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Wrong accusations.

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  • Wrong accusations.

    Date: Today, about 2 hours ago (not totally certain).
    Ingame name: azeduikk5
    Admin name: Any inexperienced admin. Pedro in this case.
    Description: I get wrongfully kicked too often and it bothers me.
    Other details(images, irc logs, et): Skip to 1:45, I think this is the part you're looking for. GTA folders. Ask if you want to see more.

    This is a complaint against all the admins who are unable to distinguish a legit player from a cheater. Today it's Pedro's turn.

    I'm basically tired of all these players, TPs and admins who invite me to duel them in order to make it look like I cheat (Glator in the video, for instance, he seems to have a tendency to do that). I couldn't care less about the players and TPs, but the thing is the admins can ban, so here I am, trying to prove the admins often kick (and ban) while they're wrong. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person who's been kicked by mistake. It sure can happen, but it happens too often in GamerX for my taste.

    I remember being kicked by Koqhiko (hell, she's been around for years and still has no knowledge in DM) and about to get kicked by Mertens another time. I didn't record my gameplay both times, but the same kind of scenario as today's occured. There was that cheater too, Dunga (banned for spawning a heatseeking RPG in the past and now he's admin, he's the one who should be banned), who banned me once for aimbot. He was wrong too but once again, I wasn't recording my gameplay.

    So here's the message I'd like to put forward: please teach all the admins basic SAMP deathmatching. Hell, I'm sure half of the admin squad can barely c-bug. How can they know what they're doing if they're beginners DM-wise?

    I expect something more substantial than "Admin Pedro has done his job, actions on him won't occure" (it's occur* by the way). I can understand he's inexperienced. But if he actually is, maybe he shouldn't have been given the admin status so soon.

    I'm sorry for bringing such drama but I've had enough. I'd like to wake as many people up as possible, it can't go on like this.

    From now on, I think I'll stream my every move and post when something like this occurs. Expect several topics.

    I got the 12 previous minutes recorded too (gameplay since I joined the server). Go ahead if you want to see that too, but note that there's barely any DM action in it.

    Note: I can play better than that. In the video, I'm missing most of my shots because the armrests of my chair prevent me from shooting correctly. Moreover, the keyboard I use is a cheap one and it's not comfortable at all. I can't imagine how quickly I'd get banned if I was playing with better equipment.
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    I know you for years back in days you were racing daily then switched to dm i wont go further more with details ;D but yeah you are a great dmer and such great player i can confirm that.

    maybe little suggestion is to play with only one regular name which is xcell and provide some cool videos of your gameplay to prove how good you are :P

    *flashback to karizma*
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      When Admin Pedro was a Trusted Player we received excellent reports from him. Believe me, Admin Pedro know what he is doing. Ofcourse, Admins makes sometimes mistakes as well, as we all are humans. Every Admin have their own specialities. I can also tell you that when an Admin is not sure enough about a player who has been reported by players for using hacks or other stuff that gives that player unfair advantages over other players, that the Admin is asking for some extra eyes on a player.

      We don't take actions about players if we are not sure enough. Yes, not every ban or action is always correct. We are making mistakes as well, like everyone does on earth.


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        Thanks for the support dude. It's a good thing I'm not as good as before in racing, I'm sure I'd get banned for handling if I was!

        It's a nice suggestion you provided, but the thing is if I were to make videos, I'd make them only with the best possible equipment at my hands, and it's not the case at the moment. As soon as I get a 144-hz screen (I'm about to purchase one), I'll remove the armrests and plug the new keyboard I bought and you guys will see what I'm truly capable of.
        I was merely playing for fun, but it was enough to get me kicked for aimbot.

        Actually, some days ago I decided to begin streaming so that I could show evidence in case I get wrongfully banned. The problem is my upload speed isn't so good (3.8 mbps) and I want to stream at good quality, so it increases my ping from 45 to 65, resulting in longer response time (it annoys me slightly, that's why I stopped trying to stream). But the quality and the fluency are nice, so that's a good thing.
        In the meantime, I have Shadowplay recording the last 20 minutes of my gameplay. It was pretty useful today.

        As for the names, I like to play undercover, so that I don't receive PMs from people I know. I'm coming here to play, not to have a chat. Moreover, I like to play with random nicknames when my skills aren't at their peak because I don't like to lose: by playing with a random nickname, my ego is impacted less when I get beaten. It's not my fault if the players (and the admins) have the following reasoning: "A medic with good racing and DM skills? That must be a cheater".

        The funniest thing is I'm not that good at racing nor at DMing. I'm pretty sure that if I brought stronger gamers than I, they'd get banned within minutes.


        Sorry for being harsh but your answer is completely useless, you're not adding anything useful to the thread. I've been an admin here while you were still death evading back then, more than 4 years ago (as B.E.E.R. or other nicknames). I know how the reports are handled, it's nothing complicated nor hard to grasp.
        My point is Pedro can defend himself, he doesn't need your "admins are humans, they make mistakes" sort of excuse. And I sincerely hope most of his reports were correct. Either way, he probably wouldn't have been chosen to become admin.


        May I have an answer from you? You're the one who's most targetted by this topic. When I told you ingame that I'd send you the video in a PM, you said you'd ignore it because "we both know I cheated". My last resort was to make a complaint since you seem to be the "I'm always right, don't talk to me, I'll ignore you" type of person. What are you going to do now?
        I haven't seen anything from you so far, bar liking Beer's post.
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          If other admins have punished you in the past, it means they found you suspicious like I did
          It took me some time before I took that action against you.
          Humans makes mistakes as Beer mentioned.

          Anyways you are not banned, it was a simple kick. Regardless of your videos, I still see something suspicious on you.


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            No, your colleagues (Dunga, Koqhiko and Mertens) found me suspicious because they're just as inexperienced as you are. It didn't take you some time at all: I participated in the event, killed the guy with the biker skin and then you forced me to /ga, dropped me (useless, you should drop players when they're accused of HHing, not aimbot... but it's not my job to lecture you) and banned me.
            If the admins used to apply the old rule of banning a cheating player straightaway, I'd be banned, so that's a big deal for me.
            And keep your accusations to yourself: I provided a video where I'm not cheating, but still getting kicked for cheating at the end of it. If you wanted to see more, you should have asked. What do you see "suspicious" in myself in particular? I'm interested to know, please elaborate.

            Well, at least there's some sort of apology in the third line of your message... I assume that's an apology? Do me a favour and gather more experience so that such a mistake won't occur again. I'll try to go ingame during the week. I'm pretty sure you'll kick me again for the same sort of reason, and yet again, I won't be cheating.

            Tomorrow I'll be out for most of the day. I sincerely hope I won't find the thread locked. Pedro still finds me "suspicious" and I'd like to know why. After all, maybe I can teach the guy a thing or two DM-wise, I'm sure he'd be thankful for that.
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              Before Pedro's answer I just wanted to mention that Koqhiko is one of our best admin here and he is well experienced. Admins have the right to judge you as a suspisious player and they have the right to check you until they don't abuse. Also you are totally right when you say that they can't take actions when they suspect someone to hack.


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                Anyways, I was checking your videos and at 3:00 I found something suspicious. I spoke to another admin about this and he found it suspicious as well (auto c-bug). If you do happen to have such modifications, remove them please. As you are not banned, feel free to rejoin GamerX.


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                  T'as l'air de connaître Koqhiko assez bien. C'est une fille au cas où, donc t'aurais dû utiliser "she" au lieu de "he". Et c'est "suspicious" et non "suspisious". Sinon, ton message n'apporte rien d'utile, merci pour ton intervention. Si elle avait autant d'expérience que ça, elle ne m'aurait pas expulsé du serveur après avoir regardé un ou deux duels que j'ai eus avec un autre joueur. De plus, je me souviens que je me retenais car j'étais certain d'être observé. La seule chose pour laquelle elle est douée, c'est se donner un minigun et envoyer les tricheurs évidents dans la chambre de torture (quand je vois le nom "Koqhiko", c'est ce à quoi je pense en premier). Wow, ça requiert de l'expérience.
                  Le fait que les admins me testent ne me gêne pas. Ce qui me gêne, c'est qu'ils en arrivent à la conclusion que je triche alors que ce n'est pas le cas.

                  You seem to know Koqhiko pretty well. She's a girl, just in case, therefore you should have used "she" instead of "he". And it's spelled "suspicious", not "suspisious". Either way, your message isn't providing anything useful, thanks for intervening. If she had this much experience, she wouldn't have kicked me out of the server after having watched one or two duels I had with another player. Furthermore, I remember holding back because I was certain being watched. The only thing she's good at is giving herself a minigun and sending the obvious cheaters in the torture room (when I see the name "Koqhiko", that's what I think of first). Wow, it sure requires experience.
                  The fact that the admins test me doesn't bother me. What bothers me is they come to the conclusion I cheat while it's not the case.


                  Even when I do my utmost to prove I'm legit, I still get labelled as cheater. Absolutely hilarious. You don't even seem to be able to distinguish legit rapidfire from auto c-bug. Watch some videos on Youtube, the difference is pretty blatant. You can't be unsure I'm using an auto c-bug hack. Either I'm using one, either I'm not. This is another example of your complete incompetence.
                  Bring the other admin who thinks I cheat here please, provided he has the guts to voice his opinion.
                  Are you sure I'm not using airbreak or maphack in the video Pedro? Talk internally in the IRC admin channel, maybe you'll find something else to interprete as a cheat with your friend who thinks I cheat too.

                  See, even when I prove them all wrong, they still come back and try to play it like I'm the bad guy. Anyway, the amount of likes to my posts goes to show I'm right and you're wrong. This is pretty satisfying. I should have made this kind of post earlier but I was afraid of being censored (it's pretty common around here), but so far so good, that's cool.

                  This isn't going anywhere. I'll go ingame whenever I feel like, play as well as I can and I'll get kicked for cheating again. I'll post the videos here.

                  I advise you not to close the thread because I'm pretty sure I'll have to post other videos, to prove my point a few times more. I'm tired of having to justify myself. Quit making roadtrips or goo hunts and improve in deathmatching and racing, that'd do everybody a favour.

                  I'm deeply disappointed. Pedro barely seems to care about his mistake, he's even trying to make it look like I'm guilty.
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                    I actually care a lot about this complain, since people can give me ways where I can improve. Aimbot is hard to be detected as you probably know and I can assure you we (admins) need to be sure before taking action against a player. I'm not trying to make you look guilty, and if I did a mistake, I admit, we are all humans and we make mistakes. I wouldn't be an admin if I was that incompetent as you are making me look like.

                    Anyways you are right as this isn't going anywhere. If I am going to receive a punishment for this, let the management decide.


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                      I'd simply like you to be a bit more careful, it really seemed like you didn't dedicate enough time to decide whether I was cheating or not. Checking somebody for aimbot requires some patience when the cheater tries their best to hide their aimbot. Taking care of someone being reported for aimbot seems to be an issue around here, I don't understand why some kind of an aimbot detection system hasn't been implemented yet.

                      You definitely don't deserve a punishment: you're doing your job, and you try to do it well. This complaint isn't entirely about you, I just decided to take the opportunity of getting kicked for aimbot in order to rant about the way the admins check these reports for aimbot. It's just I was sick and tired of being suspected of aimbotting ever time I'd join the server. I guess the most efficient way not to get suspected of aimbot is to join with an account with a huge score.


                      I streamed three hours of gameplay. At 22:25, you can see Allen, Golden_Eyes and WarWithMind sending me duel requests. That's what I'm talking about. I played for 20 minutes and several TPs were already testing me for aimbot. They're like scavengers all rushing on a corpse. Anyway, enjoy watching, hopefully this will clear your doubts about me hacking. If you want to make commentaries about something you find dodgy, go ahead. The reason why I constantly switch between FPS limit on and off is because:
                      FPS limit off = faster movements and weapon switches (useful for DM) but the physics of the game are altered. The sprinting and swimming of your character is slower, and the vehicles slow down by themselves when you release the acceleration key. Moreover, if the FPS is too high (thanks to a mod such as crashes.asi), your movement when freefalling with a parachute become erratic and your aiming with weapons gets shaky. I'm using crashes.asi (google it to learn all its benefits) but I limit my FPS to 102 thanks to Nvidia's game inspector, so that I have the best of both worlds.
                      FPS limit on = the physics of the game aren't altered. Therefore, your driving is more accurate.

                      Sorry for the complaint but it was the only way to make things change, either way I'm pretty sure you'd have ignored me as you said in a PM ingame. In my opinion, the thread can be locked. Hopefully I won't have any more problems.
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                        Hello xcell.

                        As first I want to say thanks for taking your time to make such a long post. I don't really see it as a complain on one of our admins. I see it as a feedback on how the admin team is working on reports. I know you probably feel disappointed or even offended as some admins take actions on you, even if you didn't do anything wrong. As you have been admin here you probably know the cliche of the medic players. I know it's not correct but thats the first thought when you see a medic being good at dm.
                        You have been admin a long time ago. The times changed. Many cheats have been improved and new ones have been invented. Also the client has changed. Some of them are very obvious, but some of them take a lot of time to get detected, especially aimbot. It's a pain in the ass to check players for aimbot cheats, really. I spend like up to 20 minutes sometimes to check someone for aimbot - and I'd say that almost every 4th report is about aimbot. So imagine how much time we need sometimes to check someone properly for that. I'm not trying to say that it's annoying and thats because we deal not professional with it. I want to say that in the most cases a suspected 'medic' is cheating and thats why some of the admins feel sure about the kick/ban. I made mistakes too, where I thought I didn't. The player provided some videos which show that he's innocence. That can happen to everyone of us, even to you if you were still an admin. Please don't see this incident as offensive or in any other negative way. We are not a in a political party - it's a game and it happens everywhere. In every server and in every game.

                        But still I will take action and start a new thread about this incident in the admin section. We will work on improving our way of checking reports and discuss about possible problems/solutions etc.

                        Edit: You replied faster than I did. My post wasn't related to your last post, sorry.
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                        * PM from Vishwajit_king (ID:74) to Left (ID:31): thanks sir for rejecting my TP application
                        * PM from Vishwajit_king (ID:74) to Left (ID:31): sir i love admins like u


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                          That's great to read Left. I'm glad to see you guys are willing to make things go forward.

                          I'll say it again: the thing that annoyed me most was Pedro's answer. I asked him whether it's necessary to send him my video in a PM on the forums (to prove my innocence), and he flat out said he'd ignore it. I was willing to make an effort even though I didn't have to (it was only a kick) and he basically advised me to cut the crap. I mean... it would be nice if some people were a bit nicer, friendlier... more down-to-earth and willing to listen to the average player. It's quite funny that these words are coming from me because I used to be a pest back when I was an admin here: I would treat the players like shit and ignore them if they complained about me.
                          I realised a few years ago it's not the way to go and that it's better to have a peer-to-peer dialogue in order to solve the problem.

                          Good luck in your endeavours to improve the server, I genuinely hope it's going to work out.


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                            Even tho' I'm not really active anymore, I do log into my account to check notifications sometimes, and I just saw this thread that is actually interesting and have many points I have talked about in the past, so I just felt like saying something.

                            First, I know everyone will say "you're not allowed to post here blabla..." but well, actually there is no rule anywhere talking about it. You can check it yourself that such "rule" doesn't even exist: To be honest that's just kinda a silly invention with double intentions from admins so that other players can't support the complainers because they think it would make them look silly (yeh, it's just another way of censorship, nothing new). It's also silly to delete other player's posts when they have something important to say regarding a thread, as it just show how closed to other opinions admins usually are.

                            So, now going directly to the point, it's just disturbing how even when everything aims that you (excell) are right, there is not a single apology from the involved admin. All of his words are just meant to justify his mistake, and used as excuses; but as I said, there is not a single apology from his side. You're actually the one apologying for making this complain... How come... You shouldn't apology for this, GamerX would be 10000 times better if there were more players able to complain, but sadly only a minority have the balls for this. Also, WHY IS IT TOO HARD for admins here to apology when they make a mistake??? It's like they feel their pride will be broken if they simply say "sorry"... They prefer to lose good players by actions like those instead of doing what is right (apology and fix the problem).

                            Gladly for you, you were complaining against a lvl 4 admin, which makes things way easier not to get censored. In my case, as I was complaining against managements, you already saw how it ended up. Even when it was evidently that actually most of people were by my side, if you take a look at the amount of "thanks" in my post (which is something hard to get since players are even scared of thanking your posts because it says stuff against admins): If I would have gotten a fair treatment, for sure I still would have been playing here. But yeh, it was too hard for them just to admit a mistake and remove a warn.

                            About the "Don't send me anything, I'll ignore it, I'm always right". Yes, I already had noticed it as well, and from this same admin. Even tho' you were trying to make an effort to show him your innocence, he just closed his mind and think he's right without even taking your arguments into consideration. Something similar happened to me when I shot my friend eliteus while I had GodMode ON (of course he allows me to do that) and I just got treated by pedro like if I was a criminal for doing it, telling me I'm an abuser blabla. When it's known that when there is not harm done, you don't have to bother players about it. If it was wrong to shoot a friend with GM ON, then the admins must be the first ones being demoted since they do it all the time (and I know it very well because I was management). I tried to explain him this, but he just came with his "you're a drama maker blabla, you're pissing me off blabla" etc...

                            So yeah, lastly, for sure I have too many other stuff to say, but I'll finish here. It's pretty lame that I know this post will be deleted and I would for sure get another silly warn just for this, even when this is meant to help, but I don't care. As I said before, I already lost my hopes on GX. I'm posting just in case, and also 'cause I was bored and writing is always fun for me

                            PS: Ah, and yeah, you won't have to warn me since I'll ask my status to be removed anyway. It's tiring to get warned for silly stuff.

                            PS2: It's also lame that they will most likely say this is "drama" blabla... But well, I'm already used to that. If trying to help is drama, then I'll proudly call myself a drama maker. Probably the biggest one.

                            PS3: By deleting posts like these they will just confirm how right I am about the fact they cannot stand honest opinions.
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                            I didn't choose to be latin, I just had luck.


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                              I undeleted LorSimon's post because I think our admins have to read it. Some sentences in his post are very important and haven't been written anywhere in our forum. Saying sorry to a player because you made a mistake won't make you demoted guys, it's just human, and it's the best answer you can give to a player.

                              Pedro don't take my words for you, my post concerns every admins. Also I would like comment this sentence :

                              Anyways you are right as this isn't going anywhere. If I am going to receive a punishment for this, let the management decide.
                              I really didn't like this sentence. Management does not exist to track and punish admins. We are there to run GamerX, and when there is a problem, we try to solve it as we are trying to solve it today. Of course, one of our role is to protect our admins when they are feeling "bad" about some reports. Pedro is actually the most active admin in GamerX, and more you are active, more you have to take actions, and more you take actions more you have chances to make mistakes (let's say 5% of actions are wrong).

                              I think xcell you are involved in these 5% and I feel sorry for you. We will try to reduce these 5%, it's an other challenge for our management. 2 years ago, we changed our policy regarding bans. Indeed, we ask our admins to don't ban players when they make their first mistake. I'm also the first one to tell admins to don't take action on a player if they are not sure, so I will insist on this point again in an other management notice.

                              Xcell, good to see that you recognize that you were a strict admin and you had not the appropriate behaviourto be an admin. This feedback is appreciated and I'm sure it will help our admins.

                              Lorsimon, GamerX is not a "nazi" community. Nothing is perfect, but we let players express themself and we also need rules to control this expression. You will answer that some topics/posts are wrongly closed/deleted and I wouldn't be surprised. Then I would just answer yes, for me (personnal opinion) your post shouldn't have been deleted. But one time again everyone is different, we don't have the same perception of things. Rules are there to impose the best context as possible but some admins like me are more flexible or less (like me) but it comes with experience, and we can't really blame the admins who follow the "rules".

                              I will conclude my post by describing an event which I saw this week in an other SA-MP community to show you that GamerX is one of the best communities. So to make it short there was a server owner who went inactive because of in real life reasons. He gave his source code to a developer and nominated an other person as staff leader. The new developper and the staff leader had issues so the developper left the community with the source code and plans to start his own community. I'm describing this event because I know it will never happen in GamerX. Even if we have some issues sometimes, we won't split, and we will always find the solutions. We have maybe some defaults (which we are trying to fix), but we are around since 2006 and we will still be around.
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