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Robo_N1X Complaint

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  • Robo_N1X Complaint

    lol he think i was Aym
    Registering a new account under proxy, fake email, wont work for you. aym
    << Before edited

    i believe he was not sure i was Aym so he remove it, so its actually it works lol
    And do not act like smartass please... you are not.. you are just lucky dick becoming management

    To the topic: i just posting that thread to courage admin to boost players and makes changes about that... is that wrong? what a stupid sense, no wonder why all players gone

    And Please stop guessing who am i

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    I wasn't done posting and had connection issues then it was posted accidentally.

    To the topic: Do you even have to use proxy and register with fake data? It's indeed to just evade ban. I have right to delete ban all of them as they might be virus or spambot. Now even this, if you think you are best, your topic was not helping anyone. You just want to make us look bad, telling people lies (even about yourself) by hiding. You think people will even trust you? No.

    Topic closed.

    Go use your real account if you want to post admin complain. Also with the correct format (I'm sure you know and had done one before?):

    EDIT: Many people think using fake/temp email service and free proxy will make them save, beside of adware and other virusware, that can even inject your browser to spread out virus which is one reason they can stay banned. The reason i guessed Aym at first because he was also using it, but then i think a same proxy can still be used by anyone else. So what's wrong with that?
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