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  • Bridge

    i thought this would be a good way to get more people making stuff.
    make a bridge with pobs, can be any style, it can be a neat and precise city bridge or a rough, bodged off road bridge, can be any length, width. but keep in mind the draw distance of the objects, if only half the bridge can be seen i will rate it lower. doesnt have to be a car bridge, can by one of those park type bridges. it can be a arch bridge, suspension bridge, of anything you can think of. can be anywhere where you want it. just make a damn bridge.

    I will rate the entries.

    ill think of some prizes later. probably crap load of cookies.
    I will rate the entries sometime next year, sometime early january.

    here is something im making, pretty basic and unfinished.

    have some pictures for inspiration.

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    Fun Event

    This is fun event thank you Admin


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