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My 2nd ATM Application

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  • REJECTED: My 2nd ATM Application

    ■ Ingame Information ■

    1. Ingame name:LoG
    2. Previous names: Kwebblkop_YT , [HP]Kwebblkop_YT , [HP]East , Corrupt , Tack
    3. Since when you play SA:MP?:2016
    4. Your GamerX score:1025 +
    5. Total time spent in-game:144 hours
    6. Previous clans: [HP]
    7. Why did you leave those clans?: I was new in game and didn'y know what a clan is so i joined it.
    8. Have you ever applied to a clan which denied you, if so then why did you get denied?:Yes,[ATM] I did not meet the requirments
    9. Has anyone invited you to make an application, if so who?:no
    10. Why would you like to join [ATM]? (Explain): Cause I thinks It is a good clan and see many players helping from here.
    11. In which case would you leave the clan: Never (I Promise)
    12. How would you describe your loyality?: I am Loyal and Help in Game.

    ■ Gameplay ■

    Describe your activity: Helps In-Game Alot , Whenever i see questions from players if i am able to answer and quickly.

    Rate from 0 to 10.


    ■ Extra Information ■

    Scripting knowledge: Not Much 5/10
    Photoshop knowledge: Yes
    Video editing knowledge: Yes

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    As much as I would love to vote now, I just can't because I haven't been active for quite a while now and haven't interacted with you in any way, your application seems decent and overall you look like a nice guy.

    I don't know other stories, so I can't vote now. I'll just simply wish you a good luck with your application.


    “You’ve got enemies? Good, that means you actually stood up for something.” – Eminem


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      I don't think you're ready..
      You go rage too much.
      Sorry, it's no for now.


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        No. You need to change your in-game behaviour.


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          What i have done now


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            Originally posted by LoG View Post
            What i have done now
            [13:41:09] <@GX-03> [77] LoG: f**k u


            "Stop wasting your time lighting candles in the wind."


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              Originally posted by Toffee View Post
              No. You need to change your in-game behaviour.
              no. From me too same reason!


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                You're nice to me ,we've talked few times & still thinking you are a nice guy , but , I do not trust you & I do not give positive vote to untrustable player. it's a NO.

                why I don't trust you? Scroll up & read what my clanmmates mention about you!
                how could I trust someone who's acting like a good player & well behaved one when we are in-game & when are not you turning to a mad raging insulting etc! I do not like fake people
                You have to fix your behaviour , stop raging , insulting & stop doing noob actions.
                Ciao to next mounth do not re-apply when you feel you're not 100 per 100 ready.
                We accept only the ones who really deserve a chance ;).
                Joining us is too hard , do no loose hope keep working in my clanmates point you have one mounth prove that ;)
                Last edited by MrCapo; 12-01-17, 02:15 AM.
                -Tunisia <3


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                  Originally posted by Luka. View Post
                  [13:41:09] <@GX-03> [77] LoG: f**k u

                  Lukas it's the 5th time I said that
                  And it was for my lag not anyone else
                  U just copied what charger has posted in my trusted player application
                  My behaviour is good I haven't insulted anyone even Jafri too.
                  Last edited by LoG; 12-01-17, 04:25 AM.


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                    What is raging.?

                    Sry I can't understand what u said for raging


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                      Originally posted by LoG View Post
                      What is raging.?

                      Sry I can't understand what u said for raging
                      I'm not part of this clan but... raging is a way to say ''getting angry'' and start insulting, mostly common in videogames.


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                        Wait 1 second when i raged? (got angry to someone in game) instead of that post that Luka posted here.
                        I don't think if i am angry to someone (except who ask me for cookies).
                        I don't think if my behavior is bad.


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                          Domination explained already, if you lose DUEL/RACE/EVENT you talk weird "rage mode"... you may fix it, take it as its nothing much. Sometimes losing is so funny xD
                          No from me. Try to improve yourself. you may work on your activity if possible.

                          EDIT: you may give him 1 cookie, say im poor :v
                          Last edited by PANZEHIR; 12-01-17, 11:26 AM.


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                            No from me, reason said above.
                            try to improve yourself, you know what you need to do.


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                              + All reasons have been mentioned above. -1 from me as well.
                              If you are making fun of someone's Physical disability then congratulations You are mentally disabled.


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