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If you are applying make sure you have been invited by an official 27 squad member! Otherwise the application will be denied and removed.

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Squad Members

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  • Squad Members

    Total Members: 17

    This is an invite-only clan (You may ask to join in PMs or in-game however invite is not guaranteed)
    Active/Inactive Earned Badges
    Burned[27]Grass Inactive
    [27]Persil_420 Inactive
    Active/Inactive Earned Badges
    Eliteus[27] Inactive
    LorSimon[27] Inactive
    [27]fp__23 Inactive
    Miley[27] Inactive
    [AC]Mike_seven[27] Inactive
    Domination[27] Inactive
    batcold[27] Active
    Glator[27] Active
    Travis[27] Inactive
    Nerf15[27] Inactive
    Rebel[27] Inactive
    Hamza[27] Active
    DeclanIsKing[27] Active
    CoCoReNdAn[27] Inactive
    Payrle[27] Active
    Savage badge is earned when you have completed something that no one has the balls to do. Such as saying something brutally honest or expressing your opinion openly.
    This is a badge that is earned by time, so far only the day ones have the badges but as time goes, this can be changed given that you are still in the squad.
    This is a temporary badge and is applied to members who took the L by doing something that was below the 27 L/W standards ie. Doing something that shows stupidity.
    This is a badge given to all certified gym lads who have a true passion for their body. Nothing much to say about these lot, but they are definitely the stronger end of the 27 squad and will show any outsider not to mess with us. (In real life, beware)
    This badge is awarded to players who are considered pro at deathmatching around GamerX.

    <EDIT:> <Subject> <MM-DD-YY>


    EDIT: Squad started by Persil_420 and Burnedgrass called [SKRT] - [August 2015]
    EDIT: [COMRADES]Elite joins [SKRT] - [August 2015]
    EDIT: Persil_420 renamed the squad to [27] - [September 2015]
    EDIT: [COMRADES]Miley joins [27] - [October 2015]
    EDIT: Ariana_Grande joined the squad - [October 2015]
    EDIT: fp_23 requested to join and got accepted - [October 2015]
    EDIT: Miley[27] is inactive (Left SA-MP to play other game) - [November 2015]
    EDIT: [27]Elite temporarily left [27] - [December 2015]


    EDIT: Eliteus[M] (Renamed from Elite[27]) joins the squad again to Eliteus[27] - [January 2016]
    EDIT: Myra and EnjoyTheNoise are considered part of the squad - [January 2016]
    EDIT: fp_23 is inactive (Left GX to play on another server) - [January 2016]
    EDIT: Myra is inactive (Unknown reason) - [January 2016]
    EDIT: LorSimon joined the squad - [Febuary 2016]
    EDIT: [AC]Mike_seven is considered part of the squad - [March 2016]
    EDIT: [AC]Mike_seven joined the squad with the [AC] clan tag - [April 2016]
    EDIT: Deux Sept - 27 opens up official forums to start recruiting [5/01/2016]
    EDIT: Dr.Virus applied and got denied [5/02/2016]
    EDIT: X_Mody applied and got denied [5/03/2016]
    EDIT: Members can now start voting before the final decision is taken, Enjoy! [5/13/2016]
    EDIT: Myra joined the squad. (Yet to /cn - inactive) [5/4/2016]
    EDIT: Grimvirus joined the squad. [5/13/2016]
    EDIT: 3 new questions have been added. New applicants must answer all 6 or will get auto-denied. [5/15/2016]
    EDIT: Jan_Nissan joined the squad. [5/16/2016]
    EDIT: Already part of us but did /cn to make it better [5/22/2016]
    EDIT: MaxSafy applied and got denied [5/16/2016]
    EDIT: Grimvirus left - Blacklisted [5/23/2016]
    EDIT: Jan_Nissan left - Blacklisted [5/23/2016]
    EDIT: Maze joined as a conditional member [6/01/2016]
    EDIT: Jafri joined as a conditional member [6/01/2016]
    EDIT: Deux Sept - 27 Reunion Party [6/01/2016]
    EDIT: LorSimon[27] went inactive (Ingame issues + uni) [6/01/2016]
    EDIT: [AC]Mike_seven[27] is inactive (Joined army) [6/01/2016]
    EDIT: [27]Ariana_Grande is inactive (Real life issues) [6/01/2016]
    EDIT: [27]Persil_420 is inactive (Real life issues) [6/01/2016]
    EDIT: Burned[27]GGGG is inactive (Unknown reason) [6/01/2016]
    EDIT: Squad facing downtime [6/01/2016]
    EDIT: All members of squad are inactive apart from Eliteus, Maze and Jafri [6/02/2016]
    EDIT: The fall and the rise of [27] clan [7/13/2016]
    EDIT: [27] get their own clan board [7/20/2016]
    EDIT: Burned[27]grass is active [7/20/2016]
    EDIT: [27]Ariana_Grande is active [7/20/2016]
    EDIT: Rare visits by members LorSimon[27] and [27]Persil_420 [7/20/2016 -> 8/15/2016]
    EDIT: Domination applied and got accepted [8/23/2016]
    EDIT: Seven_of_Nine applied and got rejected as only invited players are allowed to post applications [8/25/2016]
    EDIT: Pacific applied and got accepted (but sadly passed whiteboy test) [9/19/2016]
    EDIT: Glator applied and got accepted (but sadly passed whiteboy test) [9/19/2016]
    EDIT: batcold applied and got accepted (but sadly passed whiteboy test) [9/19/2016]
    EDIT: Miley[27] was marked as active [9/19/2016]
    EDIT: [27]Persil_420 marked temporarily active [10/20/2016]
    EDIT: Travis joined the squad [10/27/2016]
    EDIT: Miley[27] is inactive (POPULAR BOY HAS A VERY BUSY SOCIAL LIFE) [10/27/2016]
    EDIT: Removed Maze - Blacklisted+ added member count [11/08/2016]
    EDIT: BryanDelazzo applied and got denied (also failed whiteboy test) [11/26/2016]
    EDIT: Kriish applied and got denied (also passed whiteboy test) [12/14/2016]


    EDIT: CamA applied and got denied (also passed whiteboy test) [03/12/2017]
    EDIT: MineZ applied and got denied (also passed whiteboy test) [03/12/2017]
    EDIT: Nerf15 joined the squad [03/21/2017]
    EDIT: Marked [27]Ariana_Grande, Burnedgrass[27], [27]Persil_420,LorSimon[27], Glator[27], Pacific[27] and Travis[27] as inactive [03/23/2017]
    EDIT: Glator[27] marked as active and Domination[27] and Jafri as inactive. [06/03/2017]
    EDIT: Rebel[27] has been added to the list [06/04/2017]
    EDIT: Remove Conditional members (EnjoyTheNoise, Jafri and Myra), if loyal to 27 - add the tag [08/31/2017]
    EDIT: Marked Rebel and Nerf15 as inactive and Ariana_Grande as active [08/31/2017]
    EDIT: Pacific was marked "Partially Active" [08/31/2017]
    EDIT: Marked the banned players as it's a proud thing [08/31/2017]
    EDIT: Removed Ariana_Grande from the squad list [09/16/2017]
    EDIT: Updated design on "Deux Sept" and "Squad Members" thread. [10/11/2017]
    EDIT: Hamza applied and got accepted (but sadly passed whiteboy test) [10/12/17]
    EDIT: DeclanIsKing joined the squad [10/29/2017]


    EDIT: Domination[27] was marked active. [01/02/2018]
    EDIT: Badges were added (Savage, OG, L) [01/02/2018]
    EDIT: Added CoCoReNdAn to the squad list and marked him as inactive [01/21/2018]
    EDIT: Payrle joined the squad [04/04/2018]
    EDIT: Removed Pacific from the squad - Blacklisted [05/09/2018]
    Last edited by Eliteus; 02-07-18, 01:50 AM.
    Deux Sept - 2 7

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