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  • Ashamed.

    Hello guys I am ashamed of myself xD, I changed my name to iamgroot_Hollow[M4] but I am not actually sure it is because I crashed After I changed name (the name change was for sometime only) if any admin would help me it would be great.
    I logged in as iamgroot_Hollow[M4] and saw I wasn't registered.

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    Maybe your account & stats has not been saved on the database since you crashed, try to login back with your account Hollow[M4] it may work with abit of chance hehe!

    EDIT: Your account actually got saved and your account is registered but while changing your name you forgot a letter that's why you're facing this problem so your name is iamgrot_Hollow[M4] and not iamgroot_Hollow[M4] the letter missing is 'O'
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      Dosen't work.

      Edit: Wtf I am so noob ty Cryless lock this topic pls.
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        Admins, can find your name ask an admin to find your name. Same thing, did happen to me year agoo.
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