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complaint against [T]RockingevilZ

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  • complaint against [T]RockingevilZ

    first of all i reported a player called yassi for aimbot thn he gets kicked i didnt get the cookie thn he again relog after 10 mins i again rported him he gets ban after 5 mins i didnt get the cookie again i asked him he said i dont want to give a cookie admins if u dont want to give a cookie thn dont write after report tht u will get a cookie if player gets kicked or banned highly disappointed :/

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    Hello !

    It's not the right place to post your complain bro.

    You can post it here :

    And about your complain when many players report the same hacker, the admin give a cookie to everyone, and RockingEvilz did that after banning him
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      I'll let RockingEvilz handle this, but just to mention, whether you get a cookie or not is down to the admins decision and not always guaranteed.


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        * if the player is kicked or banned by an admin you may get a cookie (type /cookiehelp).
        and you'll get your answer here
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          Based on the log i have, you were impatience and calling him slow, also begging for it right after the cheater got kicked.
          It's written that cookies are rewarded but on the next paragraph, it's also mentioned that you shouldn't beg for it, please understand.
          RockingEvilZ did not do wrong, but i've asked him to try give cookies on report again from now.

          Action on Admin RockingEvilZ won't occur.
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