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If you are applying make sure you have been invited by an official 27 squad member! Otherwise the application will be denied and removed.

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[27 Squad]Bryan_Delazzo Application

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  • REJECTED: [27 Squad]Bryan_Delazzo Application

    Ingame Name: Bryan_Delazzo
    Age:26 [We chat a lot of shit, you got to be 15 at least] <20%>
    Why you want to join us?:I would like to join because i want to have alot of fun <60%>
    Whiteboy test: [MUST FAIL]
    1) You're in a haunted house, but there's a million dollars of cash in there, would you go in and find the cash, Run for your life or come in the next day with a gun?: I would go in and find the cash(To be honest i was never been afraid of ghosts)
    2) You get your girlfriend pregnant, would you marry her and stay, punch the living crap out of her stomach to get rid of the baby, or run away to another bitch? : I would marry her and stay, because i love babies
    3) Do you have a black girlfriend?:No <20%>
    4) $5 or KFC?:KFC ofcourse
    5) A black girl approaches you and asks you out. What do you do?:I would went out with her and treat her a drink or whatever she wants to.
    6) What do black people do on 4th of July?:They are celebrating their Nationality

    You need 60% to pass the test and be accepted.
    (Although many of the current applicants have dreadfully failed this test)
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    Hey boy, this is not an application squad, you must be invited to join us.

    If he was invited I will edit it


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      Originally posted by Pacific View Post
      Hey boy, this is not an application squad, you must be invited to join us.
      This. Were you invited by someone? You need to be invited by a clan member.


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        /facepalm ... Why i thought it was a clan? Also i saw a form to fill for application...


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          You failed the test badly. You are the whitest person I have seen.
          We ain't recruiting, so don't apply, any applicants will be automatically denied. Apply only if you are invited to apply.

          This is an invite-only clan (You may ask to join however invite is not guaranteed)
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