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  • Aqua Team Mafia

    This is a bit of information about the clan:

    Brief Overview

    Aqua Team Mafia is currently the oldest and most prestigious active clan in GamerX. Aqua Team Mafia was formed back in 2011 by two friends, Dani and Wooolly, and has since grown to be a large part of GamerX. Aqua Team Mafia has outlived some of their biggest rivals, such as GRX founded by Kezman, and AC founded by Chrisy, both of which were very noteworthy clans back when ATM was first founded. Since, ATM is currently considered the best clan in GamerX along with their main opposition M4.


    Being one of the oldest active clans within GamerX, Aqua Team Mafia has a lot of history. It has changed management many times over the years, had big rivalries between other big clans in GamerX such as GRX and AC, and has seen many past and present players of GamerX come and go within the clan. The clan was founded in GamerX in 2011 and has only had an active presence within GamerX and not any other server. The clan was founded by Dani and Wooolly, who are presently still the active owners of the clan.


    Aqua Team Mafia continues to grow in numbers and strength. The clan is currently in a process of redesigning some of it's look through rewriting and restructing threads, and designing more logos and icons for it's members to use to represent us. A mentoring scheme is an idea that will be implemented in the near future, to benefit the clan and it's members through personal guidance and advising, so our members can grow and become more experienced and a bigger help to the GamerX community.

    If you want to join us, post an application on our foum and wait for members opinion.

    Our forums:
    Our IRC channel: #ATM (Everyone can join, its made for everyone)
    Our Steam:

    NOTE: ATM members has their own secret channels which you are not allowed to join.
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