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    Cryless (Inactive)

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    Amazing Guy

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    Lolo (Inactive)


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    Devon(Sana) (Inactive)

    Total: 20

    * Hoock has been promoted to Eminence [ 1/1/2019 ]
    *Removed Gedo from the list(Banned from the server and forums),Rayleigh and Nikola promoted to Eminence,Kritical to Magnate.[18/12/2018].
    *Amazing Guy got his level back.[11/1/2018].

    *Amazing Guy gets demoted to Eminence.[10/24/2018]
    *Nikola joined.[10/20/2018]
    *Amazing Guy, Kritical and Bol have been promoted to Leading Light [13/10/2018]
    *Amazing Guy and Kritical have been promoted to Eminence [26/09/2018]
    *Bol and Jealous have been promoted to Eminence[27/08/2018].

    *Amazing Guy joined.[25/8/2018].
    *Kritical joined.[22/8/2018].
    *Bol joined.[4/8/2018].
    *Jealous joined.[21/07/2018].

    *Kakashi has been promoted to Magnate.[13/07/2018]
    *Dodo and Gx14 gets demoted to Prime Mover and Leading Light whereas Breakdown moves to Magnate.[05/07/2018]
    *TinaRex got promoted to Leading Light and Sana got demoted to Prime Mover due inactivity[1/7/2018].

    *Instant quits.[17/06/2018].
    *Added HoocK to the clan as Prime Mover.[19/05/18]
    *Added Rayleigh to the clan as Prime Mover.[25/04/2018]
    *Solaimane moved gedo to Magnate and Aryan to Lead light.[21/04/2018]
    *AryaN has been added to the clan.[09/03/2018].
    *TinaRex has been added to the clan.[27/2/2018].

    * Gedo got promoted to leading light by Saxboy.[20/01/2018]
    * Kakashi got promoted to Eminence,Sana got promoted to Leading Light.[31/12/2017]
    * Rackham has been made the lead of magnate.[21/12/2017]
    * Kakashi has been added to the clan.[13/12/2017]
    * Hoia got promoted to Owner section, and Sana to an Eminence.[01/12/2017]
    * Kicked Kakashi out of the clan for using hacks.[25/11/2017]
    * Hoock has been kicked from the clan for using hacks.[23/11/2017]
    * Sana has joined the clan [19/11/2017]
    * Hoock got promoted to Eminence and Breakdown to Leading Light.[17/10/2017]
    * Hoock has been added to the clan.[01/10/2017]
    * Gx14 and Hoia got promoted to magnate, and Kakashi to leading light.[16/09/2017]
    * Breakdown and Lolo got promoted to Eminence.[16/09/2017]
    * Breakdown has joined the clan.[27/08/2017]
    * Kakashi and Gedo got promoted to Eminence.[25/08/2017]
    * Hoia and Gx14 got promoted to Leading Light.[ 22/08/2017]
    * Lolo has joined the clan.[17/08/2017]
    * Aryan left the clan.[24/07/2017]
    * Garib_admi and Aryan got into the clan.[18/07/2017]
    * Cryless has left the clan, and Kakashi joined.[13/07/2017]
    * Gedo has joined the clan and Dodo got promoted to Eminence.[06/07/2017]
    * Soollaimane got promoted to Owner,Rackham to Maganate,Hoia and Gx14 to Eminence.[21/06/2017]
    * Evil_ left.[03/06/2017]
    * Cryless got promoted to Magnate.[02/06/2017]
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