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  • Weapon Bug Rules Question

    Hello people,

    We are considering the removal of the weapon bug in red zones rule:

    9.1 The "2-shot bug" is allowed to be used but not in the red zones. (it's allowed to be used in red zone only if you are shooting the wall).

    9.2 The "C-Bug" is allowed to be used but not in the red zones. (it's allowed to be used in red zone only if you are shooting in wall).

    If these rules are removed, the rule against spawn killing rule may come back to try and make spawning fair. Then again it may not if its not needed.

    We would like to know if you think this is a reasonable idea, so post your feedback and cast your vote on the poll if you wish
    Yes, remove them
    No, keep them
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    In case the two rules are excluded there will be a decrease in the number of new players being punished for not knowing the existence of this rule looking on this side seems to be a good idea.
    However we know that the antispawnkill system is not very efficient to ensure that a player can enter and not be killed by a camper in populated red zones areas (like medic spawn).
    This will cause a number of spawnkillers to increase.


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      I think it should be removed but spawn kill should NOT be brought back as that would be the new major reason people get reported then... wouldn't make much of a difference in terms of having to punish new players :/ Remove both rules so we wouldn't have to punish new players as often

      Edit: Will this poll actually make a difference and be accepted regardless of the outcome or will it be treated the same way and be overridden like it was done here?
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        This should stay as it is. There are a lot of spawn killers out there, even admins and trusted players, so this rule should not be brought back as it may cause a lot of problems.


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          This will decrease a lot the number of new players that doesn't like to deathmatch and will just get killed again and again even before getting car. Seriosly, this is ridiculous. Absolutely unfair with new players. Who voted "Yes" is just wanting new ways to kill the newbies -_-
          You have an entire map to dm with weapbugs, why the hell put it in redzone as well? So, lets allow people to use rockets, flamer and grenades there too...

          And why the hell you do not discuss something about rc-car abuse? This is a rule that make sense to be created.


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            If we remove the weapon bugs rule (spawn zone), everyone will be happy, especially GamerX Pro dmers. But there is a problem with new bies... weapon bugs in red zone will rage them a lot and they might leave us. (obviosly they wont come back).
            I remember in 2012/2013 how pro dmers made newbies to leave the server.
            But If rule removed? then we can have fun at /l 69 with 2 shoot bugs or have fun with group duels like before.

            Im 50/50 for this... 50 positive/50 not well
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              Originally posted by Pacific View Post
              This will decrease a lot the number of new players that doesn't like to deathmatch and will just get killed again and again even before getting car.
              If we allow people to use weapon bugs in red zones, a lot of players who don't know what it is and/or can't do it themselves, will leave server.
              Not allowing people to spawnkill wouldn't help either.People who don't know many rules and are new in this server will probably leave after they get killed over and over again, even before they can shoot back.

              I'm not favoring this suggestion.

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                Removing the rule will make the newbies get tired of getting killed by those weapon bugs as they don't know how to do it. Also the pro dmers who have low-end PCs and cannot do weapon bugs well in the areas with high amount of players and the objects causing FPS Drop like the current Medic Spawn.
                The job for admins themselves is hard to everytime force a player to read the rules, jail, kick or ban for massively using weapon bugs, but the majority of removing these 2 rules will make the players leave the server as they don't know how to do it and they are killed 24/7 by other pro players, and the pro dmers will keep camping in spawn zones. So the spawn zones will be full of pro players.

                Returning back the Spawn Killing rule will not change anything. The players who don't know the rules will use weapon bugs to kill the players instantly who got spawned, the newbies too will keep shooting at the player until the player will get killed (4 shots with Sawnoff does that sometimes) and gets reported and forced to read rules blabla.
                Leave the rules as it is now is better, the player who does weapon bugs will be punished and he/she will know the rules, doing them again will be considered as rulebreaking, by this there will be equivalent between pro players and newbies, getting spawn killed won't get the players mad because it is there fault that they didn't move.

                I don't support removing these rules.
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                  I think we should keep the rules against bugs in red zone, but instead we should improve the anti-spawn kill system.
                  Nobody will be able to kill you if u just spawned and u are standing still, and the anti-spawn kill system will be automatically disabled when u move or when u damage another player.


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                    Originally posted by Eliteus
                    I don't support it, some people are so good with 2-shot and c-bug (especially c-bug) that they can surpass and kill a player even with Anti-Spawnkill ON. I'm probably in the minority here however overall I don't really mind.

                    EDIT: If this rule is removed then I would like to see a new rule where a player must leave another player alone if requested. It is annoying because a lot of people would spawn and will be instantly killed with awesome c-buggers trying to increase their score. So a new rule should be executed where a player should stop killing another player under requisition else it will count as annoying a player and action will be taken. Yes, we are a DM server but we are also a racing, stunting and derby server. So we need to think about all players.

                    Originally posted by Adrenaline
                    i'm somewhat ok and somewhat against i'm ok because it usually ruin fun for some people that don't get to use weapon bugs and why i'm against is because noobs usually play around spawns so they will just get wrecked with cbug or two shot in split of second and rage quit.
                    Talking about rage quitting is a good point - will cause player count to go down with the amount of ruckus and DM going on. Also talking of rage, it will cause more arguments in chat and a lot of flaming, confusion amongst players who aren't updated etc. Stuff seems fine now to be honest.

                    This is what I said and I got a negative response to it. However I'm pretty sure you players understand better as you guys DM more than any of us admins to know about the players around spawn zones.

                    Originally posted by Blackbird
                    I don't think this can be useful, how would people know that this player wants to be left alone? It won't help but make players feel bad and guilty for killing someone in a DM server, I know it's racing, stunting etc but also DMing. Plus we already have a spawn kill system that gives God mode for a few seconds, instead we can add back the "spawnkill" rule where players will be penalized for killing other players who haven't moved after re-spawning.
                    The spawnkill system isn't very effective, it is evident in the events as well as in spawnzones where many people can still kill people with anti-spawnkill on. Plus some players can be very new that they wouldn't know teleports therefore won't be able to teleport away when they are getting killed, plus even if they run away many people do still chase after them and kill them (Jump on their car etc).

                    Originally posted by Blackbird
                    Speaking of rage quit, people will still rage quit if the rule stays, but not any kind of "people" but regular and trusted players, who claim to make mistakes in the redzone, after they are warned they never come back due to this rule as they aren't having fun anymore in the redzone, and I'm sure regular players are more important than newbies who just join and may never come back.
                    In my eyes, newbies are more important, yeah sure some of them play once and go off but there are also many that stay with us. We need to increase the number of people wanting to stay with us as this will increase player count and also make the community more friendly rather than ''hostile''. Normal players are important too, and they have sufficient commands and features that they can have fun on, /challenge, /duel, /event and much more. How would you feel if you went into a server and were getting rekt by a bunch of pro c-buggers wrecking you as you respawn all the time.
                    So innocent and new, not knowing why so much people are killing them. Today I saw such a nice player say ''Hi I'm New Here!'' and then moments later he's like ''Why You Kill Me, I'm New!'' (Real story - not even kidding) and I see people like him almost all the time. With weapon bugs enabled, they will literally be extra mad, especially with Pro Players like Scoutz or Rank100 killing in red zones more now since cbug is allowed.

                    Seriously though, like I said - I really don't mind if it is removed but I would want some adjustments that tell players that they aren't just stuck in a ruckus filled area. At least putting a few teleports on the screen, on the side or something telling the player where they can escape off to.
                    Nonetheless I voted for the removal of it, since I want you guys to have more fun rather than be under some rules, but hey if you understand and think about it maturely then you will be making a wise choice. (Leaving the rule as it is now )
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                      don't want to be selfish and think just about fun only, need to think for the betterment of gamerX and as others said too i also think weapon bugs rule should not be removed its fine how it is it will badly decrease the player count when people will do weapon bugs like C-bug, 2 shots.We can do that stuff outside redzones too tho also that spawnkilling no way that will be a big headche thing lots of reports on spawn killing and lot of dramas on it i have not faced this spawnkilling thing as i was not here when this rule use to be but the thing i only heard is people getting demoted because of this and lots of dramas etc and how admins will focus on hackers/etc when there will be a lot of spawn killing reports because in medic spawn etc always people do that better not remove these rules its fine how it is and very good.


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                        players will leave the server for weapon bugs, are you serious XD? if there are several professional dmers in spawn already without using bugs, it's kind of the same thing. i highly doubt players will even think of leaving the server for only using "weapon bugs", i know the anti spawnkill is not that good but come on 5 seconds is plenty for the player to move & teleport/spawn a car/etc, otherwise it's just their fault for not moving.
                        Originally posted by Vishwajit
                        I like to play samp and see 18+ dont mind

                        i am 8 years old never mind


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                          Thanks for posting your opinions/votes so far, it would be good to get some more votes before a decision is made (there are 35 total votes so far). Thanks


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                            Let's assume that the rules about 2shot / cbug in redzone were excluded.
                            But the spawnkill rule was activated again.
                            If I spawn in a redzone and want to fight will I have to wait until the spawnkill seconds finish or until the player moves?
                            Now let's assume that the rule has been deleted but the rule against spawnkill has not been activated (being able to spawnkill at will.)
                            A player would die in seconds for hungry campers for score / Killing spree (Normal players / TPS and some admins).
                            As stated above, it would be good to remove the rules by circumstancies of: Decrease punishment against new players who do not read the rules.
                            Make the old fight times come back.
                            But in the case of removal of these rules would also come contradictions.
                            For example: A new player who does not know how to use cbug / 2shot would find it difficult to even walk the map because the players would chase him to kill him, and after killing him, he would return to his red zone and be chasing after another or even the same Player making him ragequit.

                            Me and others players voted YES not cuz we want new ways to earn easy score (atleast its my position) i voted YES only if the antispawnkill Rule be activated again, but with improviment, cuz is so easy kill a player with sawns even with Antispawnkill ON

                            If this suggestion is accepted, there will be a massive number of players in the redzones, it will be difficult to enter the server (mainly those who prefer the spawn of the medics or bar girls).

                            My mind seems like it's going to explode, I see negative points and positive points but I can not deny that it would be fantastic for the Dmers if that rule were excluded at once.


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                              Hi guys!
                              I think this rule removed? Everyone gamerX pro dmers very happy. But than new bies problem.. weapon bugs in read zone will rage lot that to might leave us. (Obvisoly new biees left the server and cannot come back ) I listen people 2012/2013 how weapon bugs and 2shots in allowed in red zones and GamerX pro dmers new bies leave the server. I think now Gamerx rules will be better and fine.

                              Thanks !


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