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  • REJECTED: Ci_ZeR application

    Your information.

    - Real Name: Mohamed
    - Age: 15
    - Country: Algeria
    - Do you speak fluent English? (IMPORTANT): Yes
    - What other languages do you speak?: Arabic,France


    In-game Information.

    - Nickname: Ci_ZeR
    - Previous nicknames: AssAssIng / Leo_Adem
    - Previous clans (and why you left): /
    -Trusted Player or Admin : /


    Introduce yourself.

    - Tell us about yourself: Student and Gamer
    - Why did you decide to apply to us?: I went join this clan to learn more about the game from the professional players and have fun with new company
    - What should we expect from you during your app period?: i'll be active and helping players
    - Were you invited by a clan member of S? If yes, by who?: No


    SA-MP Information.

    - Your weapon set? (if you have a secondary set, tell us): Deagle
    - How long have you been playing SA:MP?: 1 year
    - Did you ever cheat or use illegal programs?: Never
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    Awaiting for votes.


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      well ,, you just came back from inactivity, but anyway i see you are a friendly guy in game and always help new players never saw you rulebreaking so i have nothing against you

      i will give you my YES i hope you know what is that means and i expecting you to stay loyal to the clan

      Good Luck !
      *text here*


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        Before you apply, you should consider checking the requirements first.

        You are too much New here and you are not known much atleast to me. You need alot more time to spend. Its Negative.
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          Thanks Kakashi
          I'll be The Player You Went Rackham


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            Note to members:Before giving any votes,do consider the requirements or else its useless for the requirements to be there.

            Denied.You may re-apply on 21/01/2018


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