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  • General Information

    This board can be used for clan introductions and anything else clan-related you want to share.

    We add clan boards, upon request by the clan leader, as long as the clan meets the following requirements:
    * Your clan must have at least 7 active (!) members
    * Your clan must be at least 1 month old.
    These are not requirements for introducing your clan in this board.

    Additionally, you can create a group for your clan by specifying your clan name as the Group Name with Category "Clan", then you may have discussion board in your made clan group. You just need to be the leader of the group for the clan you lead.
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    About Your Personal Information
    Due to policy that will be applied soon (read here), any clan format will be REQUIRED to change their application format (in gamerx forums).
    The following types of field should be removed or set to optional / not required:
    • Real name
    • Age / Date of Birth
    • Location / Region
    • Any other sensitive personal information
    Failed to comply with this policy will result the clan application post/board being put in moderation or not visible to public (login required).

    This only applies to any content/post made in gamerx public forums, you are free to require the information by private message, private group, or your own external clan website.
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