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  • Complain admin Pedro

    Date: 6-6-2016, around 18:30
    Ingame name (your ingame name): Vedran_Scott
    Admin name: Pedro
    Description: So, it was shipctf or something like that event, and someone(or more of them) reported me for using aimbot, which i didn't use and i got kicked. I'm not some 10 yrs old kid, i don't need or use cheats. I asked why i got kicked without even reconning (if you have that command). So the only argument he got is "don't use aimbot".
    I have been playing shooter games my whole life, i know how to aim, how to shoot, where to shoot when target is moving.
    Other details (images, irc logs, etc): None

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    When I received reports from you I began specing you. You were shooting players which were moving without missing any shot. You also did a 180 turn to a player who was behind you.

    That's why I took action and kicked you. Just play nice and everything will work out positively.


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      Dear Vedran_Scott,

      you have to understand that it's not easy for us admins to detect aimbot as we got only our eyes and no system to detect it automatically. Every aimbot reports takes a lot of time to get checked. Sometimes we spend like 20 - 30 minutes to check one report and we do our best to find the right decission. No one from our admin team punishes players just for fun. We try to check reports as good as possible. Of course we can make mistakes - we are humans. You have just been kicked, not banned. If you were banned we would find a solution and you could prove us that you're innocent by some requested instructions which we would give you.

      We will not punish Admin Pedro as he just did his job. If you got anything to say you can answer to this complaint until Monday the 13th, otherwise you can leave me a message on the forums or IRC.

      Regards, Admin Left.
      * PM from Vishwajit_king (ID:74) to Left (ID:31): thanks sir for rejecting my TP application
      * PM from Vishwajit_king (ID:74) to Left (ID:31): sir i love admins like u


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