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  • Hello Jovan

    Jovan i am ballu_ u everytime hate me i know and u banned me temp 5 days i will not evade but u delete my account why i will not abuse you but u dlte my account after i abuse u will blaclisted me why jovan u r hateful person i respect u alot but u delte my account for u it a joke to delete someone account player struggle to make the account but u even dont think why jovan restore my account why u delete me account even i would'nt evade after i abuse you bcz i am very upset and angry with u bcz u delete my struggle or my account u do very wrong jovan .

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    I don't understand everything that you said.
    You can't read what I said in the ban appeal? Your account would have been banned in any case whether you were unbanned or not.
    You tried to log into the account then I told you on IRC again that it's still banned.
    You were begging me to unban your account but I told you to start from zero as it was the proper punishment for you because you'll never learn to know when it's enough of your nonsense.
    I told you not to beg for your account unban and you carried on and pushed me to delete it when I told you I would delete it if you continue.
    What do you mean by "struggle"?
    When you came ingame, you started cursing me, you started telling me that god will do something against me because I deleted your account which is, according to you, very very wrong.
    Anyway, I was thinking about unbanning your account after couple of weeks and giving it back to you but you know what you have done. "Jovan wife crashed", "God will take revenge on you" , etc.
    I don't get why are you so upset about your account so much that it means like a life to you, chill out, it's just a game.
    When I banned you again for your misbehavior, you evaded once again and Panzehir banned you for more insults or whatever it was, haven't read it all, then you tried to log into admin accounts of Delija, Adriana, Bloodcell, Stefan, Jafri, and tried to evade with some pretty nice names such as "fuckujovan", "motherfuckeradmins", "fuckuadmins", "Roddja_HEY", "Noob_Admins", "Evilfucku" and "Gotohell".
    This is the reason why you got blacklisted for.

    Now tell me, do you deserve a chance to be unbanned after all of the stuff done by you? I don't think you deserve to be unbanned after everything, you never improved yourself after getting unbanned all of the times.
    NOTE: Don't think I hate someone if I ban them, you're not the only one who got banned by me, there are many more players who I don't hate and got banned by me.


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      Yes Jovan i admit i deserve this banned but i am missing u all jovan i respect u yeah i knw i using bad words names login admin account due to bcz u delete my account i still very upset i agree with ur each word jovan Ok but i was very shame aurself i do very wrong so jovan forgive me . But i am want to say you can my account is restore is not so can u forgive me and remove from blacklisted i was very upset due to u dlte my account jovan i missing my account i do very struggle to make this accounr goos r imprtnt for me
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        Originally posted by Ballu_ View Post
        i want to be trusted player i respect admins give me one chance for more improvement i will be highly grateful to you all the admins :P
        Originally posted by Ballu_ View Post
        Yeah sir u r right i agree with u OK thx for u vote nxt time i would be more improve InshaAllah nxt month i will give application :P
        Originally posted by Ballu_ View Post
        Ok adriana thanku so much for ur vote i tried my best nxt month i snd application.again and prove all admins i change InshaAllah
        Originally posted by Ballu_ View Post
        Yeah Panzheir Sir buddy i prove InshaAllah Soon Thanku So much for u vote
        Originally posted by Ballu_ View Post
        i sorry i agree i many rules broke hp in vehicles but i love this game so i come again pls i repect all admins pls jovan can u give me last chance to tried my best i donot rules breaks promise pls jovan my last request accept i will be highly thankuful to you
        Originally posted by Ballu_ View Post
        Thanku so much jovan i won't let u down buddy ❤️

        Originally posted by Ballu_ View Post
        I am sorry for that i need a chance to improve my self i am agree i am annoying but cashewz u everytime killing me only i want no fight but u will kill me thats why Sorry for that and pls dont kill me i request unbanned me
        Originally posted by Ballu_ View Post
        3 days Cashewz Pls Unbanned me Now i will not doing again
        Originally posted by Ballu_ View Post
        Cashewz I know i am doing a big mistake but i love this server u know and i respect all of u you banned me for 3 days but i come in game yeah i knw i come in game bcz i missing the game so much i play only one game is that GamerX u said me u evade and u unbanned global unbanning pls cashewz i am do wrong i knw i request pls unbanned me i never let u down and i never do annoy with any players and admin i love this server cashewz pls.Kindly Accept my request i will be highly thankful to u pls
        Originally posted by Ballu_ View Post
        I am sorry Robo_N1X
        I am sorry Glator
        i am sorry Cashewz
        i am sorry GamerX
        i am sorry Kritical
        i am sorry Jovan
        i am sorry alll of u i love u all <3 i donot do this again ROBO_N1X u know me brother
        Originally posted by Ballu_ View Post
        Robo i write everysingle player i annoy i this time no use abuse words to the players bcz i respect all of my buddies
        Originally posted by Ballu_ View Post
        Ok Robo_N1X i never let u down buddy <3 Sorry to all my buddies
        Originally posted by Ballu_ View Post
        I am sorryAmazingGuy
        I am sorry Glator
        I am sorry Jafri
        I am sorry Kritical
        I am sorry Cashewz
        I am sorry to all of my frnds and GamerX for my bad behaviour i want a last chance from Cashewz i never do again Promised!
        Originally posted by Ballu_ View Post
        Please Cashewz Sorry i agree last chance give me
        Originally posted by Ballu_ View Post
        Jovan i am not a big hacker or big rule breaker i am normal player i use spec to david to check him he was a hacker and i tried to kill him u banned me jovan Kindly unbanned me
        Originally posted by Ballu_ View Post
        Ok Jovan i admit but this time forgive me give me my account i promise i never do again pls jovan last time give me my account back i will very thankful to you pls
        Originally posted by Ballu_ View Post
        Jovan pls i will request to u unbanned my account i will donot do again i promise after 5days plss Give me last chance
        Originally posted by Ballu_ View Post
        No jovan not do this pls give me chance without my account i won't play thanks and goodbye nice time in gamerX

        Don't get upset by just reading your own text. All i did here was just sharing it (and adding a meme), excluding my private message inbox titled "Ballu_", "Bilal's Father".

        Nevertheless, we are not sure if we could restore your account ever again. Our admins are not responded by the system when they issue the !undeleteplayer command with reason "sorry system, i will not delete it again i promise, please give me last chance".
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          Yeah i admit robo..Sure can my account is recover? Sorry Jovan or can u remove me from blacklisted
          Last edited by Ballu_; 29-11-18, 01:33 PM.


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            Jovan remove me from blacklist pls


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