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Muaaz Speed Hack lol

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  • Muaaz Speed Hack lol

    Date: 14/04/2018
    Ingame name: Dr.Slump
    Admin name: Muaaz
    Description:I was racing in a race when
    when I broke three records one in 6 one in 5 and in seventh it seems, so Muaaz send me racing vs me and I won then he just kicked me why? He said it was because of speed hack and I do not think that this 100% sure of that he just got carried away by speculation, he says he saw it with his own eyes, I do not know if he was lag or not but he should know that not only can he run around samp but that is not the subject please ask that at the time of giving a kick that they are 100% sure that if it is hack because I am not and if it bothers me even if it is only a game later I am sure that I was using /spec in my see if I had aimbot and the user kyoto_ was bothering me sending me duels with all the weapons to see if it was or not hack no problem, but it is like something of harassment and anoying

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    Okay so first of all i would like to say yes, i always try to be 100 percent sure before kicking. It will be a lie if i say i am perfect which i am not and no one is perfect. I wanted to be really honest and clear these things, so you don't start thinking oh he doesn't do mistake at all or something?

    Furthermore you used hacks. I was specing you from pretty much time. Also raced with you, also saw you in races. My eyes have seen that and nope it was not lag.

    Trying to be professional on forums while making a admin complaint and showing how knowledgble you are and all will not work with me. I already saw you so making a complaint is useless as i'm not going to believe on you at all.

    About duels you yourself was saying to them to send you duels. Yeah i know they were sending you but it doesn't mean that you didn't liked it. You were enjoying that's why saying this:
    [01:53:07] <@GX-20> [3] Dr.Slump: send more duels please
    Furtheremore, use /id to ignore the duel invitations next time in game so you don't get annoyed, which was not looking at all from your replies.
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      I do not need you to believe in me! What I need is for you to be professional because I do not use hacks at any time, so I asked you to go with me in my vehicle so you could see that it is not hacking, but because you were afraid to know that you were wrong, you did not do it.

      So please for the next one be a little professional and if you are not sure ask someone else to check for you


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        I'm more professional then you will ever think. You don't worry about that. I do ask help when i need it from my seniors it doesn't mean i be boss or something. But the thing is what will i do by sitting in your vehicle?

        After kicking you it took you time to join game, maybe you removed cheats after that. Did you noticed i banned you or something after that? Nope. Because i was not sure. Also trust me you got reported by players but i didn't took any action as i was not sure.

        So yeah i hope you be a good boy from now, and do not use here that things again.


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          I have not used any hack me late because I was looking for my GamerX account in the forum since my previous account was Fine previously I had already played in Gamerx since I was invited by one of its members I do not need hack to win or something like that, use again hacks you are accusing me without being sure if you had been sure you would have just recorded but since you do not have proofs you can not accuse me of hacks, so stop saying that I am Hacker If someone new enters the server and suddenly breaks a record or wins a couple of duels is hack go your opinion I congratulate you but I hope you do not bother me again for pleasure before doing something I hope you have proof and not only because you suppose that was like that, things do not work that way. or buy some glasses because you're not looking good!

          do not bother telling me to stop using hacks, because I do not use them


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            I am not going to reply now you can keep on replying if you want as it's not going anywhere. I am out. I will never believe at you that you didn't used hacks as i saw you, now even if you write 100 essays here i don't care. Also we don't record every single guy before kicking that too a newbie lol don't know where is your mind when you said that. Also it was just kick.

            My view on you will not be changed writing long essays and showing how much knowledgble you are and all will not work with me. You can keep on replying here if you want i am out.


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              Originally posted by ScoutZ
              May I ask if you checked his ping before taking action? A large spike in ping could cause someone to look like they're speed hacking, if you have a 1% doubt about someone speed hacking while they seem to be lagging you shouldn't take action to be safe. just my 2 cents
              I checked everything before taking action Also idk why you replying in a topic which is some days old already.where nobody replied even the complaint creator himself. Also you don't need to reply here as you are not allowed to post here. But anyways as i said i have done that already before taking action.
              Last edited by Muaaz; 24-04-18, 03:06 PM.


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                Since no one posting a proof, i'll close this admin complain. This is not a place to blame and fight to tell each other to shut up or "don't tell me".

                And be noted, "professional" admin, our server does not have such tool to help you to check speed. If it's all just with visual and your own eyes, there may be still margin error there.

                Please re-post a thread with good details and proof if you want.

                Nobody is punished here, also it was just a kick, even if it was a mistake, we are unfortunately unable to revert the "kick".
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