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Pacific's shot

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  • ACCEPTED: Pacific's shot

    Hello, I'm Pacific and as BG itself allowed me to apply, so here I go

    Age: 17
    Why you want to join us?: I have anything else to try to do around this server so why not get into this? I personally like most of people here (I think it is everyone tbh) and as BG allowed me, I just came and I'm at your service boyz.
    Whiteboy test: I'm brazilian, there are not white people here

    1) I would have a gun right in that moment, so I would get the cash, fuck the ghosts.
    2) If she was my gf, I would stay with her
    3) I had one once
    4) I can't deny free fried chicken
    5) It seems a good idea, I'd go with her
    6) Probably shot guns to the sky instead using fireworks. That doesn't look a bad idea
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    I know you aren't gonna disappoint me, and I do trust you. Yes from me, good luck.


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      Yes from me, you're a nice playa and I think you have the right attitude to get in here (plus you use the '':v'' so I can't say no) :v


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        Yes from me for obvious reasons

        Also Yes from Burnedgrass (He told me this was his vote)

        Ps. Like I said for a previous applicant, avoid em GX dramas. We niggz and should go on bout our binnesss ygm bruv
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        Deux Sept - 2 7


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          Yes, you're nigga enough
          I didn't choose to be latin, I just had luck.


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            Positive vote from me as well , don't forget to bump Kaaris-Zoo to make things official.


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              Deux Sept - 2 7


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