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They forbade a friend because of me

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  • They forbade a friend because of me

    Date: 02/09/2017
    Ingame name: I was Jordi
    Admin name: Cashewz
    Description:I do not know why they do not let him play if he's innocent, he's not Jordi, I know because he spoke to me privately.
    It seems to have the same IP of mine (Santiago, Chile) but it is a mistake, because I am from the city of San Antonio, my friend is from Santiago, not me
    he has not done anything, I was the one in the shit, not my friend, so I want to invite Cashewz to comment on this, because the tests are not 100% correct, and also Charger to clarify this, he knows not my friend is not me

    I suppose this happens, because being the only Chilean GamerX player, the IP was fixed

    Let him play, he has not done anything to anyone, just had bad luck to enter with my IP that was banned, leave me permanent, not my friend

    PS: Cashewz, you know, I'm not interested in going back to the server, but let my friend play that he has not done anything, the bad thing is me, not him.

    PS2: I evaded ban, but not the nickname '' Succx ''

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    Sorry have to say this: It is you. Making another forum account and acting like you're your own friend is just sad. Why don't you just cut the crap and leave the community already. We know for a fact that it is you, like how the hell did you (an inactive banned player) even know there was "another" Chilean player ingame. Suddenly he becomes your friend...just looks like bullshit to be honest. Why does "your friend" only happen to play once you have been banned, why not with you?....Because it is fkin you mate.

    No IPs are not fixed. We have codes of hash that tells us if the people are the same. There's a chance of 2 in 225 or so for the hashes to be the same if I'm not wrong. So cut the crap and leave already Succx, Jordi...we don't want you here.
    Deux Sept - 2 7


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      Funny how you're still trying when we clearly found out it's actually you Jordi. Now can you please get out of here?
      Originally posted by Vishwajit
      I like to play samp and see 18+ dont mind

      i am 8 years old never mind


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        let's make it short, you want to see how we get in at the same time .. Do not you think it's less drama? I do not want my friend to be banned because he is from the same country.

        Why now hate chilean people?


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          I can get ingame at the same time too, I could ask my friends Miley or someone to login in one of the accounts and I log in with another. I also have two laptops, I can get ingame at the same time in different accounts. It really isn't hard. We "don't" hate Chilean people, we just hate how you are evading and acting like another person. Like bro, that is you and we know. Just give up.
          Deux Sept - 2 7


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            We are not brothers and we do not live together, what the hell happens, we are nothing, in fact, I have not entered the game 2 months ago, it was coincidence that I touched my IP, is more, I can check it in the game, racer, which costs them, and stop remembering the past I just want my friend to play quietly, but he would have told me, he would not be commenting here


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              If you want i can give the facebook of my friend

              He is a [MWR] member, is good


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