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batcold's application

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  • ACCEPTED: batcold's application

    Hello, my in-game name is batcold, aged 16, I'm glad for letting me an opportunity to apply for this cohesive community. I like that this clan is not like the others and is more like a family and I find that really nice. I guess that's what I had to specify.

    See you around.

    Allowance to apply by Eliteus.

    Edit: Whiteboy test: positive
    1) O ye, who gives cash for free, about that it's haunted, it doesn't really matter cuz there's nothing alive.
    2) I'm a good boy so i'll marry her
    3) Unforunately there aren't many dark-skinned girls around
    4) Free KFC for sure
    5) Of course, it's a girl although
    6) Haha, I guess that's one very special day for them, there's surely a big thing to celebrate
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    Well I've seen you around and your attitude is fine, I like your point of view about the clan and I think you deserve to be part of this family.

    Yes from me.


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      I see that you are a decent player therefore my vote is positive. Maybe try talk with more than just myself, Ariana or Domination. (Not too sure if others know you too much)
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      Deux Sept - 2 7


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        You got my yes too.


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          You can't apply if your melanin level is under the 27 clan's standards man ... Like don't expect to be accepted if you don't look at least like a slighty baked waffle.
          I want to be a cool guy today so i'll give you a pass , positive vote for your application from me.


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            Deux Sept - 2 7


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