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    I couldn't quote it cuz someone fucking locked the shit, so I just copied and let's go!
    First of all congratulations, this long ass post proves how much effort you put into this t oget me banned and looking for the smallest reason to ban me. You wasted your life, I swear you did!
    Originally posted by Eliteus
    The mute for saying that command "/changemyfuckingcarcolourgx" is ridiculous and you should not have been muted for that as it was clearly a joke. It's simply like admins making jokes like "/banall" or something.

    Joke IS NOT EQUAL TO Abusing a player asking for help
    ^this was not fucking abusing a player, it was a harmless joke and he already was answered by other TPs so stop bullshitting.

    Originally posted by Eliteus
    However the ban is ridiculous and again if you didn't is quite simply abusing admin powers as you are not breaking rules by "arguing".
    Let's see who is ridiculous

    No need, you are ridiculous and I know it, you should too.

    Since when you play here,...
    Originally posted by Nerf15
    I never got informed about the rule
    you said?

    The fuck is that supposed to mean? I was never told about the speedboost rule..and I never read rules huh, I know the BASIC ones that are in most of the servers...

    May 14th, 2016
    Originally posted by Nerf15
    once upon a time in Stoke-On-Trent (England) a dude called
    Country: GB
    ISP City: Stoke-on-trent


    [01:43:59] <@GX-30> [3] *** [WmE]Nerf15 has joined the game.
    [01:44:35] <@GX-06> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from [WmE]Nerf15 (ID:3) to [.ZF.]Shady_ (ID:8): hi

    [01:45:39] <@GX-09> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from [WmE]Nerf15 (ID:3) to [.ZF.]Shady_ (ID:8): hi DDDDDDDD

    [01:45:42] <@GX-15> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from [WmE]Nerf15 (ID:3) to [.ZF.]Shady_ (ID:8): hi DDDDDDDD.
    [01:45:43] <@GX-16> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from [WmE]Nerf15 (ID:3) to [.ZF.]Shady_ (ID:8): hi DDDDDDDD..
    [01:45:43] <@GX-17> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from [WmE]Nerf15 (ID:3) to [.ZF.]Shady_ (ID:8): hi DDDDDDDD...
    [01:45:44] <@GX-19> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from [WmE]Nerf15 (ID:3) to [.ZF.]Shady_ (ID:8): hi DDDDDDDD....
    [01:45:45] <@GX-20> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from [WmE]Nerf15 (ID:3) to [.ZF.]Shady_ (ID:8): hi DDDDDDDD......
    [01:45:46] <@GX-22> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from [WmE]Nerf15 (ID:3) to [.ZF.]Shady_ (ID:8): hi DDDDDDDD.......
    [01:46:08] <@GX-25> [3] [WmE]Nerf15: Bye
    [01:46:08] <@GX-26> * Admin Blackbird (ID:36) slapped [WmE]Nerf15 (ID:3)
    [01:46:11] <@GX-05> * Admin Blackbird (ID:36) has muted [WmE]Nerf15 (ID:3)

    [01:46:22] <@GX-12> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from Blackbird (ID:36) to [WmE]Nerf15 (ID:3): Don't spam, read /rules
    "read /RULES"
    [WmE]Nerf15? pretty sure I used this name when I was new or some shit because I had my name ias Nerf15[27] for quite a while, why taking old logs...
    Originally posted by Bloodcell View Post
    1.2 Do not flame or insult other players needlessly.
    ^That goes for your TP named Bella or [AC]Bella, w.e the fuck it was. She insulted me over a kill, don't expect me to asslick her for that.
    1.7 Show respect to server admins at all times. This doesn't mean kissing our butts, but we expect you to refrain from abusing us or just generally being annoying to admins.
    You're the one PMing me, I never really talked to you and ofc when I did I didn't insult you, the only time I guess I "insulted" you was after the ban and that's a normal fucking reaction, you shouldn't be on the fucking internet if u can't take such small insults, dont be so sensitive..
    2.8 Do not flood/spam in the chat or using commands. Admins can see command usage so we will count this as spam.
    1.8 Follow any reasonable requests made by server admins.
    3.2 Do not use speed boost or directional speed boost to annoy other players by ramming them.

    Originally posted by Nerf
    [18:59:13] <@GX-05> [97] Nerf15[27]: cunt
    [19:02:43] <@GX-17> * Nerf15[27] (ID:97) changed their name to Nerf15[AC][M4][27] (ID:97)
    [19:02:47] <@GX-24> [97] Nerf15[AC][M4][27]: hii
    [19:02:53] <@GX-03> [97] Nerf15[AC][M4][27]: I'm loyal to 3 clans
    [19:03:12] <@GX-26> [>> %#gamerX] [97] Clan Chat Nerf15[AC][M4][27]: fuck you Bella

    getting mad over Fuck you, how is she a TP..... didn't know fuck you was a fucking big insult in 2017..

    [19:03:15] <@GX-04> * Nerf15[AC][M4][27] (ID:97) changed their name to Nerf15[27] (ID:97)

    [19:07:38] <@GX-22> [81] SranjeNaKanabis: How to change color of car?
    [19:07:45] <@GX-13> [97] Nerf15[27]: /changemycarcolorfuckinggx
    [19:08:14] <@GX-09> [97] Nerf15[27]: Do change your beloved car color, you must use the command that our developers implemented which is /fuckingchangecolorofmycar.
    [19:08:38] <@GX-17> * Admin Robo_N1X (IRC) has muted Nerf15[27] (ID:97)

    Since when do we get muted for saying a fake command? are you dumb? no warnings no thing but straight mute, shows how desperate you were to get rid of me.

    [19:08:44] <@GX-23> * Muted Player Nerf15[27] (ID:97) tried to say: test
    [19:08:52] <@GX-05> * Muted Player Nerf15[27] (ID:97) tried to say: the fuck
    [19:08:55] <@GX-14> * Muted Player Nerf15[27] (ID:97) tried to say: the fuck....................
    [19:09:50] <@GX-12> * Muted Player Nerf15[27] (ID:97) tried to say: UNMUTE M

    [19:09:56] <~Robo_N1X> !pm 97 behave
    [19:09:56] <@GX-23> [97] *** Nerf15[27] has left the game. (Left)
    [19:09:57] <@GX-26> * Sorry Robo_N1X, Player ID 97 is not connected.


    You shouldn't mute me for that anyways.... \_(ツ)_/ \_(ツ)_/

    [19:09:58] <@GX-30> [97] *** Nerf15 has joined the game.
    [19:10:03] <@GX-07> [97] Nerf15: unmute me
    [19:10:04] <@GX-09> [97] Nerf15: ffs
    [19:10:20] <@GX-07> [97] Nerf15: Unmnute Nerf15[27]
    [19:10:29] <@GX-22> [97] Nerf15: the fuck was that mute reason lmao
    [19:10:54] <@GX-05> [97] Nerf15: ROBO
    [19:10:58] <@GX-08> [97] Nerf15: unmute me
    [19:11:02] <~Robo_N1X> !say arent you talking right now
    [19:11:02] <@GX-01> * Admin Robo_N1X on IRC: arent you talking right now
    [19:11:10] <@GX-22> [97] Nerf15: on my real account
    [19:11:11] <@GX-24> [97] Nerf15: ...
    [19:11:17] <~Robo_N1X> !say how is it possible
    [19:11:17] <@GX-01> * Admin Robo_N1X on IRC: how is it possible
    [19:11:32] <@GX-27> [97] Nerf15: you muted me, dont u know how to unmute?
    [19:12:04] <@GX-23> [97] Nerf15: Un fucking mute me
    [19:12:25] <@GX-27> [97] Nerf15: ROBO
    [19:12:41] <@GX-22> [97] Nerf15: for the love of fuck
    [19:12:42] <@GX-26> [97] Nerf15: inmute me
    [19:12:45] <@GX-28> [97] Nerf15: unmute*
    [19:13:15] <@GX-23> [97] Nerf15: oi Robo
    [19:13:14] <@GX-20> * BotSay Comp >> Type ""Bring back the old Gamerx"" first to win a cookie! (you must be ingame to answer)
    [19:13:20] <@GX-09> [97] Nerf15: Bring back the old GamerX
    [19:13:27] <@GX-25> [97] Nerf15: cunt x

    fyi cunt x... I insulted a fucking letter cuz I didn't capitalize it..

    [19:13:32] <~Robo_N1X> !say what? you are not muted
    [19:13:33] <@GX-01> * Admin Robo_N1X on IRC: what? you are not muted
    [19:13:34] <@GX-04> [97] Nerf15: I a
    [19:13:38] <@GX-09> [97] Nerf15: Bullshit
    [19:13:40] <@GX-12> [97] Nerf15: you muted me
    [19:13:48] <~Robo_N1X> !say but you left
    [19:13:48] <@GX-01> * Admin Robo_N1X on IRC: but you left
    [19:13:53] <@GX-03> [97] Nerf15: so what
    [19:13:58] <~Robo_N1X> !say so you are not muted?
    [19:14:00] <@GX-01> * Admin Robo_N1X on IRC: so you are not muted?
    [19:14:05] <@GX-05> [97] Nerf15: My account
    [19:14:06] <@GX-07> [97] Nerf15: is fucking
    [19:14:07] <@GX-09> [97] Nerf15: muted
    [19:14:10] <~Robo_N1X> !say no it's not
    [19:14:12] <@GX-01> * Admin Robo_N1X on IRC: no it's not
    [19:14:17] <@GX-24> [97] *** Nerf15 has left the game. (Left)
    [19:14:19] <@GX-29> [25] *** Nerf15[27] has joined the game.
    [19:14:21] <@GX-04> * Nerf15[27] (ID:25) Logged In as Level 1
    [19:14:23] <@GX-06> [25] Nerf15[27]: test
    [19:14:26] <@GX-09> [25] Nerf15[27]: good

    ^The reactions above clearly shows that I didn't know once you relog, your mute's deleted and tbh that's shit, it shouldn't work like that.

    [19:14:37] <~Robo_N1X> !pm 25 watch your language next time
    [19:14:38] <@GX-27> * PM from Robo_N1X (#gamerX) to Nerf15[27] (ID:25): watch your language next time

    What language are you talking about? I said a fake fucking command?

    [19:14:45] <@GX-12> [25] Nerf15[27] to IRC: What language are you on about
    [19:14:49] <~Robo_N1X> !pm 25 tried to tell you the reason before, but you left
    [19:14:50] <@GX-15> * PM from Robo_N1X (#gamerX) to Nerf15[27] (ID:25): tried to tell you the reason before, but you left

    What reason, the mute was bullshit..
    [19:14:52] <@GX-19> [25] Nerf15[27] to IRC: That was a dumb reason for a mute
    [19:14:54] <~Robo_N1X> !pm 25 you should be nice
    [19:14:57] <@GX-26> * PM from Robo_N1X (#gamerX) to Nerf15[27] (ID:25): you should be nice

    Oh come on it's an 18+ game. If you get offended over someone saying a fake command, you should smash your fucking PC and never use the internet.
    [19:15:03] <@GX-08> [25] Nerf15[27] to IRC: When was I rude?
    [19:15:28] <~Robo_N1X> !pm 25 before i muted you
    [19:15:31] <@GX-17> * PM from Robo_N1X (#gamerX) to Nerf15[27] (ID:25): before i muted you

    Such bullshit? It wasn't rude.

    [19:15:51] <@GX-10> [25] Nerf15[27] to IRC: Mind repeating the sentence which was apparently rude?
    [19:16:03] <~Robo_N1X> !pm 25 you know it
    [19:16:05] <@GX-02> * PM from Robo_N1X (#gamerX) to Nerf15[27] (ID:25): you know it

    Tell me when I'm asking about it, if you can mute over such dumb reason I'm pretty sure you can repeat it.

    [19:16:08] <@GX-05> [25] Nerf15[27] to IRC: I don't.
    [19:16:16] <@GX-18> [25] Nerf15[27] to IRC: /changemyfuckingcarcolor
    [19:16:17] <@GX-24> [25] Nerf15[27] to IRC: is rude
    [19:16:28] <~Robo_N1X> !pm 25 yes, very nice that you insulted our developer like that
    [19:16:29] <@GX-15> [25] Nerf15[27] to IRC: Niceee
    [19:16:31] <@GX-19> * PM from Robo_N1X (#gamerX) to Nerf15[27] (ID:25): yes, very nice that you insulted our developer like that

    Are you dumb? how is it fucking insulting the developer? I'm pretty sure you never saw insults in your life if you took that command as an insult.

    [19:16:37] <@GX-02> [25] Nerf15[27] to IRC: How the fuck
    [19:16:38] <~Robo_N1X> !pm 25 you also insulted some other players in pm aswell
    [19:16:38] <@GX-05> [32] GEDO[S]: wrong botsay robo
    [19:16:39] <@GX-06> * PM from Robo_N1X (#gamerX) to Nerf15[27] (ID:25): you also insulted some other players in pm aswell
    [19:16:57] <~Robo_N1X> !pm 25 i said benice, go make complain if you dont like or just leave this server
    [19:16:58] <@GX-04> * Sorry, your PM message is too long.
    [19:17:03] <~Robo_N1X> !pm 25 i said benice, go make complain if you dont like
    [19:17:05] <@GX-19> * PM from Robo_N1X (#gamerX) to Nerf15[27] (ID:25): i said benice, go make complain if you dont like
    [19:17:07] <~Robo_N1X> !pm 25 or just leave this server
    [19:17:09] <@GX-28> * PM from Robo_N1X (#gamerX) to Nerf15[27] (ID:25): or just leave this server

    Now that's rude, you don't tell players to leave the server.

    [19:17:12] <@GX-04> [25] Nerf15[27] to IRC: Fuck complains
    [19:17:14] <@GX-09> [25] Nerf15[27] to IRC: I won't
    [19:17:26] <@GX-23> [25] Nerf15[27] to IRC: looks like you can't answer
    [19:17:50] <~Robo_N1X> !pm 25 looks like you just a troll here
    [19:17:53] <@GX-09> [25] Nerf15[27] to IRC: If you talking about insulting Bella, fix up
    [19:17:55] <@GX-13> * PM from Robo_N1X (#gamerX) to Nerf15[27] (ID:25): looks like you just a troll here

    That's rude too, calling me a troll? and you think I'm like your pets and that I'll asslick you? you're fucking wrong, say that shit to me then grow some balls to get some shit from me too.

    [19:18:12] <@GX-28> [25] Nerf15[27] to IRC: Troll my ass
    [19:18:22] <@GX-20> [25] Nerf15[27] to IRC: the fucking TPs are troll here, an example is Bella and Paige.

    True, though I changed my opinion on Paige.

    [19:19:00] <@GX-26> [25] Nerf15[27] to IRC: Seriously whatever you're saying doesn't make sense
    [19:19:04] <~Robo_N1X> !pm 25 you are
    [19:19:06] <@GX-02> * PM from Robo_N1X (#gamerX) to Nerf15[27] (ID:25): you are
    [19:19:10] <@GX-09> [25] Nerf15[27] to IRC: yeah I am
    [19:19:23] <@GX-09> [25] Nerf15[27] to IRC: Because I don't like bullshitting
    [19:19:28] <@GX-24> * PM from Robo_N1X (#gamerX) to Nerf15[27] (ID:25): you do

    No I don't, I said what I wanted and didn't play with words to save my ass.

  • #2
    [19:19:33] <@GX-28> [25] Nerf15[27] to IRC: I don't
    [19:19:48] <~Robo_N1X> !pm 25 oh i remember when you talk shit about another player when
    [19:19:51] <@GX-19> * PM from Robo_N1X (#gamerX) to Nerf15[27] (ID:25): oh i remember when you talk shit about another player when
    [19:19:53] <~Robo_N1X> !pm 25 they are not even online
    [19:19:55] <@GX-23> * PM from Robo_N1X (#gamerX) to Nerf15[27] (ID:25): they are not even online
    [19:20:06] <@GX-11> [25] Nerf15[27] to IRC: 'talk shit about another player when they are not even online'

    Bullshit, I do it in front of them too. Clearly you never saw me..

    [19:20:08] <~Robo_N1X> !pm 25 trying to be funny but actually not funny

    It's not being funny, It's expressing my opinion.

    [19:20:10] <@GX-18> [25] Nerf15[27] to IRC: I say shit to their fave
    [19:20:10] <@GX-19> * PM from Robo_N1X (#gamerX) to Nerf15[27] (ID:25): trying to be funny but actually not funny
    [19:20:12] <@GX-25> [25] Nerf15[27] to IRC: face
    [19:20:29] <@GX-15> [25] Nerf15[27] to IRC: fuck being funny, I say shit to their face, not trying to be funny but expressing my opinion
    [19:20:41] <@GX-08> [25] Nerf15[27] to IRC: sucks it's funny for you lads, no wonder why TPs are so shit

    True fact!

    [19:20:51] <~Robo_N1X> !mute 25
    [19:20:55] <@GX-08> * Admin Robo_N1X (IRC) has muted Nerf15[27] (ID:25)
    [19:21:01] <~Robo_N1X> !pm 25 you can stay muted then if you are not fixing your language

    Calling me a troll, and I said TPs are so shit, and you muted me for this, fix the fuck up already. You don't know what you're doing.
    [19:21:01] <@GX-20> [25] *** Nerf15[27] has left the game. (Left)
    [19:21:03] <@GX-24> * Sorry Robo_N1X, Player ID 25 is not connected.


    [19:21:03] <@GX-25> [87] *** Nerf15 has joined the game.
    [19:21:10] <@GX-14> [87] Nerf15: Great, muted for arguing
    [19:21:12] <@GX-16> [87] Nerf15: such bullshit
    [19:21:13] <~Robo_N1X> !mute 87
    [19:21:14] <@GX-18> * Admin Robo_N1X (IRC) has muted Nerf15 (ID:87)
    [19:21:19] <~Robo_N1X> !ban 87 evading punishment, tempban 3 days
    [19:21:22] <@GX-02> * Nerf15 (ID:87) has been banned by Admin Robo_N1X (IRC) for evading punishment, tempban 3 days

    Evading a mute gets me temp banned lmao how about get this mute system fixed instead of temp banning? is it even worth a temp ban..

    ### Log session started at Jum Jul 7 19:23:16 2017 ###
    [19:23:16] Common channels for Nerf15 []: #gamerX, #GamerX-Chat
    [19:23:16] <Nerf15> You don't know what you're doing
    [19:23:19] <Nerf15> Fix up
    [19:23:23] <Robo_N1X> i know what i am doing
    [19:23:26] <Nerf15> Now I know why Maze was demoted
    [19:23:38] <Robo_N1X> nope, thats different thing
    [19:23:43] <Nerf15> No it isn't
    [19:23:46] <Robo_N1X> yea it is
    [19:23:51] <Nerf15> How is it
    [19:23:55] <Nerf15> He disagreed with something, arguing
    [19:23:56] <Nerf15> got him demoted
    [19:24:03] <Robo_N1X> not just that
    [19:24:17] <Nerf15> Oh what else, used words such as 'fucking'?
    [19:24:47] <Robo_N1X> that will be private to maze himself
    [19:24:53] <Robo_N1X> if you want to know, go ask him
    [19:24:59] <Nerf15> Already did
    [19:25:06] <Nerf15> Had to go so the convo was incomplete
    [19:25:17] <Nerf15> About insulting developers, don't tell me that lol, Rick knows me well
    [19:25:27] <Robo_N1X> you are not being nice to players

    Only those that fucking piss me off for no reason, such as insulting me over a kill *points at bella* or banning/muting me over personal issues *points at Robo*

    [19:25:30] <Nerf15> Why would I insult a dude that got me unbanned, and the temp ban is an excuse ain't it
    [19:25:31] <Robo_N1X> thats not how you give help

    don't teach me how to help , I know very well how it works because I'm not new to this TP thing and also I am not a TP so I don't need to help anyways..

    [19:25:33] <Nerf15> What player
    [19:25:40] <Robo_N1X> the player who ask for /paint command
    [19:25:59] <Nerf15> Ohhhhhhhhhh
    [19:26:02] <Nerf15> so saying a troll comand
    [19:26:04] <Nerf15> command
    [19:26:05] <Nerf15> is rude
    [19:26:06] <Robo_N1X> yuo need to calm down yourself so i give you temp ban


    [19:26:08] <Nerf15> wow
    [19:26:09] <Nerf15> .......
    [19:26:22] <Nerf15> I was calm, that's why was talking properly
    [19:26:28] <Robo_N1X> no you dont
    [19:26:34] <Nerf15> I do.
    [19:26:37] <Robo_N1X> you didn't
    [19:26:44] <Nerf15> I did.
    [19:26:57] <Nerf15> Tell me one rude sentence, that was directed towards you.
    [19:27:01] <Nerf15> Not TPs, you.
    [19:27:09] <Robo_N1X> nothing directed to me

    Then why the fuck so mad

    [19:27:13] <Robo_N1X> but directed others
    [19:27:15] <Robo_N1X> and others didnt like it
    [19:27:19] <Robo_N1X> and they complained to me
    [19:27:21] <Nerf15> Who didn't like it
    [19:27:21] <Robo_N1X> so i take care of it
    [19:27:22] <Nerf15> name em
    [19:27:31] <Nerf15> Who didn't like it
    [19:27:32] <Robo_N1X> you know whoever you use that word to
    [19:27:39] <Nerf15> Who
    [19:27:59] <Nerf15> Why aren't you teling me the name, if you can punish me, tell me the proper reason
    [19:28:03] <Nerf15> who didn't like it
    [19:28:10] <Robo_N1X> you are just going to blame them
    [19:28:14] <Robo_N1X> like "THEY CANT ACCEPT JOKES"

    Tell me the fucking names instead of thinking what I will do, no one can see the future!

    [19:28:16] <Nerf15> No I won't.
    [19:28:18] <Robo_N1X> this is not your server

    As if it's yours?

    [19:28:24] <Nerf15> I know it isn't
    [19:28:28] <Robo_N1X> you have to respect everyone

    You need to as well, don't call me a troll and don't tell me to leve the server

    [19:28:30] <Nerf15> tell me the name, who didn't like it
    [19:28:33] <Robo_N1X> not being rude

    I wasn't

    [19:28:37] <Nerf15> Tell me the name
    [19:28:42] <Robo_N1X> tps you said
    [19:28:44] <Robo_N1X> and bella
    [19:28:45] <Robo_N1X> you know it
    [19:28:51] <Nerf15> ooooooooooooooooh
    [19:28:55] <Nerf15> So bella complained
    [19:28:57] <Nerf15> ?
    [19:29:00] <Robo_N1X> yes ofcourse
    [19:29:07] <Nerf15> Do you know my language
    [19:29:09] <Nerf15> urdu?
    [19:29:15] <Robo_N1X> no

    Then if you don't know what happened, How the fuck can you take action against 1 fucking player and leave the other because SHE COMPLAINED FIRST?

    [19:29:19] <Nerf15> Hmm no wonder
    [19:29:25] <Nerf15> You got manipulated too, great
    [19:29:38] <Nerf15> Bella is the one that started insulting me yknow, madarchod = motherfucker
    [19:29:40] <Nerf15> called me that
    [19:29:43] <Nerf15> What else do you expect
    [19:29:47] <Robo_N1X> i did warn her aswell


    [19:29:52] <Nerf15> Warn her, and banned me
    [19:29:57] <Nerf15> Well, great
    [19:30:06] <Robo_N1X> you dont stop
    [19:30:08] <Robo_N1X> she only do to one

    Bullshit. And even if she does it to one, that's not the correct behaviour for a TP. TPs are supposed to be professional and help players instead of provoking them and forcing them to break the rules.

    [19:30:11] <Robo_N1X> you do to many players
    [19:30:18] <Nerf15> Which many players
    [19:30:33] <Nerf15> TP the only player I actually insulted
    [19:30:44] <Nerf15> Bella*
    [19:30:49] <Nerf15> Paige too, that was ages ago
    [19:30:51] <Robo_N1X> paige?
    [19:30:57] <Robo_N1X> that still count then

    You're high aren't you?

    [19:31:06] <Nerf15> No it doesn't lol
    [19:31:19] <Nerf15> So I said something around 2 months ago
    [19:31:23] <Nerf15> I get punished now
    [19:31:24] <Nerf15> really, lol
    [19:31:34] <Robo_N1X> tell me
    [19:31:39] <Robo_N1X> why are you abusing /changename
    [19:31:40] <Robo_N1X> too?

    "abusing" duh.. changed names for less than 1 minute and changed back to [27], it's not called abuse.

    [19:31:49] <Nerf15> [AK]
    [19:31:50] <Nerf15> [27]
    [19:31:53] <Robo_N1X> you got insulted you insult back and annoying instead of /report
    [19:31:55] <Nerf15> To join groups
    [19:31:57] <Robo_N1X> which is stupid i'd say
    [19:32:09] <Robo_N1X> [19:02:43] <@GX-17> * Nerf15[27] (ID:97) changed their name to Nerf15[AC][M4][27] (ID:97)
    [19:32:24] <Nerf15> insulting 1st for getting killed in event is stupid too, dumbest decision I'd say, that too from a TP


    [19:32:37] <Robo_N1X> you get killed and call the people cunt

    Cunt is not a big insult, it's a minor insult and also I say it to few players that I know.

    [19:32:50] <Nerf15> Only to those that I know
    [19:32:56] <Nerf15> Not serious insults, they know it
    [19:33:04] <Robo_N1X> "not serious insults, they know it"
    [19:33:05] <Nerf15> If I get pissed, cunt is not the insult I'd prefer to us
    [19:33:05] <Nerf15> e


    [19:33:07] <Robo_N1X> they complained to me
    [19:33:13] <Nerf15> Who complained
    [19:33:14] <Nerf15> about cunt
    [19:33:19] <Robo_N1X> the players
    [19:33:22] <Robo_N1X> you dont need to know


    [19:33:23] <Nerf15> Name
    [19:33:30] <Robo_N1X> not regular player
    [19:33:33] <Robo_N1X> just random newbie
    [19:33:34] <Nerf15> Who
    [19:33:43] <Nerf15> I don't even talk to newbies
    [19:33:52] <Nerf15> Unless they're from ***
    [19:33:59] <Robo_N1X> oh really? the one you answered to change paint?

    So he complained? XDDD

    [19:34:08] <Nerf15> you call that talk
    [19:34:09] <Nerf15> lmao
    [19:34:09] <Nerf15> t
    [19:34:20] <Robo_N1X> ofcourse
    [19:34:24] <Robo_N1X> you say that in public too

    No shit am I supposed to say it on skype video chat?

    [19:34:32] <Nerf15> Exactly, it's not talking
    [19:34:36] <Nerf15> it's random bullshit I say everytime
    [19:34:43] <Nerf15> Never got warned for it
    [19:34:43] <Robo_N1X> then stop it

    Why would I if I never got warned for it?

    [19:35:06] <Nerf15> Well then where was the warniing, oh mute? where was the reason, oh wait argument, where was the final point? oh wait got banned
    [19:35:08] <Robo_N1X> the public chat is not owned by you so you need to respect people there

    Mate shut up already, chat is to talk and say whatever the fuck we want.

    [19:35:16] <Robo_N1X> you got banned for not listening to admin
    [19:35:20] <Robo_N1X> evading punishment too

    Listening to admin lmao what the fuck did you tell me to do? And why should I listen to you when you clearly don't know what the fuck you're doing?

    [19:35:27] <Nerf15> Ofcourse I will if it's not even legit

    ding ding

    [19:35:39] <Robo_N1X> i already said at first, that you can complain
    [19:35:44] <Robo_N1X> if it's not legit then you complain
    [19:35:49] <Robo_N1X> not insult back or even evade


    [19:35:50] <Nerf15> I already said, I won't
    [19:36:06] <Robo_N1X> so ppl insulted you and you wont use the /report command instead you insult them back?
    [19:36:09] <Nerf15> I will evade to say it on your face, like I said before
    [19:36:12] <Nerf15> I dont trash talk
    [19:36:20] <Robo_N1X> well forget about the temp ban then
    [19:36:23] <Robo_N1X> you are permanently banned

    EYYYYYYYY SEE WHAT I MEAN LMFAO permanently banned for arguing...

    [19:36:27] <Nerf15> Yeah I will, they shouldn't be insulting me in the 1st place
    [19:36:51] <Nerf15> See what I mean, temp banned for arguing, permanent banned for arguing moer
    [19:36:52] <Nerf15> more
    [19:37:04] <Robo_N1X> you do not follow rules
    [19:37:10] <Nerf15> I do.
    [19:37:17] <Robo_N1X> then why you dont use /report or even complain?
    [19:37:27] <Nerf15> Because I don't feel like it's needed
    [19:37:58] <Robo_N1X> so you play on your own rules?
    [19:38:01] <Nerf15> Why can't you handle arguments, and jump to straight conclusions of banning players
    [19:38:04] <Nerf15> Never said that.
    [19:38:16] <Robo_N1X> why dont you post ban appeal when you want to get unban
    [19:38:24] <Robo_N1X> instead of annoying me here
    [19:38:35] <Robo_N1X> dont say again "because i dont feel like its needed"

    Because why should you ban players when they didn't do anything wrong and then act like a god and force them to listen to you?

    [19:39:03] <Nerf15> I got banned for arguing
    [19:39:05] <Nerf15> ...
    [19:39:09] <Nerf15> why would I appeal for that
    [19:39:14] <Robo_N1X> you are not even sorry

    Why should I if I didn't do anything wrong.

    [19:39:18] <Robo_N1X> you always think you are right
    [19:39:22] <Robo_N1X> when its obviously you are wrong

    As if you are..

    [19:39:24] <Nerf15> Not always
    [19:39:39] <Nerf15> I never denied the fact that I insulted Bella
    [19:39:43] <Robo_N1X> you got banned for insulting, and evading punishment
    [19:39:45] <Robo_N1X> not for arguing
    [19:39:48] <Nerf15> I told you the situation, that doesn't mean im saying I'm right
    [19:40:01] <Nerf15> I am talking about the permanent ban
    [19:40:16] <Robo_N1X> you do wrong, i told you to report you since its the right thing, but you dont do it
    [19:40:31] <Nerf15> Dude, I reported Bella
    [19:40:35] <Nerf15> Nothing happens
    [19:40:51] <Robo_N1X> nope i dont get report/complain today from you


    [19:41:00] <Nerf15> Ask Pedro
    [19:41:01] <Nerf15>
    [19:41:09] <Robo_N1X> pedro knows but he did nothing?
    [19:41:16] <Robo_N1X> then im gonna warn pedro

    lmfao what? really?

    [19:41:19] <Nerf15> He told her to stop
    [19:41:22] <Nerf15> but she didn;t
    [19:41:27] <Nerf15> How was it effective
    [19:41:39] <Robo_N1X> then it's pedro's job

    No it isn't, management is there for a reason.

    [19:41:57] <Robo_N1X> you dont choose who admin and what punishment
    [19:42:10] <Nerf15> I never chose the punishment
    [19:42:28] <Robo_N1X> you are judging how was it effective and saying nothing happens

    That's my choice and that's my opinion.

    [19:42:34] <Nerf15> I don't even know what happens here if you report a TP, but clearly nothing happens since TPs only get a warning and us regulars get banned
    [19:42:36] <Robo_N1X> when pedro already warned that its his responsibility

    Really xD then the 1st ban I rememberw as from Jafri so I guess he should've been the only one allowed to take actions against me?


    • #3
      [19:42:48] <Robo_N1X> no, i warned you before as well
      [19:42:50] <Robo_N1X> but you quitted
      [19:42:53] <Nerf15> When
      [19:42:54] <Robo_N1X> evaded your punishment
      [19:43:00] <Robo_N1X> i tried to pm you
      [19:43:01] <Robo_N1X> you left
      [19:43:06] <Nerf15> Maybe because the reason was "behave and you'll get unmuted"
      [19:43:13] <Nerf15> I joined with other name to ask about it
      [19:43:22] <Nerf15> I got unmuted, went back to real account
      [19:43:25] <Nerf15> asked you about it
      [19:43:28] <Nerf15> it was more of an argument
      [19:43:31] <Nerf15> and got temp banned
      [19:43:33] <Nerf15> came to IRC
      [19:43:36] <Nerf15> asked you about it
      [19:43:41] <Nerf15> got permanently banned
      [19:43:44] <Robo_N1X> no one unmuted your account
      [19:43:51] <Robo_N1X> but since you left the mute deleted automatically
      [19:43:54] <Nerf15> Then how tf was I unmuted
      [19:43:54] <Robo_N1X> so i call it evading punishment
      [19:44:11] <Nerf15> How am I supposed to know you get unmuted after a relog
      [19:44:23] <Robo_N1X> [19:09:56] <~Robo_N1X> !pm 97 behave
      [19:44:23] <Robo_N1X> [19:09:56] <@GX-23> [97] *** Nerf15[27] has left the game. (Left)
      [19:44:23] <Robo_N1X> [19:09:57] <@GX-26> * Sorry Robo_N1X, Player ID 97 is not connected.
      [19:44:27] <Nerf15> if I know I'd just relog to my account wouldn't I, instead of going to Nerf15 and asking about it
      [19:45:07] <Nerf15> Obviously I left to join with account Nerf15 and questioning the mute
      [19:45:15] <Nerf15> If I knew that relogging unmuted the account automatically
      [19:45:25] <Nerf15> I'd just relog to Nerf15[27] instead of Nerf15 and asking why I was muted
      [19:45:27] <Nerf15> ...................................
      [19:45:35] <Robo_N1X> not my fault, no one tell you to rejoin
      [19:45:44] <Robo_N1X> you left before i give reason, thats your fault
      [19:45:53] <Nerf15> you know when you muted me
      [19:45:54] <Nerf15> it says
      [19:46:04] <Nerf15> "behave and you might get unmuted"
      [19:46:13] <Nerf15> What do you expect me to do when I can't even use IRC to ask about it
      [19:46:28] <Nerf15> Don't PM the reason, use the reason in the command
      [19:46:43] <Robo_N1X> lol it's not like that from irc
      [19:46:51] <Robo_N1X> its not !mute id time reason
      [19:46:55] <Robo_N1X> this is not like jail command
      [19:47:00] <Robo_N1X> so i have to !pm
      [19:47:04] <Nerf15> That's your fault, not mine, I logged into a different account to ask about it, why would I ask for unmute on a different account if I knew relogging deletes the mute
      [19:47:23] <Robo_N1X> not my fault
      [19:47:30] <Robo_N1X> its my fault only if the mute command has reason parameter
      [19:47:42] <Nerf15> Then who do you blame
      [19:47:45] <Nerf15> why blaming me for relogging
      [19:47:48] <Nerf15> when IRC doesnt give proper reason
      [19:47:54] <Robo_N1X> you, because you cant accept punishment and relog to evade it
      [19:48:01] <Nerf15> Not to evade it
      [19:48:03] <Nerf15> I asked the reason
      [19:48:14] <Nerf15> Evading is if I relogged intentionally when I knew it deletes the mute
      [19:48:16] <Robo_N1X> you are not supposed to talk if you are muted
      [19:48:22] <Robo_N1X> but after you relogged, you can talk
      [19:48:28] <Nerf15> I didn't know that
      [19:48:38] <Robo_N1X> ill unban you tomorrow
      [19:48:43] <Nerf15> wow
      [19:48:47] <Robo_N1X> dont behave bad again next time
      [19:48:55] <Nerf15> Sorry let me play now
      [19:49:04] <Nerf15> I wont insult
      [19:50:25] Nerf15 [] has quit IRC: Quit: ajax IRC Client
      [19:50:26] <Robo_N1X> you should've had posted ban appeal
      [19:50:27] Nerf15: No such nick/channel


      [19:16:01] Common channels for [AC]Bella [Mibbit@B09914.E356DB.8A841B.84734D]: #gamerX, #GamerX-Chat
      [19:16:01] <[AC]Bella> can u stop nerf insulting me
      [19:16:09] <[AC]Bella> everytime he sees me
      [19:16:13] <[AC]Bella> hr insult me
      [19:16:16] <[AC]Bella> he*

      "everytime" xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

      [19:19:34] <Robo_N1X> ignore him

      "ignore him" *bans me few moments later*

      [19:22:16] <[AC]Bella> ok..[AC] is dead
      [19:22:21] <[AC]Bella> but [M4]
      [19:22:28] <[AC]Bella> he wear those tags
      [19:22:35] <[AC]Bella> n insult me in clan chat
      [19:23:07] <Robo_N1X> when this happen?
      [19:25:36] <[AC]Bella> now
      [19:25:39] <[AC]Bella> i mean today
      [19:25:43] <[AC]Bella> before he got muted


      This was with you and bella that day.

      Roll back to the past about "oh i remember when you talk shit about another player when they are not even online":
      [00:02:58] <@GX-11> [25] Nerf15[27]: There's a chick named Paige... she always raiged - Paige was offline, no reply

      How is it trash talk lmfao

      [00:03:41] <@GX-02> [25] Nerf15[27]: There is a cunt named Payrle... his dad's condom was a fayrle... Payrle was online, so reply
      [00:03:56] <@GX-04> [39] Payrle: fuck you nerf
      [00:03:57] <@GX-05> [39] Payrle: XD

      So you're telling me this is a ghost? clearly it was a joke and Payrle wasn't offended, he's a good friend of mine. Don't use such logs to prove your shit points.

      [00:05:29] <@GX-08> [25] Nerf15[27]: There's a bitch named cutekitty... she twerks with shit batty - Cutekitty/Abigail was offline, no reply either

      Same thing, everyone was joking and I joked about her.. IT WAS A JOKE. No insults or anything so shut up.

      [00:05:36] <@GX-22> [95] Marium: NERF STFU - Cutekitty's friend mad

      Marium told me to stfu, Where is the action admins???

      [00:05:47] <@GX-14> [95] Marium: DON'T U DARE TALK SHIT BOUT HER
      [00:05:49] <@GX-19> [67] Eliteus[27]: lol these guys dont know what that means nerf
      [00:05:50] <@GX-24> [67] Eliteus[27]: hahahahahah
      [00:05:51] <@GX-25> [18] phaz_: lol
      [00:05:53] <@GX-02> [25] Nerf15[27]: lmao
      [00:05:58] <@GX-10> [67] Eliteus[27]: basically he did her dirty xD
      [00:06:35] <@GX-29> [95] Marium: SHE IS NOT A SLUT LIKE YOU NERF

      AGAIN MARIUM INSULTED ME WHERE THE FUCK IS THE ACTION? I didnt insult her yet and if I was the one tha started this shit then I'd get muted.

      That time i had to tell admin Eliteus and PANZEHIR to warn you and marium, i had large argument in admin chat
      [00:32:16] <@GX-18> [67] Admin Eliteus[27]: nerf and cutekitten are also friends
      [00:33:50] <@GX-14> [67] Admin Eliteus[27]: well nerf has all the rights to joke around about a friend
      Quite unsure with what i argued, i talked to Cutekitty directly
      ### Log session started at Jum Jun 2 22:49:59 2017 ###
      [22:49:59] Common channels for Abigail_ [Abigail_@B09914.5C6AD2.884B41.7E4194]: #gamerX
      [22:49:59] <Abigail_> yes? what u were saying
      [22:50:09] <Robo_N1X> is Nerf your friend?
      [22:50:18] <Abigail_> no?
      [22:50:55] <Robo_N1X> you don't know him?
      [22:51:07] <Robo_N1X> Nerf15[27]
      [22:51:12] <Abigail_> i know him but he insults me
      [22:51:21] <Abigail_> he is not my friend
      [22:51:28] <Abigail_> just a stranger
      [22:51:40] <Robo_N1X> you fine if he insults you?
      [22:51:44] <Robo_N1X> you take it as joke or not?

      [22:52:12] <Abigail_> sometimes he insults my parents

      Bullshit lmfao I never insutled her parents, infact she insults my family.

      [22:52:18] <Abigail_> I get really offended

      She insults me too the fuck are u on about?

      [22:52:26] <Robo_N1X> well alright then
      [22:52:29] <Robo_N1X> that's enough information
      [22:52:38] <Robo_N1X> btw
      [22:52:41] <Abigail_> but what happend?
      [22:52:43] <Robo_N1X> is Marium your friend?
      [22:52:47] <Abigail_> yes
      [22:52:51] <Robo_N1X> marium/nela
      [22:52:51] <Abigail_> she is my best friend
      [22:52:56] <Robo_N1X> well alright
      [22:53:15] <Robo_N1X> uhm did you have irc account before?
      [22:53:30] <Abigail_> no
      [22:53:35] <Robo_N1X> never created?
      [22:53:41] <Robo_N1X> alright then
      [22:53:59] <Robo_N1X> well okay i just want to ask that
      [22:54:09] <Robo_N1X> not going to tell what happened as admins took care of it already
      [22:54:19] <Robo_N1X> to prevent continous drama
      [22:54:43] <Robo_N1X> Thankss
      [22:54:46] <Robo_N1X> you can go now
      [22:54:46] <Robo_N1X>
      [22:54:49] <Abigail_> np bye!
      [22:55:08] Abigail_ [Abigail_@B09914.5C6AD2.884B41.7E4194] has quit IRC: Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client

      Originally posted by Nerf
      Exactly eliteus, I did not "flame" him him at all,
      And here... before your permanent ban

      That time i was busy handling the community Event made by LoG, you can see the information about it here:
      There were other 2 admins online at that time (Jafri & Cashewz), i thought they were being active, my bad that they left afk without informing me...
      [22:18:18] <@GX-14> [80] *** Nerf15[27] has joined the game.
      [22:18:32] <@GX-06> * Nerf15[27] (ID:80) Logged In as Level 1
      [22:18:36] <@GX-12> [80] Nerf15[27]: sup nig
      [22:18:58] <@GX-09> [80] Nerf15[27]: YO ROBO
      [22:19:00] <@GX-11> [80] Nerf15[27]: NINJA
      [22:19:02] <@GX-15> [80] Nerf15[27]: SUP
      [22:19:15] <@GX-27> [80] Nerf15[27]: Robo... ma ni66a
      [22:19:38] <@GX-30> [60] .Shahzaib.: Behave,/rules for more info about rules. - Even the community knows who is ridiculous
      [22:19:47] <@GX-08> [80] Nerf15[27]: Who u telling to behave
      [22:20:10] <@GX-13> [>> %#gamerX] * Vien78 (ID: 64) reported Nerf15[27] (ID: 80) for ssB ABUSE KILL
      [22:20:09] <@GX-11> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from Robo_N1X (ID:16) to [ATM]LoG (ID:0): lol you dont count correctly - As a proof that time i was still busy with LoG's event
      [22:20:39] <@GX-02> [80] Nerf15[27]: WHERE THE FUCK IS RICK
      [22:20:43] <@GX-06> [80] Nerf15[27]: .................................................. ...........

      [22:24:49] <@GX-26> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from Vien78 (ID:64) to Nerf15[27] (ID:80): NEXT TIME NO TROUBLE WITH VEIN

      Clearly shows he was trynna fight....

      [22:25:12] <@GX-14> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from Nerf15[27] (ID:80) to Vien78 (ID:64): u suck dicks
      [22:25:19] <@GX-25> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from Vien78 (ID:64) to Nerf15[27] (ID:80): NEXT TIME BEHAVE
      [22:25:25] <@GX-12> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from Nerf15[27] (ID:80) to Vien78 (ID:64): stfu cunt
      [22:25:37] <@GX-05> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from Vien78 (ID:64) to Nerf15[27] (ID:80): SCREEN SHOTS ARE GOING VIRAL ON FORUM
      [22:25:43] <@GX-11> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from Nerf15[27] (ID:80) to Vien78 (ID:64): idg2f
      [22:25:59] <@GX-12> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from Nerf15[27] (ID:80) to Vien78 (ID:64): take this too "Robo sucks at managing the server"

      He shouldn't PM me if he doesn't want me to insult, also he shouldn't PM me and then ignore me to piss me off even more.

      [22:27:17] <@GX-08> [>> %#gamerX] [16] *** Admin Robo_N1X: anyone else here - noticed other admins aren't active
      [22:27:32] <@GX-08> [>> %#gamerX] [36] *** Admin Cashewz: ?
      [22:27:39] <@GX-17> [>> %#gamerX] [16] *** Admin Robo_N1X: why ppl complaining to me for reports
      [22:27:55] <@GX-05> [>> %#gamerX] [36] *** Admin Cashewz: cause they probably see you highest level'
      [22:28:00] <@GX-09> [>> %#gamerX] [36] *** Admin Cashewz: i can't do shit rn cause this lag
      [22:28:22] <@GX-21> [>> %#gamerX] [16] *** Admin Robo_N1X: anyone else available - getting no reply then i try to rush up to finish with event

      Of course you would, perfect opportunity to ban huh?

      [22:27:37] <@GX-15> * Vien78 (ID:64) is ignoring PMs from Nerf15[27] (ID:80)
      [22:28:11] <@GX-22> * Ignored PM from Nerf15[27] (ID:80) to Vien78 (ID:64): god save lmfao at least I can handle some criticism unlike Robo who bans for shit things
      [22:28:23] <@GX-25> * Ignored PM from Nerf15[27] (ID:80) to Vien78 (ID:64): Mate, I don't give a single fuck, go ahead and asslick em, go report quick
      [22:28:27] <@GX-27> [80] Nerf15[27]: Vien78
      [22:28:39] <@GX-16> [80] Nerf15[27]: If you're going to PM me, grow some balls
      [22:28:46] <@GX-24> [80] Nerf15[27]: don't ignore if u gonna chat shit in PMs
      [22:28:50] <@GX-04> [64] Vien78: i will report you everyday rule break
      [22:28:54] <@GX-26> [80] Nerf15[27]: I don't give 2 fucks
      [22:30:48] <@GX-07> [80] Nerf15[27]: and telling me to behave, fam I know how to behave, don't teach me
      [22:30:50] <@GX-09> [80] Nerf15[27]: u dont know shit
      [22:30:56] <@GX-17> * Ignored PM from Nerf15[27] (ID:80) to Vien78 (ID:64): these cunts.. .im a fucking mod myself
      [22:31:04] <@GX-29> [64] Vien78: yes get some brain and stop abusing robo
      [22:31:09] <@Pedro> !say calm down dudes
      [22:31:09] <@GX-01> * Admin Pedro on IRC: calm down dudes
      [22:31:16] <@GX-20> [80] Nerf15[27]: Stfu Vien
      [22:31:16] <@GX-21> [>> %#gamerX] [16] *** Admin Robo_N1X: erm so - Finished with LoG's event
      [22:31:19] <@GX-27> [>> %#gamerX] [16] *** Admin Robo_N1X: what do i missed
      [22:31:22] <@GX-05> [80] Nerf15[27]: Robo sucks at managing, and what?
      [22:31:24] <@GX-09> [80] Nerf15[27]: the fuck u gonna do about it?
      [22:31:27] <@GX-10> [64] Vien78: admin pedro this guy is everyday rulebreaking and abusing

      "everyday" first time seeing this nigga

      [22:31:32] <@GX-17> [16] Robo_N1X: the fuck you good on here anyway?

      here comes Robo, not in a friendly way I'd say. The fuck else do you expect?

      [22:31:33] <@GX-19> [80] Nerf15[27]: That's my opinion, mind your own fucking business
      [22:31:41] <@GX-02> [80] Nerf15[27]: Robo u suck at managing
      [22:31:41] <@GX-04> [16] Robo_N1X: no one needs your opinion
      [22:31:44] <@GX-10> [80] Nerf15[27]: take your BS somewhere else
      [22:31:45] <@GX-15> [16] Robo_N1X: you are nothing useful here

      So you are :'D

      [22:31:47] <@GX-19> [80] Nerf15[27]: So what
      [22:31:50] <@GX-23> [80] Nerf15[27]: Dont give a single fuck
      [22:31:53] <@GX-25> [16] Robo_N1X: so be quiet

      You too, I wasn't even talking to you anyways.

      [22:31:55] <@GX-30> [80] Nerf15[27]: At least I ain't like you
      [22:31:59] <@GX-07> [80] Nerf15[27]: banning players
      [22:32:01] <@GX-13> [80] Nerf15[27]: for bs reasons
      [22:32:12] <@GX-26> [16] Robo_N1X: banning you for evading punishment you call it bullshit?

      First it was evading punishment then it was for insulting then it was for annoying admins then for read rules, decide the reason first then tell me.

      [22:32:12] <@GX-27> [80] Nerf15[27]: u suck at managing the server, get that into your fucking brain
      [22:32:15] <@GX-29> [64] Vien78: ROBO u were AFK ..he started abusing me for asking him to follow rules

      "NEXT TIME NO TROUBLE WITH VIEN" So this is the way to tell players to follow the rules? Robo are you alright?

      [22:32:16] <@GX-02> [80] Nerf15[27]: Yea
      [22:32:17] <@GX-03> [33] Scoutz: robo, really, if u don't want his opinion, don't listen to it, you're not obligated in anyway to listen to a passing opinion

      ^GIve this man a cookie!

      [22:32:21] <@GX-08> [64] Vien78: he even abused you also
      [22:32:27] <@GX-20> [16] Robo_N1X: but he is provoking other players now

      They're provoking me too.

      [22:32:29] <@GX-25> [80] Nerf15[27]: if u don't wanna hear it
      [22:32:33] <@GX-03> [80] Nerf15[27]: quit the fuckjing game
      [22:32:42] <@GX-10> [80] Nerf15[27]: u shouldn't be here if u get offended cuz of shit like this
      [22:32:47] <@GX-20> [16] Robo_N1X: oh btw
      [22:32:50] <@GX-28> [16] Robo_N1X: i was busy with event so sorry
      [22:32:51] <@GX-30> [64] Vien78: i asked him to behave im pm

      Really "No trouble with Vien" stop bullshitting Vien

      [22:32:56] <@GX-14> [64] Vien78: he started calling me cunt
      [22:33:01] <@GX-17> [80] Nerf15[27]: Vien
      [22:33:05] <@GX-21> [64] Vien78: and brought the chat in main chat
      [22:33:08] <@GX-25> [80] Nerf15[27]: Me?
      [22:33:10] <@GX-02> [80] Nerf15[27]: fuck off
      [22:33:11] <@GX-04> [80] Nerf15[27]: u ignored me
      [22:33:20] <@GX-18> [80] Nerf15[27]: dont chat shit mate
      [22:33:24] <@GX-21> [64] Vien78: i did ipm
      [22:33:31] <@GX-02> [64] Vien78: and he started abusing in main chat

      "abusing lmfao"

      [22:33:34] <@GX-05> [80] Nerf15[27]: why the fuck PM me when u dont want an answer?
      [22:33:36] <@GX-08> [80] Nerf15[27]: Abusing?
      [22:33:39] <@GX-16> [80] Nerf15[27]: I gave a fucking message
      [22:33:40] <@GX-18> * Nerf15[27] (ID:80) has been jailed by Robo_N1X (ID:16)
      [22:33:43] <@GX-22> [16] Robo_N1X: i saw you before


      [22:33:45] <@GX-26> [80] Nerf15[27]: lmfao
      [22:33:47] <@GX-30> [16] Robo_N1X: but i was busy taking care event

      Didn't know you can spectate and handle the event at the same time!

      [22:33:48] <@GX-02> [80] Nerf15[27]: fucking childing
      [22:34:00] <@GX-10> [64] Vien78: i honestly asked him humpbly to follow rules and behave

      "humpbly" my ass.

      [22:34:00] <@GX-11> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from Robo_N1X (ID:16) to Nerf15[27] (ID:80): enough, go follow rules or just leave

      Mind your own shit, you don't know what happened.

      [22:34:00] <@GX-12> [33] Scoutz: robo, was it in redzone?t
      [22:34:00] <@GX-13> [80] Nerf15[27]: Robo you just proved my point
      [22:34:01] <@GX-14> * Admin Robo_N1X (ID:16) forced Nerf15[27] (ID:80) to read the rules!
      [22:34:08] <@GX-21> [80] Nerf15[27]: I won't fucking leave
      [22:34:09] <@GX-22> [33] Scoutz: because as far as i know, it's allowed and no one has ever been punished for it


      [22:34:14] <@GX-06> [80] Nerf15[27]: learn how to manage a fucking server
      [22:34:18] <@GX-12> [38] daan_deurloo: Nerf report him if you don't like this
      [22:34:20] <@GX-09> [16] Robo_N1X: No
      [22:34:21] <@GX-10> [80] Nerf15[27]: you're punishments are a pile of wank
      [22:34:21] <@GX-11> [33] Scoutz: even i reported that specific thing a million times
      [22:34:21] <@GX-12> [64] Vien78: he infact said robo sucks at managemet go report to him on forum

      Vien stop asslicking?

      [22:34:23] <@GX-14> [60] .Shahzaib.: learn how to behave
      [22:34:25] <@GX-23> [16] Robo_N1X: he was ramming a player
      [22:34:28] <~Delija> !mute 80
      [22:34:30] <@GX-04> * Admin Delija (IRC) has muted Nerf15[27] (ID:80)
      [22:34:31] <@GX-06> [64] Vien78: this is sad
      [22:34:31] <@GX-08> [16] Robo_N1X: near swat spawn
      [22:34:38] <@GX-13> * Muted Player Nerf15[27] (ID:80) tried to say: Scoutz, do u see what I mean?
      [22:34:44] <~Delija> !pm 80 you should chill out, go to forum and complain about him
      [22:34:45] <@GX-21> * PM from Delija (#gamerX) to Nerf15[27] (ID:80): you should chill out, go to forum and complain about him
      [22:34:52] <@GX-10> * Muted Player Nerf15[27] (ID:80) tried to say: # Already fucking did - no you didn't yet
      [22:34:55] <@GX-15> [38] TP Chat daan_deurloo: I don't understand why he doesn't report you on forum instead
      [22:34:55] <@GX-14> * Muted Player Nerf15[27] (ID:80) tried to say: DELIHA
      [22:35:00] <~Delija> !pm 80 good then calm down
      [22:35:00] <@GX-25> * PM from Delija (#gamerX) to Nerf15[27] (ID:80): good then calm down
      [22:35:00] <@Pedro> !ban 64 not that youre welcome here too shinub
      [22:35:00] <@GX-23> * Vien78 (ID:64) has been banned by Admin Pedro (IRC) for not that youre welcome here too shinub

      HERE LMFAO AND HE'S TELLING ME TO BEHAVE LMFAO Robo take actions against them and not only me. That's pathetic.

      [22:35:07] <@GX-07> [38] TP Chat daan_deurloo: instead of complaining here in the chat
      [22:35:19] <@GX-30> * Muted Player Nerf15[27] (ID:80) tried to say: # No, Why the fuck is he jailing me for something billion players do
      [22:35:31] <@GX-17> * Muted Player Nerf15[27] (ID:80) tried to say: # Don't tell me to calm down, tell him to start taking some criticism
      [22:35:40] <@GX-06> * Muted Player Nerf15[27] (ID:80) tried to say: # Unmute me
      [22:35:55] <~Delija> !Pm 80 Write that down in the complain
      [22:35:56] <@GX-09> * PM from Delija (#gamerX) to Nerf15[27] (ID:80): Write that down in the complain
      [22:36:01] <@GX-19> * Muted Player Nerf15[27] (ID:80) tried to say: # Ok unmute me
      [22:36:18] <~Delija> !unmute 80
      [22:36:19] <@GX-14> * Admin Delija (IRC) has un-muted Nerf15[27] (ID:80)
      [22:36:27] <@GX-29> [80] Nerf15[27]: Robo
      [22:36:30] <@GX-06> [80] Nerf15[27]: get your shit together - Ah seems you didn't listen to Delija, you just want to get unmuted
      [22:36:32] <@GX-10> [16] Robo_N1X: i was busy taking care event
      [22:36:36] <@GX-21> [80] Nerf15[27]: "busy"
      [22:36:36] <@GX-23> [16] Robo_N1X: and the other admins i thought active
      [22:36:38] <@GX-27> [16] Robo_N1X: they dont
      [22:36:41] <@GX-02> [80] Nerf15[27]: yea busy petting your fucking asslickers
      [22:36:46] <@GX-13> [38] daan_deurloo: Nerf shut up
      [22:36:50] <@GX-16> [80] Nerf15[27]: Daan
      [22:36:53] <@GX-18> [80] Nerf15[27]: stay the fuck out of it
      [22:36:54] <@GX-19> [38] daan_deurloo: and report on forum
      [22:36:57] <@Pedro> !pm 80 jesus christ dude calm down before you get into more trouble
      [22:37:01] <@GX-05> * PM from Pedro (#gamerX) to Nerf15[27] (ID:80): jesus christ dude calm down before you get into more trouble
      [22:37:06] <@GX-15> [80] Nerf15[27] to IRC: fuck this Pedro
      [22:37:09] <@GX-21> [80] Nerf15[27] to IRC: idgaf if I get banned now
      [22:37:17] <@GX-06> [80] Nerf15[27] to IRC: I got banned before too, aint something new
      [22:37:20] <@GX-09> [80] Nerf15[27]: Robo
      [22:37:27] <@GX-18> [80] Nerf15[27]: u just proved my point
      [22:37:33] <@GX-28> [80] Nerf15[27]: u are that one manager that can't handle criticism
      [22:37:40] <@GX-10> [80] Nerf15[27]: I was arguing and u were looking for an excuse
      [22:37:42] <@GX-13> [80] Nerf15[27]: to jail me
      [22:37:44] <@GX-15> [80] Nerf15[27]: And Vien
      [22:37:47] <@GX-22> [80] Nerf15[27]: good luck in your fucked up TP app
      [22:37:48] <@GX-23> [60] .Shahzaib.: Nerf? report in admin complaints mate?
      [22:37:51] <@GX-27> * Nerf15[27] (ID:80) has been banned by Admin Robo_N1X (ID:16) for and you are rulebreaker who never listen to admin

      This is from other players as well, "Even the community knows who is ridiculous":

      [21:40:14] <@GX-15> [3] whithes_: tsit 8
      [21:40:14] <@GX-16> [3] whithes_: sit 8
      [21:40:14] <@GX-17> [3] whithes_: sitd 8
      [21:40:15] <@GX-18> [3] whithes_: sit 8
      [21:40:15] <@GX-19> * Player whithes_ (ID:3) was kicked for repeating
      [21:40:16] <@GX-20> [3] * whithes_ has left the game. (Kicked-Banned)
      [21:40:17] <@GX-21> [38] daan_deurloo: spammer
      [21:40:29] <@GX-29> [9] N3rf15[27]: no shit daan
      [21:40:30] <@GX-30> [38] daan_deurloo: ye
      [21:40:32] <@GX-03> * daan_deurloo (ID:38) says care? ^^
      [21:40:35] <@GX-04> [9] N3rf15[27]: I thought that's insulting
      [21:40:40] <@GX-07> [45] Glator[27]: lmao nerf xd
      [21:40:43] <@GX-08> [9] N3rf15[27]: xD
      [21:40:51] <@GX-17> [9] N3rf15[27]: he's trying hard to be seen
      [21:40:53] <@GX-18> [9] N3rf15[27]: and get promoted

      Didn't want to analyse any more logs cuz honestly they're a pile of wank and I couldn't be asked to waste more time. I only insult players if they get into my business, players here shouldn't asslick higher ranks and get into a discussion that does not involve them at all. If they come in the discussion and telling me to behave even though they don't know shit what's going on then that's their fault. Also, Robo yeah you were doing your job but incorrectly. It was called abuse. The normal way should be warn, mute 1, mute 2, mute 3, mute 4, mute 5, kick and then a ban but Robo went straight from a mute to a ban, that's called abuse. Also I don't f uck around with players unless they do it first, in this case Abigail was not the angel, she insults me too and if one insults they should be able to take some insults too. Asking Abigail ONLY if I am her friend or if I insult her is not the correct way, you should PM me too asking me about it. For your information Abigail is from *** and is banned for multiple hacks + ban evading, therefore has personal grudges against me whne I come in here thinking that she's got the power and starts to insult me and when I insult back I get muted. Same thing with Paige but not as bad, she isn't banned or anything and tbh I Dont think she holds any personal grudges against me nor do I however Bella... She gets pissed over an event kill and starts to insult me and then expects me to keep quiet. GamerX's TPs are really crap if that's how it goes, you guys really need to sort the behaviour of your TPs out but honestly, It's no surprise why they're like this because the management itself is encouraging them to turn like this. People like Robo are giving y'all a bad name and If you still w
      ant to asslick and insult me then in that case fuck you. Also I don't know why the topic was locked? If he can take DAYS to reply with a long ass message, can't you guys wait for 2 fucking days for me to reply? clearly someone locked it for n ofucking reason and if it was Robo that did it then fix the fuck up, you're a ship manager and you don't know what you're doing. I also know that I've used foul language in this post but tbh even this is less for someone like Robo, I could use worse language but didn't want to, because if a player that thinks a fake command is an insult, I think he'll commit suicide after getting the real insults. With that being said, if I get unbanned, cool and if I don't then y'all know how it goes. I cared about this server of course because if I didn't, I wouldn't be here wasting my time typing this shit anyways if not then peace, and goodluck with players like him, No wonder why playerbase is decreasing because all of em are getting banned for minor reasons like this. Sorry to all that got offended except few like Robo, Bella and some asslickers I hope y'all never get the rank you asslicked for and thank you all that gave me good times here, I won't leave this server but I can't be asked to change IPs every minute to play for 30 seconds and get banned again, I'll come once in a while to say hello and finally, bye!


      10/10 for the effort btw


      • #4
        I have more logs if you think that's still a "minor" reason.... Too bad you have found no reason that i did abuse to you, if you call me doing a job as admin for being asslicked, you are wrong, even people who dislikes me and who i don't really like support me. You come here just to destroy our community and advertising other server, insulting and provoking players to leave, saying how bad is gamerx comparing that other server, sadly you got support by those player who also plays in that server who are afraid to get banned there, your "boycott" wont work here you're the one wasted your time here, k thanks bye. Go enjoy your leaked gamemode script of copycat GamerX Server.

        All you do were just joking, fine, that's what you said right? So, let be clear, this server does not need a joker, also you are already like a joke for everyone which is why i don't reply your complain immediately, for me a Trusted Player application who does not even get hope for votes is more important than your complain. So, yeah we don't need you to be here, go register to internet meme sites like 4chan and reddit if you want to post more jokes.

        You will keep being banned, no matter how many times you evade, not a big deal for us.

        No need to worry about your account, it will be deleted soon (this is what you wanted right?)
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