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Joining Clan [M4] :)

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  • REJECTED: Joining Clan [M4] :)

    HELLO [M4] Clan

    Username(ingame): OmAr_HF

    Any previous name: _OmAr - [MM]OmAr - [ZF]OmAr - OmAr_007 - [007]OmAr -............

    Any previous clan: [R] - [.ZF.] - [MM] -

    Age: 24

    Country: ALGERIA

    Kills: 9050+

    Races Won: 3 (AM dmer) PS am dmer

    Duels Won: 1100+
    Hours: 377+

    Do you speak English (Yes/No | 0% - 100%): 70%

    Were you invited by a Captain? Yes/No Who?: .nope

    Special Skills ingame: In Dming + help full + Love help people

    Special Personal Skills: HELP PLAYERS

    Prefered weapons to duel: Sawn OFF - Degale - Shotgun - Tec - Combat

    Prefered cars to race: Sultan

    How long you have been playing SA:MP? since 2016

    Why you want to join to [M4]: Because its Full of pros and friends

    Why did you select M4 to join in: Because this Clan is Popular in this sever and all of thier members are pros
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    Originally posted by _OmAr.
    Were you invited by a Captain? Yes/No Who?: .nope
    Originally posted by _OmAr.
    Races Won: 3 (AM dmer)
    6.You must have at least 160 races won.

    Requirements and App Format [READ BEFORE POSTING]

    You were joining in other GX clans for no reason...(/cn)

    [21:17:50] * [007]OmAr (ID:43) changed their player name to _OmAr.
    [21:22:19] * _OmAr (ID:43) changed their player name to _OmAr_007.
    [21:23:19] * _OmAr_007 (ID:43) changed their player name to OmAr_007.

    Why increase color and weights this does not matter

    No from me.


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      Originally posted by _OmAr.

      Bro am dmer not racer
      not going on racer or something just can't give you a positive vote because you are a clan hopper maybe in future if you fix yourself you are a good guy but as you are a clan hopper can't trust you no for now i think vote should be right we should not give vote's just because he talk good with you or he is your friend or something so i hope you work on your negative point and then apply good luck.
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        You must meet the requirements.
        You may re-apply on June 27th

        RULES M4


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