hop music. The squad changed the squad tag to 27, which is a famous French rappers signature number, Kaaris - it is from his postcode 93270 known as Sevran.

    Deux Sept (27) is a squad, it is strictly not a clan, solely for the fact that mostly clans recruit anyone that applies that gets accepted without considering individuals opinions. 27 on the other hand is a squad, a group of close friends and we will not let any old person apply and join. We all must agree on people joining and even if one single person disagrees, it will be taken into account. We started of as close friends that did not have issues amongst each other and we choose to stay that way. For this reason, all members that apply will be handpicked by 27 members, and we will either allow you to apply or give you direct access into our squad.

    For the history/timeline of 27, consult the Members list where a full log of every activity can be found.

    Note: This is an invite-only clan, do NOT apply without permission or the application will be instantly denied.
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    Deux Sept - 2 7

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    News - Little message to you guys from me

    Well guys with the new N word rule, I see that a lot of you are not happy at all, trust me I ain't happy either but we need to understand because of the valid reasons given by Rick (none of the others). Reason I am posting here is to update those members who may not be aware of the rule as well as anyone in GamerX who has no idea about the rule. I saw that many of you are still using is by mistake and that is fine for now but make sure you get used to it, I don't want to see any of you get banned or penalized because of some trivial rule. So please avoid your temptations.

    Peace out G's x
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    Deux Sept - 2 7


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      Edited the overall theme and design. The vibe is less aggressive and more chilled out unlike before. Also edited the text to something more useful, it was foolish back last year. Hope you love it squad. PM me if you want to see any changes!
      Deux Sept - 2 7


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