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    1) Nickname (in-game): Goblin.
    2) Previous nickname(s) (in-game): [ND]Gabrielle,MasterLeague and Deagle[PRO]
    3) Previous clan(s):None
    4) Score:2227
    5) Time spent in-game:84 Hours (Trying to improve my activity playing 5-6 hours a day)
    6) Deathmatch skills:9/10 - I'm good enough at Cbug and Sawnoff 2shots.
    7) Why do you want to join [AK]?: I've seen that AK is an active clan and most of the members are pro. I fought most of the members and wow they are all skillful. It's an oppurtinity for me to join in a better clan and I think I can still improve my skills by spending time with the members. I'm confident that I'm fit in this clan, not only with my skills but also my attitude and my maturity. I hope I'll get accepted and I won't disapoint the members also the leader as well.
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    Positive vote from me


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      Who are you? No ​​​​​​from me.. good luck
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        No? I haven't see you in game yet. We have different timezone. Don't underestimate me yet because you don't know me yet and dont vote that fast because you should check me in game first. Well thank you beer


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          Yes from me. Keep the work up and goodluck!


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            Thank you Krrish. Appreciated


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              Didn't see anything bad from your side, you are a good guy. Yes!
              Don't make me regret it!!!!!!!


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                Good skills, good player so Yes from me


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                  Yes for me . Good player with good skills
                  Last edited by AntMan; 12-07-17, 03:12 AM.


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                    * Accepted as 'Trial Member'.

                    * You may wear our tag at end of your name. Please read all our rules.

                    * You can vote after a week.

                    * Welcome!
                    Last edited by Krrish; 12-07-17, 03:17 AM.


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