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If you are applying make sure you have been invited by an official 27 squad member! Otherwise the application will be denied and removed.

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  • ACCEPTED: whasuuup

    In game name: Glator.

    Age: 20 year young.

    Why do you want to join us: I'm a sucker at racing and the same at deathmatching and i am here for no fun except talking to people that are fun at any crappy crazy topic, 27 has a bunch of people that cant act the good boy they aint. And so i was keen to join from some time.

    White boy test: I am like 79.9% black, not equivalent to Kevin Hart but i have a black complexion

    1. Cant be dumb enough to shoot something thats already dead and cant be pussy enough to ignore a million dollar scared of things that never existed, hell ya i would bring the cash.

    2. I can be a dickhead but it will be tough to play with the life of two people, would marry the girl.

    3. Its been ages since i have been running for a pitch dark chick, no luck till present doe.

    4. KFC is $12 here so i would choose KFC over $5.

    5. Would go with her and forget the condom intentionally so i could marry her later.

    6. Independence day? I am not sure.

    ps: allowance to apply by Eliteus.
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    the 2 7 squad

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    Of course it is a YES from me. I really like the way you play in all aspects. (Don't be a fuccboi)
    Deux Sept - 2 7


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      Yes from me, you deserve it.


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        I vote yes on this application, you have the mentality and views that we search for and you're not afraid to say what you think, which has been proven earlier.


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          I didn't choose to be latin, I just had luck.


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            Deux Sept - 2 7


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